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MyHosting VPS Review

If you need a reliable VPS hosting, then MyHosting ( is right for you. As a web hosting provider founded in 1997, MyHosting is a worldwide leading company of superior, affordable as well as reliable hosting services. Standard shared hosting, email hosting, VPS hosting, web design, and domain name services are all available at MyHosting. Among these products, VPS is one of the most popular and reliable solutions for you.

In below, to help you learn MyHosting and its VPS hosting solutions better, we are to make an in-depth MyHosting VPS Review, from features, pricing, performance and customer support. Through this comprehensive analysis, we hope you can have the final decision, if you are hesitant to choose MyHosting VPS hosting before.

MyHosting VPS Review on Features

MyHosting VPS is fully customizable. You could choose operation system from Linux solution and Windows 2008 Hyper-V solution; you can decide your control panel with the chosen operating system or decide not to use control panel but manage the server by yourself completely. Building your custom VPS hosting environment, you can also decide the amount of disk space, bandwidth, RAM, virtual CPU cores, and the number of dedicated IPs.

Looking at the general features above, MyHosting really offers you the best flexibility and full control of dedicated server. Now, let’s take the entry-level custom VPS hosting plan as our example to look farther at the package features in below:

  • 512 MB guaranteed memory, 20 GB disk space, 300 GB bandwidth, and 1 free dedicated IP address are the entry-level server resources.
  • 8 virtual processors are included as free. If you need more, then the Linux virtual processor is $3 per virtual core; while Windows virtual processor is $10/per core.
  • Even though it is a fully custom VPS solution, MyHosting still offers pre—installed backup software, to automate the backups for your whole system.
  • Free monitoring and security audit service are included. Your server slowness and load issues will be known before it impacting your web site.
  • Besides multiple control panel options, you can also receive full root access; automatic web application installers are set up into control panel chosen before as well.

Coming with powerful management tools and root access, MyHosting VPS is also fully upgradable. You could choose a VPS from MyHosting to meet your current hosting needs. When you need a more powerful one, you could just change your VPS server settings to upgrade a new one with just one simple server reboot. This feature is very helpful if you only have limited budget now.

MyHosting VPS Review on Pricing

During the last month of the year, it is always the good time to change or upgrade your web hosting plan, because many web hosting will promote their products heavily.

At MyHosting, you pay for what you need, because of the full flexibility. Via our exclusively promotional link below, you can receive a promotional page with a 20% off discount. Normally, the custom Linux VPS plan starts at $15.95/month; after cutting 20% off, it is from $12.76/month only! Of course, if you want Windows VPS, The pricing should be a little higher!

MyHosting VPS Deal
20% Off

Considering such a low price, MyHosting VPS is one of the best cheap VPS you could find in the industry. Besides, MyHosting is also kind to guarantee a 30 Days of money back policy. It offers customers a good term to experience the quality of MyHosting VPS hosting service.

MyHosting VPS Review on Speed & Uptime

MyHosting VPS is not only fully customizable and upgradable, but also enhanced with cutting edge hardware. That’s why MyHosting can be so confident to offer you a 100% uptime guarantee.

To be specifically, due to the custom VPS and user-friendly upgrades, MyHosting VPS solutions can always come with redundant resources to handle the high traffic peaks. Even though the demands grow bigger, the easy-to-upgrade feature can also make sure the server resources are adequate for you to scale.

In addition to that, MyHosting VPS solutions are all provisioned to the newest in server hardware. There are Dell PowerEdge servers, each one with fault-tolerant RAID disk protection, so that they can support the reliable performance. MyHosting also has Cisco Systems Network Equipment offering balanced network, which is vital factor to faster more network performance.

All these advanced server hardware specs are housed in MyHosting state-of-the-art data centers. Earthlink and Equinix are the backbone of MyHosting data centers. Within these data centers, besides Cisco-powered network, there is also redundant network infrastructure as well as multiple bandwidth providers, making sure that your server can be always connected.

Based on the solid physical hardware support, MyHosting dedicated maintaining team also works hard to ensure that each server is running well. Each emergency can also be well-covered. All these efforts are made for the 100% uptime for you!

MyHosting VPS Review on Customer Support

As we said before, MyHosting VPS offers a cheap custom VPS solution at this low pricing. However, it takes customers seriously, and that’s why it is also willing to provide you the 24/7 support 365 Days a year! Whenever you need a help, you could contact them via phone, live chat and email. Moreover, MyHosting can also provide you with free server monitoring and patching service.

You can also find help from Community & Help section at MyHosting. There are FAQs, status blog and wiki, including abundant resources for you to search for helpful information.

Is MyHosting VPS Recommended

By checking out features and performance of MyHosting VPS, we clearly know that it comes with full flexibility, easy upgrades, and excellent uptime, meeting different customer’s needs effortlessly. Plus its discounted pricing and good customer support, we think MyHosting VPS should be highly recommended for most customers, especially those small to medium businesses.

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