Midphase vs. Bluehost on SSD VPS

To accelerate VPS server’s speed and promote user experience, SSDs become a popular technology in the web hosting industry, and they can bring more than 20 times faster speed than traditional hard drives. In the post below, we are to compare two popular SSD VPS providers, Midphase and Bluehost, to reveal a better one for customers who want it. Our comprehensive comparison will include SSD VPS pricing, feature, performance, and customer support.

Midphase (www.midphase.com) was established in 1998 and now it has rich experience in the industry. By delivering cheap and reliable web hosting, Midphase has obtained reputation and trust from a great number of customers. By far, it has released domain products, shared hosting, SSD VPS, dedicated servers, website design services, CloudFlare CDN, and some others.

Bluehost (www.bluehost.com) is reliable brand in the web hosting field, and widely recognized as one the best Linux VPS provider. Besides popular VPS hosting, Bluehost also has cheap WordPress hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and domain products.

Midphase vs. Bluehost on SSD VPS Pricing

Midphase SSD VPS starts from $12/mo, but currently the company offers special discount to our customers. It is about 33% discount, which enables Midphase SSD VPS starts at $8/mo only. Customers are allowed to use PayPal, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express to pay for their order. Moreover, there is a 30 day money back guarantee to benefit its customers to lower their risks. To get more promotion details, customers can click our exclusive promo link:

Midphase SSD VPS Deal
33% Off

For Bluehost SSD VPS, regularly it start from $29.99/mo, but via our exclusive promo link in below, customers can save 33%, and get Bluehost SSD VPS at $19.99/mo. Likewise, Bluehost is friendly to give customers 30 days of money back guarantee which gives customers the chance to say stop with minimum loss.

Bluehost SSD VPS Deal
33% Off

Comparing their SSD VPS pricing, Midphase is much cheaper than Bluehost, but considering Bluehost has greater reputation, we still cannot define Midphase is the better SSD VPS provider. Let’s move to feature comparison together.

Midphase vs. Bluehost on SSD VPS Features

Midphase SSD VPS is designed to give customers the power to design their package size. About VPS server space, Midphase offers customers 1 to 16GB RAM, 3 to 7TB bandwidth, 25 to 400GB SSD disk space, and 4 CPU cores to choose from. No matter building and running a simple website, or multiple busy websites, customers can always get proper size to get started.

Besides SSDs, Midphase SSD VPS also includes an intuitive control panel, so that customers can easily reboot and make backups from one place. Via their control panel, customers can also set servers to autopilot when they focus on business. Other more, Midphase offers different templates to choose, including cPanel, Windows, and LAMP stacks or WordPress options.

Bluehost SSD VPS comes with 3 well-designed plans, offering 4 cores, 120GB SSD storage, 8GB RAM, unlimited bandwidth, 2 dedicated IPs, and 1 free domain at most. Because Bluehost utilizes KVM hypervisor, all SSD VPS orders can go with guaranteed resources. What’s more, Bluehost enables instant provisioning, meaning customers can get their account up and running in seconds.

Additionally, Bluehost offers easy scalability and increase control power. The lasted cPanel/WHM is available with enhanced features, helping customers manage their accounts effortlessly. Via cPanel, customers can also ask for dynamic resources to meet their growing demands. Root access, advanced capabilities, access control, database and file management, as well as multi-server management are included in each package for customers.

Comparing features, we find that Bluehost offers much more features and control power than Midphase SSD VPS includes, but Midphase has more server resources available.

Midphase vs. Bluehost on SSD VPS Performance

Midphase and Bluehost SSD VPS are both guaranteed with a 99.9% uptime. Let’s figure out how they make it.

At Midphase, its SSD VPS comes with powerful tech specs. First, it uses SSD servers, including redundant power supplies, Samsung SSDs, ECC RAM and 1 IPv4 address. Second, Midphase equips 200Gbit capacity on a Global Network, Cisco-powered network switches, N+1 network, and 1Gbit Hypervisor network, offering redundant network for top performance; third, its data centers has UPS, generator backups, N+1 cooling, 24/7 security and 24/7/365 staff standing by.

At Bluehost, the company also uses SSDs to enhance its server performance and deliver premium experience. Besides, the company hosts servers in its state-of-the-art data centers, and each is equipped with redundant network connections to the locations around the world. Built on open source platform, the company makes full use of KVM, OpenStack, etc. technologies to guarantee that customers get what they paid and flexible resources.

For best possible security, Bluehost SSD VPS has DDoS protection and spam protection. Plus optional backups, customers can sit back in data security issues.

Midphase and Bluehost both offer their best hardware and utilize the latest technologies to keep customers’ servers running smoothly and fast.

Midphase vs. Bluehost on Customer Support

Midphase customer support includes live chat, ticket and phone, while Bluehost has email, ticket, live chat and toll-free phone support available. So, both companies have convenient support methods for customers.

Other more, Midphase creates a help center which includes popular questions and answers related to its core productions. Bluehost offers knowledge base including rich information about their popular products. Therefore, customers can feel free to learn from these places.

Which Offers Better SSD VPS?

Comparing SSD VPS between Midphase and Bluehost, we learn that Midphase SSD VPS comes with more resources, but Bluehost offers guaranteed resources, dynamic resources, free enhanced cPanel, root access, and other control tools. Besides, both companies’ SSD VPS comes with standard performance as well as good customer support. So, if customers has less hosting budget, then Midphase is better, but if customers has rich hosting budget and want increase control power, then Bluehost is better.

To get more about Midphase or Bluehost SSD VPS, please visit www.midphase.com or www.bluehost.com.

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