LiquidWeb VPS Hosting Review

In below LiquidWeb VPS Review, we are going to focus on discussing its VPS service from features, pricing, reliability, and customer support to check out why LiquidWeb VPS is recommended. Hopefully, customers can understand LiquidWeb VPS hosting better so that they can know whether they need it or not.

Founded in 1997, LiquidWeb ( is a reputable and leading managed web hosting provider with solid dedication to offering the best web hosting products and services, especially high-quality SSD VPS, available in the market. Until now, the company serves more than 20,000 customers around the world, and its SSD VPS has also made great improvement to meets more advanced users’ demands.

LiquidWeb VPS Review on Features

LiquidWeb provides customers with both Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS hosting services, and the different packages contain different RAM, disk space and CPU resources. Customers can make the most suitable choice based on their own needs.

LiquidWeb managed VPS hosting is powered by the Storm platform, which gives customers full control of their server and immediate access to tons of the great cloud features. For instance:

  • 5 TB outgoing & free incoming bandwidth
  • Instant deployment, API access, and easy upgrades & downgrades
  • Customizable server images, and easy clone & resize
  • cPanel for Linux VPS and Plesk for Windows VPS, along with some tools that allow to launch new servers, manage existing hosting, and more other operations conveniently and simply.
  • Free Storm firewall and real-time monitoring


Additionally, according to the latest improvements, LiquidWeb VPS also features some powerful but free tools to enhance the reliability as well as security and boost faster speed. There are 4 major features as following:

  • CloudFlare CDN – It comes with full management and with the main purpose of speeding up customers’ websites and further boosting security. LiquidWeb will set it up and manage it for customers to save a lot of troubles.
  • ServerSecure – It is included in each VPS server, so that customers’ server will be protected by a mighty suite of security enhancements blocking all unauthorized visitors.
  • DDoS Attack Protection – It is now a basic protection from now known small DDoS attacks with all servers. To make sure the best status, LiquidWeb will keep is always on and ready to go.
  • Built-in Backups – New-generation LiquidWeb VPS will come with local website backups. Customers can add Storm backups that enable automatic, full-server snapshots to protect data and recover the lost data.

Combining with LiquidWeb other old but also wonderful features, LiquidWeb VPS now is really unbeatable with almost everything powerful to enhance the reliability and speed.

LiquidWeb VPS Review on Pricing

Compared to some other VPS hosting services, Liquid VPS hosting is relatively expensive but still reasonable! The price of its VPS starts at $50/mo, and includes 1 GB memory, 5 TB transfer, 50 GB SSD disk space, and 1 CPU resources. Considering its new features, rich server resources, and Heroic Support, we think LiquidWeb VPS comes with good price value.

Other more, LiquidWeb to make more new customers experience its high-powered VPS servers, now offers exclusive coupon to our readers. Though our exclusive promo link below, they can get a 33% off for the first 3 months. To claim this coupon, they also need to use the code “SPEED33”, when they check out. So, customers can only pay $33.5 to start the entry-level plan.

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LiquidWeb VPS Review on Reliability

Each VPS solution of LiquidWeb includes a 100% uptime guarantee on network and power supply. The high reliability is attributed to its world-class data centers & facilities, innovative technologies, and great support, such as there is a 30 minute response guarantee to hardware replacement.

Specifically, LiquidWeb owns and operates three private data centers in Michigan and Arizona regions. All the data centers are in compliance with SSAE-16, Tier-1 premium bandwidth, featured power systems, on-site security and others. It guarantees LiquidWeb VPS hosting network uptime to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity.

In addition, the company is able to design, build and maintain perfect server environment in data centers, without having to rely on third parties. All of these ensure that LiquidWeb can provide customers the fastest, the most reliable and secure VPS hosting all the time.

In addition to that, LiquidWeb integrates fastest SSD hard drives into server deployment; built-in backups and ServerSecure also keep the high level security; DDoS protection also comes to make every server safe; premium CDN from CloudFlare is a good method to increase the speed for each server.

LiquidWeb VPS Review on Customer Support

LiquidWeb takes both its VPS hosting service and customers support seriously. The company has more than 400 support technicians working around to offer customer fully managed support services, such as helping improve their VPS hosting environment, infrastructures and experience.

If there has any problem, customers are allowed to access to level 3 support technicians through phone, email and live chat. The staffs are available on-site 24/7 to assure minimum response time, and that issues are resolved in a prompt and efficient manner.

Moreover, customers can check out LiquidWeb online knowledge base and search for common VPS hosting questions they may meet.

LiquidWeb VPS is a Great Choice

In conclusion, LiquidWeb offers the best in VPS hosting features, network performance and customer service. That makes its VPS hosting service certainly the great solution for customers, especially those businesses and enterprises who need a web hosting solution for their mission-critical web sites. It’s also one of best Forex VPS that customers can find in the web hosting industry now.

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