InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Review

InMotion Hosting ( is an experienced and affordable web hosting provider developing rapidly. Since its inception in 2001, InMotion Hosting has grown into a leader in the Linux web hosting industry, offering a complete series of web hosting solutions. Recently, the company launched new VPS solution named Self-Managed VPS hosting.

In the post below, we are going to review the InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS from its features, performance, customer support and prices. With this thorough analysis, we hope customers can get a better understanding about if the new product is a trustable option for their sites.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Review on Features

For so long, InMotion Hosting only provides well-designed and feature-rich managed VPS plans, but now customers can get unmanaged VPS here as well. InMotion Hosting has officially launched Self-Managed VPS and there are 3 packages available.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed is properly designed for developers and Linus SysAdmins, which allows them to take whole control of their applications, websites and projects. Each package of Self-Managed VPS here comes with complete control via full root access. With that, customers can customize and configure their servers to what they exactly need.

Besides, InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS includes is free SSD drives which are now standard features included in all InMotion Hosting web hosting plans. Self-Managed VPS is powered by the cloud, so in packages customers can get unlocked CPU cores which will automatically increase.

As for Self-Managed VPS packages, to target different customer types, the company offers 3 levels of plans. In the entry-level package, it offers customers 4GB RAM, 75GB SSD storage, 4TB bandwidth, pre-installed CentOS 7, and YUM package management. When customers need more resources, they can directly chat with InMotion Hosting Customer Service to upgrade their VPS.

What’s more, unlimited domains allowed, at least 3 dedicated IP addresses, and easy-to-use resource monitoring dashboard are included in all packages, to enhance usability and help improve SEO effort.

In general, InMotion Hosting Self-Managed comes to offer users increased control of their servers and redundant server resources to support for the growth of customers’ websites.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Review on Performance

Being an experienced web hosting provider, InMotion Hosting not only has powerful backbones of infrastructure, but also utilizes high-end servers and specs, to guarantee to 99.9% uptime.

As for InMotion Hosting infrastructure, it now owns two data centers which are located in Los Angeles and Virginia respectively, offering great geographical advantages to customers to get closer to their servers.

In data centers, InMotion Hosting invested a lot to create reliable and safe environment. For instance, its west coast data center is connected through One Wilshire and to 4 Tier-1ISP’s via BGP. Fastest routes with a BGP route optimizer are used for customers’ data.

Other more, excellent partners including Level 3, Hurricane Electric, Corporate Colocation, TeliaSonera and nLayer, carrier-class network core from Brocade, redundant power supply and dedicated management network all contribute to the best possible network and hosting performance. SSD drives included free of charge deliver 20 times faster R/W speed and improve server performance.

InMotion Hosting now integrates cloud power into the newly released Self-Managed VPS, so that each comes with high-availability to main high uptime. Free live-state snapshots and free backups ensure their data security. DDoS attack protection can mitigate unplanned downtime as well.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Review on Customer Support

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS comes to offers customers the complete control of their servers, which means InMotion Hosting does not offer server management and any software or tool update. Customers need to fix these issues via full root access and a series of management tools.

If customers really have questions about their VPS configurations or setup, they can contact InMotion Hosting experts to consult via ticket, sales live chat, or question. What’s more, if customers have anything they don’t know, then there is great detailed FAQs and exclusive support center to learn from. So, customers should have no worry about server configurations, website design, or others.

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Review on Pricing

Compared with Managed VPS, InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS is cheaper, and offers customers up to 55% off discount. To make it easy to understand, we will give customers an example in below:

InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS entry-level package starts at $34.99/mo. When customers sign up for its 1 year billing cycle, the basic plan will charge from $19.99/mo only. Considering larges SSD storage, 4 TB premium monthly transfer and unlocked CPU cores, we think InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS is quite affordable and cost-effective. Customers can go through the following exclusive promo link to learn more packages and pricing details.

InmotionHosting Self-Managed VPS
55% Off

More importantly, InMotion Hosting is willing to promise customers a 90 day money back guarantee. According to the policy, customers can request full refund of their web hosting. Therefore, customers should have no pressure to have a try on it.

Do We Recommend InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS?

Based on this InMotion Hosting Self-Managed VPS Review, we understand that this newly launched VPS product is quite high quality, coming with free SSDs, Live-State snapshots, free backups, full root access, and more. These features allow customers to use it easily and get great capacity and control power. Besides, excellent performance is guaranteed with well-equipped data centers and dedicated network management team; responsive support is available, even it is unmanaged solution; high price value is included as well.

So, there is no doubt that we recommend this cost-effective, reliable and sage Self-Managed VPS with great control power to developers and system administrators. To learn more about InMotion Hosting, please visit

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