VPS Hosting Review

At VPSHosting2Go.com, our mission is to provide professional and objective reviews for VPS and help people find the Best VPS for their web site by making use of our experience. We evaluate each VPS by feature, price, reliability, server speed, customer support, and other features.

Below are the list VPS we have reviewed.

VPS Host CPU Memory Storage Control Panel Price Rating Read Review Visit
Inmotion Hosting VPS 1Core 4GB 60GB SSD WHM/cPanel $14.99 ★★★★★  Inmotion VPS Hosting Review Visit Site
Bluehost VPS 1 Core 2 GB 30GB WHM/cPanel $23.74 ★★★★¾  Bluehost VPS Review Visit Site
HostGator VPS 2 Cores 2GB 120GB cPanel $29.95 ★★★★¼  HostGator VPS Review Visit Site
asmallorange VPS 1 Core 1GB 30GB SSD cPanel $20 ★★★★½  A Small Orange Review Visit Site
A2hosting VPS 4 Cores 512 MB 10GB SSD $9.89 ★★★★½  A2hosting VPS Review Visit Site
Godaddy VPS 1GB 40GB cPanel $24.99 ★★★☆☆  GoDaddy VPS Review Visit Site
Justhost VPS 2 Cores 2GB 30GB WHM/cPanel $14.99 ★★★★½  Justhost VPS Review Visit Site
ixwebhosting VPS 4 Cores 768 MB 50GB WHM/cPanel $54.95 ★★★☆☆  IX VPS Review Visit Site
1&1 VPS 1GB 50GB SSD Plesk $29.99 ★★★☆☆  1&1 VPS Review Visit Site
IOZoom VPS 1 Core 2 GB 20GB $8 ★★★★½  IOZoom Review Visit Site
liquidweb VPS 1Cores 1GB 75GB SSD $50 ★★★★½  Liquidweb VPS Review Visit Site
hostpapa 4 Cores 1.5GB 50GB cPanel $49.99 ★★★★☆  HostPapa VPS Review Visit Site
greengeeks VPS 4 Cores 1GB 25GB SSD WHM/cPanel $39.95 ★★★★¼  GreenGeeks VPS Review Visit Site
namecheap 1 Cores 512 MB 15GB SSD WHM/cPanel $30 ★★★¼☆  NameCheap VPS Review Visit Site
interserver VPS 1 Core 1GB 25GB SSD $0.01 ★★★★½  InterServer VPS Review Visit Site
digitalocean VPS 1 Core 512MB 20GB SSD $5 ★★★★½  DigitalOcean Review Visit Site
Dreamhost VPS 1GB 30GB SSD $7.5 ★★★★½  Dreamhost VPS Review Visit Site
Mediatemple.net VPS 1 Core 2GB 20GB SSD $22.5 ★★★★¼  MediaTemple VPS Review Visit Site
vps.net 1 Cores 512 MB 15GB SSD $5 ★★★★¼  VPS.NET Review Visit Site
networksolutions 512 MB 10GB SSD $40 ★★★☆☆  NetworkSolutions VPS Visit Site
linode VPS 4 Cores 1GB 24GB SSD $10 ★★★★½  Linode Review Visit Site
Arvixe VPS 4 Cores 1.5 GB 50GB WHM/cPanel $40 ★★★☆☆  Arvixe VPS Review Visit Site

VPS Hosting by Type

There are various type of VPS in the industry, in below, you find the best player in each niches.

Why Read VPS Hosting Review Before Buying

Nowadays, there are a lot of providers that offer VPS hosting to people. There are times that people are stressed and confused in choosing the right one. Each of these providers offers different kinds of services to people in order to attract them which results to a tough competition.

Why do you think VPS hosting review is important? We can provide you reasons on why should mind this before choosing a provider.

  • Since there are a lot of service providers today, tendency is you will be confused on which on to choose. By reading a review you will know on the how the provider implements their services. You will be able to read the strengths and weaknesses of a company and this will surely affect your final decision.
  • You be assured that the reviews you are reading a credible as these reviews and ratings are predefined according to standards. The standards that it follows should fit stability, reliability, price, customer service, price, flexibility, features available, server up-time, technical support and availability of the bandwidth. Now, if a provider was able to have good reviews according to these standards then they will be the most sought after of online companies.
  • This is not only useful to novice but as well as to web users who are in the business for years time. This will provide the things that one should not at one glance. It will provide you information whether the company is true to their services and it they have the best technical support.
  • It is always good to read reviews but you have to make sure that the people making the reviews are not affiliated to the company since this will be a biased review. You should also be keen in reading the information available. Since these biased reviews may be a problem in the future if it didn’t meet what you have expect since you read it from a biased review.
  • The will find additional information in the reviews. You should thoroughly read all the reviews, such as the positive and negative points of clients.

To wrap it all up, all reviews are subjective information of a person who tried it. This can be used as a reference. Be sure that you know to handle the positive and negative reviews of clients, keep in mind that each person has different preference, so what may be negative to one may be not to the other.