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LiquidWeb vs. A2Hosting – who offers better VPS hosting?

LiquidWeb ( has been in the industry for more than 19 years; by far, LiquidWeb has made great progress and upgraded its products several times. Last year, LiquidWeb enhances VPS in terms of speed and security, by combining with cloud features and more advanced features. With private owned data centers and powerful Heroic Support, LiquidWeb web hosting is always premium and reliable for enterprise class customers.

A2Hosting ( has evolved in the web hosting industry for over 18 years, having rich web hosting provisioning experience. Like LiquidWeb, A2Hosting always tries best to make its web hosting more reliable and faster. It utilizes many technologies such as SSD and SwiftServer platform. Recently, A2Hosting even pushed out new Windows web hosting. Customers can get shared hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers here.

In the LiquidWeb vs. A2Hosting, we are to compare the two excellent ones to make out which one offers better VPS hosting. The comparison will include 4 aspects, price, features, performance, and customer support.

LiquidWeb vs. A2Hosting on VPS Pricing

LiquidWeb makes its web hosting solutions focus on businesses, so its web hosting comes with high quality and relatively high price. Regularly, LiquidWeb Linux managed SSD VPS hosting starts at $50/mo, and Windows managed SSD VPS hosting starts at $99/mo. For small businesses, the prices are a little expensive. However, if customers get the VPS through following exclusive link, they can save 33% for 3 months and buy it at $33.5 for starting.

LiquidWeb VPS Promotion
33% Off 3 Mos

A2Hosting offers different types of VPS hosting for difference customer groups. As for unmanaged VPS, it normally charges from $5/mo with full server control; if customers need to spend more energy and time in business, they can choose A2Hosting managed VPS and core VPS. The two VPS solutions are both from $32.99/mo after cutting 34% off the regular $49.99/mo.

A2Hosting VPS Promotion
34% Off

Besides, A2Hosting will offer VPS hosting customers the Anytime Money Back Guarantee, allowing customers to cancel and request the hosting fees in all within 30 days, or ask a refund after the 30 days.

According to these prices, LiquidWeb is really more expensive than A2Hosting, but when considering the VPS quality and their target customers, we think both companies set up the reasonable pricing.

LiquidWeb vs. A2Hosting on Features

In terms of package resources, LiquidWeb managed SSD VPS includes minimal 50GB SSD web space, 5TB data transfer with free incoming transfer, and 1 core processor. Additionally, there is SSD, RAID protection, and many cloud features included as standard features in all plans. Custom server images, easy scalability, and Storm firewall are available. Each LiquidWeb SSD VPS is guaranteed with instant provisioning, which is great for businesses.

For other advanced features that make LiquidWeb charge so high, we find CloudFlare CDN service coming with full management to boost server speed as well as security, local website backups providing each server unmatched data protection, DDoS protection, and ServerSecure enhancing security better!

LiquidWeb is both Linux and Windows friendly, so customers can also be offered free cPanel/WHM and Plesk control panel options. API access also increase customers’ control power.

A2Hosting VPS plans are all based on Linux operating system, and unmanaged VPS allows customers to choose OS. Besides, unmanaged VPS includes 20GB disk space, 2TB bandwidth, 1 core, 512MB RAM, and root access; managed VPS and core VPS include free cPanel, full HostGuard management, 75GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, 4 vCPUs, and 4GB RAM.

Comparing these features with LiquidWeb’s, we can easily figure out the best features are included in LiquidWeb managed SSD VPS plans. Considering the full Heroic Support and advanced features coming with LiquidWeb VPS, it is no wonder that LiquidWeb aims at enterprise class customers and charges relatively higher pricing.

LiquidWeb vs. A2Hosting on performance

Before upgrading VPS hosting, LiquidWeb has already guaranteed its VPS with 100% network and power uptime, because of Storm server platform; now, by accelerating server speed and enhancing security, LiquidWeb makes its managed SSD VPS more reliable and secure.

Additionally, LiquidWeb owns and operates 3 state-of-the-art, private data center facilities and there is an additional presence located in Arizona, creating the geographic advantages; therefore, customers have redundant presence options conducive to their own website.

Specifically, each LiquidWeb data center facility has redundant systems supporting it hosting infrastruction. LiquidWeb only selects premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers to ensure minimal latency as well as fast connections. Multiple UPS with redundant battery cabinets, Eaton Power as well as Liebert Precision distributions, and multiple emergency generators standby are here for 100% power uptime.

Comparing with LiquidWeb, it also comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Firstly, A2Hosting develops SwiftServer platform which ensures customers websites are hosted on reliable servers. If customers need faster servers, A2Hosting offers fine-tuned, blazing fast Turbo server option to choose. Perpetual security and Guru Crew Support are included to keep server reliable and account safe!

Taking these features into consideration, we know that LiquidWeb VPS is very brilliant in terms of performance and A2Hosting also makes its VPS standard in the web hosting industry.

LiquidWeb vs. A2Hosting on Customer Support

As for support, LiquidWeb offers Heroic Support, provided by a professional team with 400 experienced engineers; A2Hosting offers managed and core VPS with full HostGuard management as well as Guru Support. Customers can get the support from phone call, live chat, and email.

Other more, LiquidWeb and A2Hosting both offer knowledge base that includes rich featured articles, tutorials, and frequently asked questions. A2Hosting has Client Community offering customers a place to learn from each other.

Which one Offers Better VPS?

Comparing the two VPS providers, we know that LiquidWeb offers enterprise-class VPS solutions, which come with rich and advanced features, extremely reliable performance and great support; A2Hosting offers multiple VPS plans to fit different customers, and its VPS includes rich features, standard performance and support. Considering the pricing, we think LiquidWeb VPS is indeed expensive but high quality, which is better for enterprises. A2Hosting VPS plans can fit developers and small to medium businesses.

To learn more about LiquidWeb or A2Hosting, please visit or

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