Monday, September 25, 2017

Top Four Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

Undoubtedly, Cloud has become the most successful computing technology in today’s fast modernizing world. Dropping the idea of traditional ITs, most of the big industries are taking a big leap toward this novel technology. Today, the cloud services are not as dull as the traditional computing system used to be. To say nothing of, we have numerous alternatives when it comes to picking up a cloud service, for instance, Hybrid Cloud services, Public Cloud services and Private Cloud Services. Then again, a lot of options are also the reason behind a lot of doubts too.

In spite of all the benefits publicized by the cloud hosting companies, many of us are still skeptic about this virtual technology. It can be very tricky for an average industry to decide which one they should go for. For that reason, we are going to talk about the advantages of the hybrid model so that you can make the most of this technology without wasting your time and money in others.

Though all other models are also equally great, hybrid cloud technology is considered to be the apex. It is the desired outcome, requirements, and the situation of your business that matter the most while choosing a cloud computing server. Therefore, to understand the advantages of the hybrid model, let’s first learn what cloud computing is, and try to interpret the usage of the three model so that you will be certain about going for hybrid cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?

We can simply define the term cloud computing by its name i.e. doing all the calculating work for an industry by renting the virtual computers rather than purchasing a personal hardware/software. There are various cloud hosts all over the world such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. that provide you with the up-to-date system with an excellent performance and customer support. All you need is some basic level laptops/desktops and a very good internet speed to adopt this feature.

What are its types?

There are basically three types of plans or scheme provided by most of the cloud hosts, they are Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

Public cloud: In this type of cloud computing model, all the services such as software, hardware, etc. are generally accessible by many people at the same time. In other words, it is a pooled share of resources that many users run simultaneously with the help of a singular infrastructure. It is the cheapest cloud computing plan.

Private cloud: It is contrary to the public cloud where the user of a resource is a single person and it is not shared by anyone. Unlike a public cloud, it is much secured and consistent platform. However, the private cloud may cost you some significant amount of money.

Hybrid cloud: It is a well-balanced form of both the above types of cloud computing. In other words, it is a composition of secure private computing and low-cost public cloud giving you a lot of flexibility with no privacy issue. A hybrid cloud may comprise two public clouds or two private clouds too.

Now, if you have fully understood the basic description of this technology, let’s find out what are the advantages of the hybrid model, in details.

Advantages of hybrid model

First: Scalability

In a business, it is very difficult to anticipate what might be the demand of workload tomorrow. Sometimes a workload might be so high that you may have a requirement of immediate resource, thanks to the hybrid cloud computing, you can easily upgrade your required services with a few clicks of a mouse. Similarly, a time may come you have very low workload and resource needs; no worry at all, all your resources won’t be left idle like a painted ship, you can lessen the services that you are getting anytime you want, ultimately saving your money.

Second: Perfect network access

There is nothing superior to a great network in a cloud computing. The hybrid cloud computing system provides you with a reliable network connection so that you won’t feel any pains while working. The question is how do they do it? Though network optimization is completely dependent on which host you are relying, the hybrid cloud computing is connecting through branch offices directly to the hosted provider for an incessant flow of data and the least network hurdle. Tools such as load balancers, intrusion detection systems (IDS) pushing the public Internet attendance to the hosted cloud and managing their firewalls, VPN terminators, application delivery controllers does a really wonderful job in improving your network flow.

Third: More security

There is no doubt that, security is one of the major concerns when opting for virtual computing technology. Some experiences have proven that public cloud computing can be very risky in terms of security, because of too many users on the same resources. This issue has been resolved owing to the advent of private cloud computing systems, however, they are much pricey and difficult to afford for a new venture in a business. Hybrid cloud computing has solved this dilemma. The hybrid cloud computing is considered to be as secure as a private cloud computing and at the same time, it is as flexible as a public cloud computing. It is like consuming utilities such as electricity, water, etc. that you only pay what you use.

Forth: tests/innovative startups

If you want to give novel approach in your business a try, hybrid cloud computing can be very beneficial. Thanks to the low-cost hybrid cloud schemes, without heavy investment you can have an insight of the success rate of your new venture. Relying on hybrid cloud computing rather than private or any other computing platform can be very advantageous because it will not only allow you scale the unexpected resources that would meet the demands accordingly.

In addition to this, you never know how a computer hardware/software requirement can vary in the near future, therefore, going for hybrid cloud computing can be a smart move toward success. Besides, your business will get a speed booster. All your resources will be there within a bat of your eyes which will not only help you get an ace over your rivals but also increase the success rate in a new deal.

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