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I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb — Who Offers Better VPS?

According to Best VPS Hosting 2016, we find out I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb are both in that list. Which one can offer better VPS? Which groups are their targeted customers? In below, we are going to figure out the answers by comparing I/O Zoom VPS and LiquidWeb VPS, from their pricing, features, performance, and customer service.

I/O Zoom ( is a fresh web host who specializes in providing professional SSD VPS. Even though I/O Zoom lacks rich experience, it makes every effort to present the best products and services for customers as possible as it can.

Unlike I/O Zoom, LiquidWeb ( is an experienced web host. With 19 years of development, the company has been widely recognized by customers. Premium data centers, advanced Storm servers, as well as high-end customer service all make LiquidWeb competitive and reliable.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Pricing

I/O Zoom SSD VPS has 5 packages, and the smallest one is from $8/mo that is pretty cheap VPS in the industry. More than that, the company also provides generous servers features in this package, such as 1 GB RAM, 2,000 GB bandwidth, 1 free dedicated IP with free IPv6, as well as 20 GB SSD disk space. Besides, customers can receive as long as 30 days of money back guarantee, which can give them peace of mind.


LiquidWeb provides managed VPS with SSD disk drives and premium cloud features. As a superior VPS hosting, the price is relatively higher than standard VPS hosting. The lowest plan starts at $50/mo. To make customers feel more comfortable with LiquidWeb, the company also offers daily billing term, and its Storm VPS with SSD is as low as $1.64/day. Even if customers feel LiquidWeb is not right for them, they can easily cancel accounts without worrying about the fees.

LiquidWeb Storm VPS

What’s more, if customers purchase LiquidWeb Storm VPS through our exclusive link, they can receive up to $100 discount.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Features

I/O Zoom designs 5 packages of SSD VPS hosting. As for advanced features, I/O Zoom includes free DDoS protection against all known attacks up to 20 Gbps, keeping customers’ VPS servers online. Free SSD servers are guaranteed 100% solid state drives with RAID 10 array ensuring the best I/O performance.

Moreover, I/O Zoom has applied cutting-edge KVM technology that ensures the dedicated resources for customers’ servers, enhancing the stability and reliability. SolusVM control panel is an easy to use interface, by which customers can manage their VPS effortlessly.

I/O Zoom SSD VPS is 100% white labeled, so customers can resell it by using their own brand. If they buy its paid cPanel at $12/mo, they can get cPanel with WHM that is convenient for them to manage their white labeled VPS.

LiquidWeb Strom VPS servers are flexible and easy to scale. The entry-level package contains 1 GB memory, 1 CPUs, 1 public IP address, 5 TB bandwidth, and 50 GB SSD storage. If these features cannot meet customers’ demands, there are 10 server types based on Linux or Windows platform according to different amount of memory, storage, and CPU. Bandwidth and public IP addresses are also dynamically scalable.

Besides, 4 server locations and up to 18 operating system templates are available, coming with different levels of management. Like I/O Zoom, if customers choose cPanel by spending $10/mo, which is less than I/O Zoom, they can get fully managed Strom SSD VPS.

In addition, LiquidWeb contains more advanced features, such as Storm Firewall, instant provision, and RAID array to protect SSD drives. API access is open to customers as well, which allows customers fully control their VPS.

Comparing the tow company, we can find that I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb are both able to provide rich-feature SSD servers.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Performance

Speaking of performance, we find that I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb both guarantee 100% uptime. I/O Zoom and LiquidWeb both deploy Solid State Drive on their VPS servers, which can make sure the maximum I/O performance.

Besides, I/O Zoom uses advanced hardware, which contains supermicro servers, dual Intel Xeon processors, LSI RAID 10, and DDR4 memory. Plus free DDoS protection and KVM technology, I/O Zoom is confident to promise 100% uptime according to its SLA.

As for LiquidWeb, the company builds SSD VPS based on Storm platform, which can easily upgrade and downgrade. Once customers’ website grows and demands more resources, there is no need to worry about outage.

LiquidWeb runs 4 datacenters to support customers’ VPS servers. Each datacenter is well-designed and fully equipped with ups, premium cooling system, smart physical security systems, and Tier-1 premium bandwidth. Technical staffs are onsite round the clock, maintaining the optimal state of 4 data centers.

I/O Zoom vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Customer Service

As we talked above, both companies can provide fully managed services by adding cPanel control panel. After that, customers can receive hardware and network management, operating system and control panel updates and patches, scripts installation, as well as backup assistance.

In addition to that, I/O Zoom provides email as the contact channel for customers; LiquidWeb has its exclusive Heroic Support which is rare to see in the industry. The Heroic Support team promise 59 second or less response times. Well-trained technicians will standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks. No matter what issues customers have, they can easily contact Heroic team members via email, phone, and live chat.

As for online resources, I/O Zoom has support section containing video tutorials, or customers can login its client portal to access support ticket. LiquidWeb has Knowledge base which includes featured articles and latest tutorials.

Comparing customers, both companies provide very considerate customers service, but we think LiquidWeb does a better job.

Who Offers Better VPS?

In conclusion, I/O Zoom SSD VPS contains standard features but great uptime guarantee at low prices. LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS includes scalable cloud features with high uptime guarantee too. LiquidWeb also has outstanding technical support; therefore, its relatively higher pricing is reasonable.

Considering their different pricing, we recommend I/O Zoom SSD VPS to ordinary webmaster, while LiquidWeb Storm SSD VPS is more suitable for those who have enough budgets or want a professional VPS website.

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