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LiquidWeb VPS vs. 1and1 VPS

In the review as following, we intend to make a comparison between LiquidWeb VPS and 1and1 VPS to see which one is better. This review will mainly analyze their VPS hosting pricing, feature, performance, and support.

LiquidWeb ( is one of the best VPS hosting providers in the industry. Since its inception in 1997, the company has been specializing in providing reliable web hosting and customer services in the market. Among its web hosting products, SSD VPS is quite brilliant for high quality performance and technical support.

As for 1and1 (, it is a global web host based in the UK, mainly offering website builder, domain names, web hosting, CMS, and servers. Established 26 years ago, 1and1 has provided powerful and affordable services to 15,000,000 customers in the world.

LiquidWeb VPS vs. 1and1 VPS on Pricing

The primary LiquidWeb VPS  normally starts from $50/mo and basically includes 50 GB SSD disk space, 1 GB memory, 1 CPUs, 5 TB monthly transfers, and 1 free public IP address. To thank customers for trusting LiquidWeb, the company also offers 1 free domain registration for the forst year and 1 standard SSL. Besides, through our exclusive promo link, customers can get $100 discount for Storm servers.

LiquidWeb Storm VPS

1and1 Virtual Server M Linux normally charges at $12.99 for 1-month cycle; if customers purchase 6-month cycle, it will be renewed at $4.99/mo, coming with 50 GB HDD, 1 GB RAM, 1 CPUs, and unlimited traffic. After receiving 61% discounts, they can save $48 totally. However, 1and1 charges $9.99 for VPS setup. And its price renews frequently that is not very good for customers.

1and1 Current VPS Deal
$48 Off

According to the comparison above, we know that 1and1 VPS is cheaper than LiquidWeb VPS. But LiquidWeb Storm allows daily billing, which makes LiquidWeb more affordable and reliable.

LiquidWeb VPS vs. 1and1 VPS on Feature

LiquidWeb provides Linux VPS and Windows VPS, which is not only powered by Solid-State Drives, but also designed on the great Storm platform. Thereby, LiquidWeb VPS includes many powerful features. Its managed Storm VPS hosting enables customers to fully control their servers and gives the access to many cloud features, such as:

  • cPanel or Plesk 12 available, along with managed services by Heroic Support team
  • free incoming bandwidth and 5 TB outgoing bandwidth
  • create and deploy server images
  • easy clone and resize
  • instant provisioning with API Access
  • easily upgrade and downgrade
  • daily billing, allowing customers to pay for what they use
  • real-time monitoring and free Storm® Firewall
  • Solid-State Drives protected by RAID

In addition, LiquidWeb VPS has quite high flexibility. Customers can choose server locations, server resources, operating systems, management services, the amount of bandwidth, the number of backups and IP addresses. Besides, up to 10 Storm VPS packages can meet all size of businesses or customers’ needs.

At 1and1, it provides Linux and Windows VPS, too. 1and1 VPS can be reset and re-initialization at all times; its control panel, Plesk 12 with application pool, and full root access make it simple for customers to manage their servers and services. The company also gives the options of OS, which is less than those LiquidWeb offers. Its optional solid state drives can meet higher level of demands.

From the pricing and feature both companies offer, we find that LiquidWeb VPS includes more powerful features and stable pricing than 1and1.

LiquidWeb VPS vs. 1and1 VPS on Performance

100% network uptime is the guarantee of LiquidWeb. Using SSD, Storm Platform and 4 data centers to power VPS servers is the strongest backbone of LiquidWeb. In below, we will take 3 Michigan data centers to illustrate the details.

All of its infrastructures and designs are compliant SSAE-16. First, let’s look at its network gear. Redundant fiber entrance is expandable to 1,840 Gbps; redundant Gigabit-Ethernet links to data centers 1 and 2; redundant Cisco 6509 Sup720 and Nexus 7000 Distribution Switches ensure fully redundant network.

As for power system, LiquidWeb equips with expandable utility power feeds, multiple high quality transfer switches, diesel generators with abundant fuel on site, N+1 UPS systems, Liebert & Eaton power distribution units, as well as service entrance feeds. 100% power uptime is guaranteed.

LiquidWeb works hard to maintain a stable and secure server environment. The company equips with Liebert 20/ 22/ 30/ 45 Ton downflow & upflow air conditioning units. Its isolate HVAC systems do not allow for large scale failure. 3 data centers are manned 24 hour by highly-trained Heroic Support team, along with the sites remotely monitoring by 3rd party security company.

1and1, as one of the largest web host in the industry, its data centers are also very excellent. Multi-core processors with RAID protected hard drives assure the great performance. Large capacity and redundant network connections to its backbone allow for rapid data transmission. Automatic snapshot backups and powerful Cisco systems protect data and network from accidents.

However, compared with LiquidWeb 3 premium data centers, Storm Platform, and 24/7/365 onsite Heroic Support staff, the performance of 1and1 is not as good as LiquidWeb.

LiquidWeb VPS vs. 1and1 VPS on Customer Support

In aspect of customer support, LiquidWeb is more considerate then 1and1. Its fully managed services with control panel make a peace of mind for customers, charging $10/mo only. It covers control panel install and updates, complete support of operating system and proactive service restoration. LiquidWeb also provides free core-managed services.

LiquidWeb Heroic Support team is industry leading, whose members are qualified and highly-trained. The team staffs answer customers’ questions quickly and effectively with 59 second guarantee via live chat or phone, and 30 minute guarantee via helpdesk. All these channels are 24 hour, including email. Moreover, at Knowledge base, customers can find plenty of tutorials and articles to solve their problems.

As for 1and1, its VPS packages include 24/7 hotline and free email support by trained system experts. Help center also has much useful information for customers to help themselves.

According to what we list out, we have a conclusion that LiquidWeb can provide the more effective and considerate customer support.

Which One is Recommended?

Compared with LiquidWeb, 1and1 VPS includes standard features and support at cheaper prices. However, LiquidWeb offers big discounts and daily billing cycle, making its prices more affordable. Meanwhile, LiquidWeb VPS is SSD and Storm VPS, featuring many powerful cloud elements. 4 data centers with perfect equipment provide 100% uptime. Such a high-end VPS, we believe customers do not want to miss. So, we recommend LiquidWeb VPS for all size of businesses.

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