HostGator vs. Network Solutions on VPS

Founded in 2002, HostGator ( has grown into a leader in web hosting industry. Now, the company has the ability to offer all a wide range of web hosting products and related services, including shared hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting. Besides, it has domains, web designs, SEO and some other services available as well.

Established in 1979, Network Solutions ( now has become a company of Group Inc. Shared hosting, Secure WordPress, VPS hosting, SharePoint hosting, domain names, email services, eCommerce solutions, SSL certificates, marketing services, web design and more are available here.

In this post, we are going to make a comparison between HostGator and Network Solutions, hoping to find more cheap, premium VPS providers for customers. Our comparison will include VPS pricing, features, performance, and customer support. After that, we will offer our recommendation for our readers.

HostGator vs. Network Solutions on VPS Pricing

At first, let’s focus on their VPS pricing. HostGator gives customers a range of billing cycle options, including 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1, 2 and 3 years. VPS is normally from $79.95/mo, and when signing up for 36 months, it is as low as $19.95/mo, so customers can save about 75%. If customers choose the three short cycles, there is no discount. However, to make more people afford it, we offer an exclusive coupon code “hostucan” which offers 40% discount on every cycle.

HostGator Exclusive VPS Deal

Besides, the company offers 45 days of money back guarantee, ensuring customers have enough time to experience HostGator VPS features and services. If they feel unsatisfied, they can stop the services and request a refund within the first 45 days.

As for Network Solutions VPS, it is from $40/mo for the first billing cycle, and we cannot find more discounts for customers. Additionally, the company does not give their customers money back guarantee on VPS hosting.

NetworkSolutions VPS Deal

Comparing their pricing, it is obvious that HostGator gives more discounts to their customers, and no matter how long or short they sign up for, our exclusive coupon code can make them afford.

HostGator vs. Network Solutions on VPS Features

HostGator and Network Solutions are both Linux friendly. Now, HostGator has 5 levels of VPS packages and the later three are the most popular. At Network Solutions, there are two packages: one is for a small website and the other is redundant to support small businesses well.

To be specific, HostGator VPS comes with 4 CPU cores, 3TB bandwidth, 8GB RAM, 240GB disk space, and 2 dedicated IPs at most. Even better, HostGator allows easy scalability with its VPS solutions, so customers can start with small hosting plan and grow their business without resource issues.

At Network Solutions, its VPS include up to 1GB guaranteed RAM, 2,000GB disk space, 50GB disk space, 1 dedicated IPs, 100 managed domains, 1 free domain, and 200 nsMail boxes. Compared with HostGator VPS resources, Network Solutions VPS is less.

Besides, HostGator VPS includes some advanced server features as well. Full root access, semi-managed Apache web server, and multiple scripts supports. Full root access can help customers fully control their hosting environment, such as customizing software and configuration. What’s more, HostGator offers cPanel with WHM option for easier management. All plan come with site development tools free site templates, and powerful script installer.

At Network Solutions, its VPS offers customers easy-to-use control panel and development features. Two packages include Parallels Plesk panel and premium Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, which make customers easily maintain and monitor their server resources. Root access gives customers the ability to install software and applications. Parallels Deluxe Software Pack is available.

Comparing their VPS features, we can clearly figure out HostGator VPS includes much more resources than Network Solutions. Then, considering their pricing, we think HostGator VPS has better price value.

HostGator vs. Network Solutions on VPS Performance

HostGator optimizes its VPS solutions with increased reliability, by making full use of top class server hardware and cutting edge network. In detail, HostGator deploys server environment with high performance supermicro servers, Intel processors and fault-tolerant RAID-5 disk arrays.

As for its network, HostGator has state-of-the-art data center equipped with HVAC units, power generators, multiple Gigabit with a guaranteed 20Mbit internet connection, multiple top-level bandwidth providers including NTT, Level (3), ATT, AboveNet, Global Crossing, and Comcast.

Additionally, HostGator offers weekly backups to help ensure customer’s data safe. There are experienced staff on-site, monitoring and maintaining servers safely and reliably.

At Network Solutions, its VPS is deployed with state-of-the-art Virtuozzo Containers, which combine with premium automation software to make server maintenance and server resource monitoring easy. Plus guaranteed RAM and ample resources, Network Solutions tries best to make its VPS more reliable.

Comparing with HostGator, Network Solutions is a little weak in server hardware and network.

HostGator vs. Network Solutions on Customer Support

HostGator and Network Solutions both provide customers 24/7 responsive support. HostGator has Live Chat, Telephone, and Email available to help with any questions customers may have. Well, Network Solutions has email and phone support. HostGator has better contact support.

HostGator and Network Solutions also offer knowledge base and help center with online user guides. So, customers can solve simple questions by learning from these places.

Which Offers Better VPS?

Comparing the two companies’ VPS solutions, we know that HostGator VPS is much cheaper and feature-rich than Network Solutions VPS. Then, considering their VPS performance and support, we still find that HostGator VPS has better performance with better server hardware and network infrastructure, and HostGator offers more contact methods to support its customers. Therefore, we think HostGator is the better player in VPS solutions without any doubts.

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