Hostmonster VPS Review

Since its inception in 1996, HostMonster ( has been offering web hosting services to hundreds and thousands of webmasters. Indeed, its web hosting solutions come with high quality and performance to help both individuals and businesses get successful online presences, meanwhile, with the cheap prices. Customers now can get premium shared hosting, resources-guaranteed VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting at HostMonster.

In below, we will compose an in-depth HostMonster VPS Review, basically from VPS hosting features, pricing, performance, and customer support. By completing this comprehensive analysis on HostMonster VPS hosting, we can make it easier to understand that why so many customers trust it and whether it is suitable for themselves or not.

HostMonster VPS Review on Features

HostMonster designs Linux VPS hosting plans with CentOS 6.5 (64-bit) operating system. Unlike some other web hosts taking hours or even days to provision, HostMonster only needs mere seconds to make their VPS get up and help them to run their site instantly.

Besides, HostMonster makes all VPS hosting plans easy-to-use for each customer. The company offers VPS hosting with the enhanced cPanel environment including richer features. Customers can manage their site, files, emails, and web applications effortlessly. To make customers happier with increased control, HostMonster also provides them with full root access to CentOS. It allows customers quickly configure the server and server images.

What’s more, HostMonster also integrates multiple accounts management into one place in cPanel control panel. So, customers can manage all their VPS accounts with only 1 login. They just need to sign on once and access multiple cPanel hosting services with their account information. For all customers, this feature can make them improve the efficiency in work when using HostMonster VPS services.

Within 4 HostMonster VPS plans, Hostmonster provides guaranteed server resources at different sizes. For example, the entry-level plan, Standard, it comes with 1 IP address, free domain name, 1 TB monthly data transfer, 2 GB RAM, dual cores, and 30 GB storage. These are redundant to support a personal blog or small businesses.

If customers still need more power on host plans, they can easily upgrade to Enhanced, Premium, or Ultimate plan. There are up to 2 IP addresses, the same free domain name, 4 TB monthly transfer, 240 GB disk space, and quad cores. Of course, cPanel control pane, multiple account management, and full root access are also included.

HostMonster VPS Review on Pricing

In addition to great rich features, HostMonster VPS also charges at affordable prices. For the entry-level VPS hosting plan, it regularly starts at $29.99/mo, along with free setup, free domain, dual core, 30 GB storage, 2 GB RAM, and 1 TB monthly bandwidth. Besides, HostMonster also offers extremely flexible payment plans. 1 month, 3 months, 6 months 12 months, 24 months, and 36 months are all available.

For annual and other longer payment plans, HostMonster gives exclusive discounts. If customers choose 36 months, then they will get the highest discount of 50% off. Namely, customers can buy it at $14.99/mo only, instead of regular $29.99/mo.

HostMosnter VPS Promotion
50% Off

With multiple discount plans, HostMonster makes its VPS more affordable for more customers.

HostMonster VPS Review on Reliability

HostMonster ensures its customers one of the best VPS hosting performance, firstly, by utilizing its own data centers. HostMonster data centers are all equipped with multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connection, guaranteeing the reliable network uptime. Plus 24 hour network & security monitoring and scans, as well as courtesy website backups, customers can enjoy the safe and smooth network from HostMonster VPS hosting.

Moreover, within these data centers, UPS power backup and diesel generator backup power are both set up into HostMonster data center, also making sure the best power supply for customers’ servers.

To increase the speed of VPS servers, HostMonster also designs its hosting on powerful cloud technologies. The integrated cloud technologies, like KVM and OpenStack, not only allows customers to easily scale up or down for real needs. Cloud technologies and the only high quality servers used for the VPS hosting also ensure that customers always get the guaranteed resources.

Unprecedented speed not only depends on rock solid hardware, good data centers, and cloud technologies, but also HostMonster hard-working administrators, who are closely maintaining and monitoring the state of customers’ servers, in case there is any accident happening.

HostMonster VPS Review on Supports

In order to keep customers maximum satisfaction, HostMonster provides with most friendly and professional support service for VPS hosting customers. If they have any questions about the VPS hosting, they can make use of the multiple support methods like phone call, live chat and email to get prompt support from HostMonster experts. The in-house expert support is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And all staffs are well-trained for good customer support.

Apart from that, HostMonster also prepares other ways to give additional customer support. If customers go to HostMonster Help Center, then they can find out that there are ticket support history, helpdesk history, knowledgebase, video tutorials, and user forums waiting for new customers. So, HostMonster tries best to guarantee the best possible customer support for each user.

Is HostMonster VPS Recommended?

Generally, HostMonster is a reputable web host, and its Linux VPS hosting comes with rich features, reliable performance with guaranteed resources as well as easy scalability. Customers can not only get exclusive discount to help save budget, but also get professional and responsive assistance when having issues. For personals and businesses who are looking for a good VPS hosting, HostMonster is highly recommended.

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