LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Review

liquidweb-220liquidWeb (, one of the leaders in the web hosting market, was found in 1997. About 20,000 customers are associated with this firm around the globe. Liquidweb dedicated server service is one of the most reputable one among its a wide range of products. The company own state of the art three data centers located in Michigan, and is well-known for providing support to its customers responsibly and professionally.

In below, we will review Liquidweb Dedicated server and explain why it’s strongly recommended.

Liquidweb Dedicated Server Features

LiquidWeb dedicated server is available on both Linux and Windows platforms. And it not only comes with single processor, dual processor as well as quad processor options, but also has full-managed, core-managed and self-managed three levels of heroic supports. As the result, customers can make the right choice based on their own requirements. The basic dedicated server solution offers:

  • 4 cores 3.3GHz/3.7GHz Turbo
  • 8GB RAM, 1TB primary dirve
  • 1TB backup drive
  • 120GB kingston SSD bonus drive
  • 5TB outbound & free incoming bandwidth

Moreover, there are many other optional features, and all of the resources can be configured, such as operating system, control panel: cPanel/Plesk/managed, server chassis, the amount of public IP address, and more.

LiquidWeb Dedicated Server Pricing

The LiquidWeb dedicated server is a little expensive as compared to other web hosting companies.  Though its pricing is a bit high that starts from $179/mo to $799/mo, but it’s worthwhile if people want to enjoy the best high performance and legit support.

Reliability, Server Speed and Data Center and Infrastructure

LiquidWeb is a reliable and a legit firm. It has its own 3 datacenters that are designed and maintained by professional engineers. The datacenters are featured with the Tier 1 premium bandwidth which assures the fastest internet performance in the world.

The data of the customers is safe and secure in the 3 datacenters. These datacenters are continuously monitored 24/7 by the highly trained engineers. The best and reliable feature about this company is that the redundant power systems and the cooling systems make the datacenters working all the time.

The LiquidWeb is offering its customers with the best and 100% uptime guarantee. In order to ensure this, it takes several advnaced measures including 24/7 Sonar monitoring, RAID 1Primary Drives & SSD Bonus Drive supports, server hardening via ServerSecure and many other leading technologies.

LiquidWeb Customer support

LiquidWeb is providing the customers with non-stop support 24/7. This company is known for its best support in the industry. If the customers have any kind of queries, they can contact the support center via, call email and live chat support any time. The support team at the 3 datacenters are accompanied by level 3 technical staff, who provide 24/7 technical support to the customers. You can freely ask any question regarding your server issues.

Pros of Liquidweb Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb is preferred over any web hosting company. The best thing about this company is that there are no glitches; you would never experience any downtime and no website load speed problems. This web hosting firm is recommended to the beginners. The shared plans of this company are the best and the dedicated servers are of top notch. The customers can customize their plans and the best thing is that you are not bound to any contract. You can pay monthly for their services.  And the best thing of all is that the customer support is active and responsive all the time and they are quite helpful.

Cons of Liquidweb Dedicated Server

Every business or service provider has benefits as well as some disadvantages. Same is the case with LiquidWeb. One of the biggest disadvantages of LiquidWeb is the pricing factor. They are expensive than the other hosting firms, but usually you get what you pay for.


LiquidWeb is considered to be the best web hosting company when it comes to individuals and all businesses. You can build your websites with the products offered by this company as they are reliable, rich-featured and easy to use. One of the best factors why this company is famous among the people is its 24/7 customer support and the own 3 datacenters. This is the reason why this web hosting provider has become famous all over the globe and the services provided by this firm are top notch. If you are looking for a web hosting firm in order to build a website for your business then LiquidWeb dedicated server service is the best option for you to begin with. It can provide you reliable solutions.


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