InMotion Hosting VPS vs. Hostwinds VPS

InMotion Hosting ( is an industry famous US-based web hosting provider, which develops rapidly to offer customers more and more fine-tuned Linux web hosting packages for customers. Up till now, InMotion Hosting has business hosting, managed VPS, self-managed VPS, dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting, and multiple WordPress hosting plans available.

Hostwinds ( is a reliable web hosting company, founded in 2010. Although it has shorter history than InMotion Hosting, it positively learns from the industry and integrates the latest, popular hardware and technology into its web hosting designs. Now, Hostwinds has developed shared hosting, business hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Most of them are based on both Linux and Windows distributions.

In the post below, we plan to compare their VPS hosting, one of their most popular products, from pricing, feature, performance and customer support. With this detailed and in-depth comparison, customers should have a clear understanding about them and pick out the best one.

InMotion Hosting VPS vs. Hostwinds VPS on Pricing

InMotion Hosting Linux VPS now has self-managed and fully managed types, and both types are affordable and come with discounts. InMotion Hosting Managed VPS includes up to 74% off discount. For instance, the entry-level Managed VPS package starts at $54.99/mo normally, but now it has 63% off discount, and starts at $19.99/mo. Self-Managed VPS here offers up to 55% off discount, enable it starts at as low as $19.99/mo rather than normally $34.99/mo.

InmotionHosting VPS Deal
74% Off

At Hostwinds, its VPS is divided into unmanaged and managed types, too, but it not only offers Linux VPS, but also Windows VPS. Its Linux unmanaged VPS now offers 10% off discount and Linux managed VPS has 25% off discount. After discounting 10% off and 25% off respectively, Hostwinds Linux unmanaged VPS starts at $4.49/mo instead of $4.99/mo; Linux managed VPS starts at $7.49/mo rather than $9.99/mo.

Hostwinds Linux VPS Deal
25% Off

By the way, Hostwinds Windows VPS comes with the same discounts as its Linux VPS has. Unmanaged VPS is from $$9.89/mo instead of $10.99/mo; fully managed VPS is from $12.74/mo rather than $16.99/mo.

In terms of money back guarantee, InMotion Hosting is confident to offer VPS customers 90 Day Money Back Guarantee which is longer than Hostwinds 60 Day money back guarantee. So, customers can feel free to experience InMotion Hosting various VPS hosting service within another 30 days.

Comparing their VPS pricing, we can easily find that Hostwinds VPS is cheaper than InMotion Hosting, but it we cannot make the decision right now, because we do not know their packages and features. Let’s move on.

InMotion Hosting VPS vs. Hostwinds VPS Features

InMotion Hosting is a reputable Linux web hosting provider, while Hostwinds is Linux and Windows friendly both. Therefore, we will mostly focus on their Linux VPS solutions to make the comparison, and because the two can offer both Linux Managed VPS and Unmanaged VPS, we will compare their Linux VPS from unmanaged VPS to managed VPS in feature.

Unmanaged VPS

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS was released recently, which is a new VPS solution, which can offer customers the complete control. There are three default packages, including pre-installed CentOS 7, and minimum 75GB SSD storage, 4GB RAM, 4TB bandwidth, and 3 dedicated IPs. Featuring cloud power, its self-managed VPS can offer customers unlocked CPU cores, to cope with business websites. Besides, they can easily upgrade to higher packages.

Due to self-managed VPS, InMotion Hosting offers all customers full root access to customize as well as configure their server for their real needs.

Also, even though it is self-managed VPS, InMotion Hosting still offers customers resource monitoring dashboard, instant snapshots referring to full server configuration backup, and free automatic backups. So, customers can enjoy comfortable environment to grown their online presence.

As for the other company, Hostwinds, its Linux unmanaged VPS has 10 plans, starting with at least 20GB SSD storage, 512MB RAM, 1 CPU cores, 1TB transfer, and 1Gbps port. Its Tier Four plan charging from $22.49 after discounting 10% off comes with 50GB disk space, 4GB RAM, 2TB transfer, 2 CPU cores, and 1 Gbps port. Compared with InMotion Hosting’s entry-level self-managed VPS package, Hostwinds offers much less.

For management tools, Hostwinds provides customer with cPanel and auto-installer Softaculous to handle software installers and website management. Different from InMotion Hosting, Hostwinds has multiple OS options available, including CentOS, Ubuntu, Open Suse, Dedora, and Debian. So, customers here can easily get preferable Linux distribution and manage their site.

Managed VPS

InMotion Hosting has rich experience in offering managed VPS. Three default managed VPS offered include up to 8GB RAM, 260GB SSD storage, 6TB bandwidth, 5 dedicated IPs, and unlock CPU cores, which are redundant for customers to running busy business websites. Free SSL and PHP 7 are included.

Besides root access, customers can also receive free cPanel & WHM, free server management including OS and cPanel/WHM updates and security patches, instant snapshots, and free backups. Even better, all plans come with free launch assist to help newbies started more easily and smoother.

At Hostwinds, its Linux managed VPS has 10 packages, too. In the package with similar pricing to InMotion Hosting biggest plan’s, there are 150GB SSD storage, 15GB RAM, 6TB transfer and 6 CPU cores. It is obvious that InMotion Hosting offers more resources. As for other features, Hostwinds has nightly backups, cPanel/WHM, and Softaculous available.

In conclusion, InMotion Hosting self-managed VPS and managed VPS are both more feature-rich and user-friendly than Hostwinds’.

InMotion Hosting VPS vs. Hostwinds VPS Performance

InMotion Hosting VPS has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, and Hostwinds offers customers 99.999% uptime guarantee. It seems that Hostwinds VPS has better VPS performance than InMotion Hosting VPS. Let’s go to see their technology.

InMotion Hosting guarantees their VPS customers enjoy its Max Speed Zones, which is backed by its two private top-class data centers in the U.S., reliable bandwidth providers, as well as advanced routing technology to guarantee the faster network customers can get. Besides, InMotion Hosting has already integrated cloud power into its VPS, so that all VPS nodes has unlocked CPU cores to speed up processing, and high-availability to offer redundant hardware clusters.

Redundant physical security, DDoS attack protection, instant snapshots, and free backup all ensure the best possible security for customers’ data and website.

At Hostwinds, it hosts servers in two data centers which are SAS Type II audited and Tier 4, equipped with redundant power supplies, redundant network backed by multiple carriers, and enterprise hardware like Intel processors. Other more, round-clock system monitoring, automatic DDS attack protection, 1 hour hardware replacement, nightly backups, and experienced staff on-site maintain a secure environment.

InMotion Hosting VPS vs. Hostwinds VPS Customer Support

InMotion Hosting is confident to its customer support and offers 100% satisfaction guarantee, so does Hostwinds.

Both companies offer free migration service with their VPS plans. Besides, multiple contact methods are provided and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which are Live Chat, Ticket, and Phone. InMotion Hosting has email support as well.

Apart from these, exclusive knowledge base and support center are updated by their experienced support staffs, so that customers can easily find what they want in these places.

Which Offers Better VPS?

After comparing the two companies’ VPS solution, it is a little difficult to pick out one better. InMotion Hosting and Hostwinds VPS are both versatile to support customers’ different needs; their performance and customer support are responsive which can really help customers. However, when taking their pricing and features into consideration together, we find that although InMotion Hosting VPS starts at higher prices, but it offers more resources and more advanced services in packages, so we think InMotion Hosting is the better one for customers, especially businesses.

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