iPage VPS vs. Hostmonster VPS

iPage (www.ipage.com) is famous for its WordPress hosting and always regarded as one of the best cheap web hosts in the industry. Moreover, iPage also offers multi-level VPS and dedicated server hosting, to support individuals, businesses, and social or non-profit organizations’ websites get up online. Marketing services, email solutions, domains, and website-related services are available here as well.

Founded in 1996, Hostmonster (www.hostminster.com) is has served more than thousands of personal and business websites. Just like iPage, Hostmonster is also well-known for its cheap web hosting. Besides, its VPS and dedicated hosting also give customers affordable prices and redundant resources.

In this iPage VPS vs. Hostmonster VPS, we will make a comprehensive comparison on their VPS, in the aspects of prices, features, performance and customer support. We hope we can help customers find a cheap reliable VPS provider.

iPage vs. Hostmonster on VPS Prices

iPage offers 3 VPS packages and all come with 20% off discount. Regularly, iPage entry-level VPS starts at $24.99/mo, but after discounting 20% off, it will be as low as $19.99/mo. Besides, free domain registration and free search engine marketing credits are included as well. To claim this exclusive promotion, customers can click the following promo link:

iPage VPS Deal
20% Off

iPage even provides customers a 30-day money back guarantee, which can protect customers’ benefits. Within 30 days after they signed up, they can cancel accounts for a full refund.

Hostmonster VPS also comes 33% off discount on every plan. To purchase the entry-level VPS at Hostmonster, customers normally need to pay $29.99/mo for it, but after saving 33% off, they just need to pay $19.99/mot that is more affordable.

Hostmonster VPS Deal
33% Off

Similar to iPage, Hostmonster includes a full money back guarantee within the first 30 days. If customers are unhappy here and cancel accounts within the 30 days, they can get a full refund. So customers have no worry about their money safety.

The two VPS providers offer the same affordable prices with their own discounts, but their renewal VPS price of the starter plan is cheaper at iPage.

iPage vs. Hostmonster on VPS Features

iPage designs 3 levels of VPS packages and Hostmonster has 4 plans. Basically, iPage and Hostmonster both offers Linux VPS hosting powered by the cloud. iPage VPS supports CentOS 6.4, while CentOS 6.5 (64-bit) is available in Hostmonster VPS plans.

Firstly, we are to introduce their package basic resources and features. iPage VPS offers 1 to 4 core CPU, 1GB to 8GB of RAM, 40GB to 120GB disk space, 1TB to 4TB of bandwidth, and 1 to 2 IPs. All packages allow customers to create unlimited domains and subdomains, unlimited customized email accounts, and unlimited MySQL databases. A free domain name registration is offered to customers.

About hosting resources, Hostmonster VPS offers customers dual to quad core CPU, RAM ranging from 2GB to 8GB, storage from 30GB to 120GB, bandwidth from 1TB to 3TB, and the same 1 to 2 IPs. HostMonster can get customer’s website up and running in seconds. A free domain name is includes as well here.

iPage VPS will comes with some popular advanced scripts pre-installed, including PHP5, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSL, JSP, GD 2, Cron, and more. Besides, to enhance customers’ control over their servers, iPage offers advanced control options, with which customers can easily access to customize their hosting environment. Its control options include easy-to-use cPanel, managed support, unlimited FTP accounts, and optional root access.

At Hostmonster, the company’s VPS solution also has enhanced usability. Customers can receive enhanced cPanel control panel to configure their VPS with richer features. Multi-account management enables customers to manage all their accounts with one login only. Full root access comes to customers giving them more control to their operating system and the server, which iPage does not have.

Comparing iPage VPS with Hostmonster VPS, we learn that iPage has more resources offered to customers, and Hostmonster offers a little bit more control power. So, in feature, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

iPage vs. Hostmonster on VPS Performance

iPage VPS and HostMonster VPS are both powered with cloud technology, which make their VPS feature increased flexibility. With that, customers who buy their VPS hosting can get redundant room to instantly grow and scale up or down as they need. By making use of high performing servers with KVM hypervisor virtualization, both companies ensure to offer customers the guaranteed server resources.

Differently, iPage builds its VPS with cloud and enable customers get the high-speed mirrored SAN storage, which can make them has redundant data copies. Once there is an accident, they can almost instantly move to another server to keep your site smooth and data safe.

HostMonster also makes full use of advanced cloud technologies such as KVM and OpenStack to set the stage to continuously upgrade and enhance their servers, so that customers can get unprecedented speed.

iPage and Hostmonster are very similar in VPS solution creation and designs. By using cloud technologies, iPage and Hostmonster both make their VPS faster and safer.

iPage vs. Hostmonster on Customer Support

Rich and convenient customer support channels are a must part of a good web hosting provider. For this, iPage and Hostmonster give their customers live chat, email (or ticket) and phone support 24 hours a day.

In addition, iPage has clear and extensive user tips, knowledgebase, help center, domain help, email help, and website help. Hostmonster has knowledgeable help center, including the most popular help content, support history, video tutorials, user form, and knowledgebase.

Which Offers Better VPS?

Based on this iPage VPS vs. Hostmonster VPS, we understand that their VPS comes with the same affordable pricing, but iPage has more; their VPS are both powered by advanced cloud technology to offer customers guaranteed resources and faster, safer performance; with increased control power and good support, customers can get up easily. Therefore, we think both VPS providers are good options for customers to have a try if they want to start with small plans.

To learn more about iPage or Hostmonster, please visit www.ipage.com or www.hostmonster.com.

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