InMotion Hosting VPS Review

InMotion Hosting ( is a web host who offers Linux-based shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server to all-sizes of businesses and enterprises. As one of the leading business hosting service provider, InMotion Hosting is well-known for its superb customer support, and fast reliable hosting servers.

In below, we will review InMotion VPS hosting solutions from 5 aspects, which are InMotion Hosting VPS features, reliability & speed, customer support, and pricing. Through this in-depth InMotion Hosting VPS Review, readers can easily make sense what InMotion Hosting VPS contains and whether it is reliable enough to support their specific demands or not.

InMotion Hosting VPS Review on Features

InMotion Hosting offers 3 managed-VPS hosting packages, each of which comes with different amounts of RAM, bandwidths, disk space, and free IP addresses.


InMotion Hosting is one of the very first web host company who upgrade Linux VPS hosting with SSD hard drive storage for free. In below, we list out some of the notable features of their VPS:

  • Free SSD Storage which is 20 times faster than other traditional storage solutions like HDD.
  • Unlocked CPU Cores. Currently InMotion Hosting makes its SSD VPS be powered by Cloud. Due to this, customers with InMotion Hosting VPS hosting now can get as many CPU cores as they need.
  • Free cPanel/WHM control panel, with which its customer can easily manage their VPS servers and files.
  • Allowing for Burstable memory for short periods of unexpected memory usage. This will keep customers protected from downtime or site slowdown if and when they receive large spikes in traffic. Only very few web hosts in industry allow for burstable memory now.
  • eCommerce optimization. Specifically for business usage, InMotion Hosting optimizes its VPS for eCommerce solutions, like PrestaShop, WooCommerce and Magento for WordPress for optimal speed as well as reliability. 1-click popular eCommerce platforms are also available!
  • Secure email. InMotion Hosting all VPS plans come with secure IMAP email and customers can create unlimited email addresses on their account and send thousands of emails per hours.
  • Free nightly backup and live-state snapshots. InMotion Hosting will process complete account backups every 24-36 hours automatically, which customers might need to spend hundreds of dollar per year when working with the other web host. Live-state snapshots also can instantly revert to their previous stable snapshots of processes and files.
  • Full Control on VPS. You will be granted with shell access and root account to configure and manage the VPS as you want. Resource dashboard is included to help customer monitor their resource usage.

In terms of server resource, InMotion entry-level VPS package includes 4 GB memory, 60 GB SSD storage, 2 TB monthly transfer, and 2 free dedicated IPs, which are powerful enough for a high traffic web site.

InMotion VPS Review on Speed

InMotion VPS is one of the fastest VPS in the industry.

InMotion Hosting offers hosting service from 2 data centers, and its customers can choose the one close to their locations, so that the server won’t be thousands of miles away to delay the responses.

InMotion Hosting network infrastructure is built with uptime and performance in mind. By utilizing BGP4 Smart routing, teaming up with the world’s largest ISPs to create Direct Data-Peering Connections and using Commercial-Grade equipment from their hardware partners like Dell and Cisco, InMotion Hosting is able to increase delivery speed and performance to beat its competitors.


Above is the performance testing we have done using InMotion Hosting VPS, the web application we use is WordPress. As you could see, no matter where people are, they could always see the page loaded below 1.5s, which is really amazing.

InMotion Hosting VPS Review on Customer Satisfaction Rate

InMotion Hosting really takes its customer service seriously. It only hires engineers with 10+ years of experience in web hosting provisioning and support. This is a professional team who can not only resolve the issues quickly but also understand all the tricky issues in hosting and prevent these issues from happening before doing harm to customers.

People can contact InMotion Hosting using Toll-free phone call, online live chat, and email support. Their engineers are 100% us-based and available 24*7.

Other more, InMotion Hosting collect all frequently asked questions to make detailed answers in Support Center. Customers can quickly search for answers and learn from InMotion Hosting email tutorials and website tutorials.

InMotion Hosting VPS Review on Pricing

InMotion Hosting VPS is one of the most budget business-class VPS solutions. According to the latest promotion, all new customers of InMotion Hosting can receive 26% 51% off discounts depend on what VPS package and which billing cycle they choose.

For example, InMotion Hosting VPS-1000HA-S with 4 GB memory, 60 GB Storage and 2 TB monthly data transfer only costs customers $29.99/month for 12 months service subscription. The price is much cheaper than its competitors. Even compared with some cheap VPS hosting, this price is still very competitive.


Even better, by following exclusive InMotion Hosting VPS promotion link below, people can receive additional 50% off the first month, with which people could spend as low as $14.99/mo to experience how powerful InMotion Hosting VPS hosting is.

InMotion Hosting VPS Deal
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Furthermore, InMotion Hosting also includes a 90 Days of Full money back guarantee. On current market, there are few companies who are willing to offer such a long money back guarantee.

Do We Recommend InMotion Hosting VPS?

As one of the Best VPS, InMotion Hosting VPS should be strongly recommended. It can be used to high traffic blogs, corporate sites and eCommerce sites, because of all these prominent features we talked in feature review. Fast speed and satisfying customer support are also the reasons that we want to recommend InMotion Hosting VPS to customers. Besides, don’t forget to leverage the latest coupon to save big when signing up InMotion Hosting VPS service.

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