Monday, September 25, 2017

How to Select a Service Provider for Your Hybrid Cloud Implementation

Companies are moving quickly to cloud and IT teams are being approached to ascertain the precise infrastructure outline to make sure the business and operational needs of the company are met. The task is challenging since there is a variety of options available in the market. Businesses seem to be opting for hybrid computing which is basically a combination of private and public cloud. One gets the low costs of public cloud for app testing while the security of running important applications on-site with a private cloud.

Read on to know more about how you could get the best hybrid cloud providers for your company.

Security and Risk Management

Complying with information security standard ISO 27002 would be an important security measure. This will help in the proper administration of a business data center. Cloud providers should be able to evaluate and manage risk. They should help the business in assessing the effect of data and services movement to a hybrid cloud platform. Some security features which a good hybrid cloud provider should offer you are:

  • Full-proof Firewalls
  • Server Traffic
  • Isolated Network
  • Secure Client Isolation

The hybrid provider should also offer anti-spoof and anti-sniff technology so the cloud servers are secured from any unauthorized flow of traffic. Provision of dedicated private VLAN’s that make connections between virtual machines and dedicated infrastructure should be there in times of mission-critical workloads.

IP Addresses and Network Bandwidth

Best hybrid cloud providers will offer unlimited private bandwidth for no extra cost at all. They would also offer free incoming bandwidth. They should also provide static IP addresses; a business would need support for many dynamic or public IP addresses.

Portability and Interoperability

Before an enterprise selects a good hybrid cloud provider they should check whether or not the provider would be able to help in the smooth movement from one provider to another for certain apps or assets. A hybrid cloud provider should offer portability to any business so it can an easily move back their services from the cloud platform in future if they need to.

Quick Server Scalability

Hybrid cloud models help the businesses in accessing the external hosted server to take on considerable increase in usage in peak times. Best hybrid cloud providers will scale the server space immediately with ease when its services are required most by the business. This gives uninterrupted access to everyone in the company.

Support and Uptime Guarantee

All enterprises investing in a hybrid cloud model should be quite clear with the provider on the uptime and the support that it would provide to its clients. A good provider will offer 24 hours customer support from engineers specialized in taking care of hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud provider should have a ticketing system in place so they can deal with the problems or issues raised in hybrid cloud.

Management and Integration Tools Availability

A good hybrid cloud model will have the ability to easily integrate into the current management systems and the resources that an enterprise is using. The provider should offer effective apps and management tools that are capable of handling processes and controlling the data for the company through remote cloud networks also.

Another important point to keep in mind while you are short listing a good provider of cloud hybrid is to check whether or not they are offering an uptime guarantee. If your cloud is up and running your work is running and so is your business. If there is a problem that arises then your work is hampered and so is your business. Check with other or the reviews online about the uptime that the cloud provider offers before you sign a contract with them.

Compliance and Service Level Agreements

All businesses should consider compliance with data privacy laws and have regular audits for information on servers both private and public. Efficient providers will assist in compliance mandates like PCI-DSS or GAAP. A detailed Service Level Agreement with the service provider ensures full coverage and compliance with maintenance too.

The SLA should also mention that the cloud provider would compensate in case the above points in the SLA are not adhered to. For instance, Amazon which is a leading cloud provider across the globe offers service credit when availability fails for more than a month.


Transparency is a must with any cloud provider; ensure that you make all things clear with them on day one. The cloud vendor should be able to help the business in moving from one provider over to them, while also considering the specific apps and assets. A hybrid cloud provider should also let companies to move services back from the cloud if required by the cloud.


Businesses should also take into consideration the costs of the services that are being offered by the cloud provider. Pay as you go models are usually good. It is important that you get a clear understanding of break-up of the monthly costs, usage charges and other hidden costs. Many providers offer SLA based support extra service and charge for it, this is not quite good for your business. It is best that you get an idea of the charge of all services and features that the cloud provider is offering, get a detailed quotation that will mention charges for every item.

Redundancy for Higher Availability

Any susceptibility in the security levels that are offered by the cloud provider will lead to an outage or loss in data. Providers should implement redundancy at all levels of their infrastructure to avoid such situations. Hybrid cloud providers that provide cloud storage gateways or redundant hardware will make sure of high availability for the cloud network this makes them well matched.

The above points should be taken into consideration while shortlisting a hybrid cloud provider.  Word of mouth, general reviews on the internet along with the points mentioned above will help you in funneling down your choices to some of the best hybrid cloud providers among the hundreds that are available in the market.

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