Linode Review

Linode Review below will talk about Linode cloud server’s features, prices, reliability, customer support, and usability. Through this comprehensive review, we are to explain it clearly that why people can trust Linode in web hosting services.

Headquartering in New Jersey, US, Linode ( is a professional Linux-based VPS hosting provider. Since its foundation in 2003, Linode is famous in the web hosting industry, for it can make sure to provide the fast and reliable VPS hosting solutions. Other more, Linode is fond of technology and programming to help customers. Offering affordable pricing, Linode makes more customers get reliable hosting solutions to support their creations and ideas online.

Linode Unbeatable VPS Features

Linode VPS is the high-performance SSD Linux VPS solution, which contains all the powerful infrastructures that customers may need. Besides, it also comes with great flexibility that allows customers to maintain a premium experience with the best possible services and tools offed.

Linode VPS solution contains endless features like full-featured DNS manager, one global IPv6 address, additional free IPv6 addresses, dedicated IPs, full SSH access and more. As to basic package features, Linode contains 2 GB to 120 GB RAM, 1 to 20 CPU cores, 24 GB to 1,920 GB SSD storage, and 2 TB to 20 TB transfer. These resources are redundant to support developers and businesses.


Additionally, Linode VPS also comes with a wide range of tools make the server management effortless. We will discuss this part in later great Usability review part. Generally, Linode VPS based a wide range of tools and services, as well as powerful SSD hard drives, really making a reliable possible server environment for customers.

Linode Affordable Pricing

Linode powerful SSD Linux-based VPS is offered with affordable prices. Regularly, Linode entry-level package including 2 GB memory, 1 CPU core, 24 GB SSD storage, as well as 2 TB bandwidth, starts at $10 per month. What’s better, Linode offers more flexible billing terms. To save costs from those unnecessary resources, customers can take full advantages of hourly payment.

Linode Exclusive Deal

For instance, the entry-level package can be as low as $0.015/hr, and with the monthly cap of $10/mo, customers can have no worry to use the resources charged hourly. Even better, Linode does not charges setup fees and offers free inbound data transfer. If customers feel unhappy with it, there is a 7 Days of Full Money Back Guarantee. More information can be founded in the exclusive Linode Coupon.

For payment methods, Linode accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. Or, customers can choose to add credit to their account by transferring funds via PayPal.

Linode Outstanding Reliability

Linode guarantees all customers 99.9% uptime, according to monitor, the uptime performance is even better than its guarantee. And customers can also get fast loading and running speed. There are several factors to make sure that!

Powerful hardware

Linode utilizes industry-leading native SSD hard drives, boosting the server speed and IO performance. As for servers, the company uses the industry-fastest CPU brand Intel. Besides, it also ensures 40Gbps throughput network with multiple levels of redundancy, which guarantees redundant network connections for traffic peaks.

Multiple datacenters

Linode now offers 8 data center location options for customers to get the closest one for faster response times. Located all around the world, those multiple data centers can meet most customers’ needs. Besides, each data center is equipped with UPS, redundant air conditioners and well-designed infrastructures.

Great Security

Close server and security monitoring is available at Linode now. Within customers’ Linode Manager accounts, there is a 2-factor authentication increasing the security. If there is any error happening, Linode rescue mode can also recover the server from critical errors.

Linode Prompt Customer Service

When dealing with VPS hosting, there is no doubt that customers would confront with issues. Linode support experts are available 24 hours a day, 7days a week. Customers can feel free to contact them any time via phone call and email, and most tickets can be answered in minutes.

Besides, Linode community has tons of resources that help customers find the best solution. Linode also prepares many featured articles related to getting started, migrating to Linode, and Hosting a website, which may help customers a lot. If customers need, they can visit Linode Guides & Tutorials. There is also blog, systems status and speed test for customers to check out their server statement anytime.

Great Usability of Linode

Each Linode Linux VPS server can be deployed in seconds. Linode Manage is a simple but easy-to-use control panel interface. Linode cloud-powered infrastructure makes customers’ VPS easy to be cloned and scaled. Via Linode Manager, customers can quickly deploy, boot, resize and clone their VPS server with e few clicks.

Customers can get Linode API and CLI, which also shows the flexibility of Linode VPS. With Linode API and CLI can both help customers manage their VPS server from the comfort of their terminal. There is also StackScripts available at Linode offering a flexible ways for customers to customize the supported distribution templates, such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and etc.

With the help of self-developed control panel, customers are allowed to do reboot, rebuild VPS, and show the status of CPU, network, and IO. For the management of domain, email or database, they can also install other traditional control panel, such as cPanel, Webmin, or DirectAdmin.


In short, based on this in-depth review on Linode Linux VPS, we strongly recommend Linode to developers, tech geeks, as well as all-sizes of businesses. Linode makes its Linux VPS powerful and reliable. Even better, it allows full customization, which could meet customers’ demands better. What’s more, all come at a very budget price.

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