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HostGator Cloud Hosting Review

In 2002, HostGator ( was established in Florida. With fast development, HostGato was acquired by Endurance International Group, which was a big step in its history. Up till now, HostGator has become one of the industry-leading cheap web hosts, serving more than hundreds of thousands of customers.

Whatever customers need or want to assist their business online, HostGator can satisfy them. Shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller solutions, VPS, dedicated hosting, and domain services are available at HostGator now.

In below, we are to review the cloud hosting at HostGator. We want to bring an in-depth analysis on it, so we are going to analyze four aspects of this cloud hosting solution, namely including feature, prices, performance, and support service. We believe that it can make readers know clearly that if HostGator is the best hosting solution for them.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review on Features

Hatchling Cloud, Baby Cloud and Business Cloud are the cloud hosting packages from HostGator, who claims that customers can get 2 times faster speed and 4 times resources than other traditional shared hosting solutions. How does HostGator make it?

HostGator makes every effort to ensure the fast speed. The company maintains a low-density server environment, which combine with rock solid hardware as well as multiple caching layers, creating a comfortable hosting environment for each customer to experience the faster load times.

To get faster speed, HostGator manages customers’ website content more efficiently, which can make dynamic content requests be processed at lightning-fast speed. Moreover, HostGator applies turbo to boost its cloud hosting.

Comparing with ordinary web hosting solutions, the second difference between cloud hosting and those web hosting is the amount of resources. HostGator is so kind to provide customers with 4 times more resources than that web hosting includes. Customers can ramp up cloud resources when their online presence grows. It is so easy that customers can make it via 1 click without any reboots, downtime, or data migrations.

In addition to that, HostGator adjusts the bar on cloud server management and allocation, which is also good to resource scalability. Even better, the company allows customers to reset their cloud hosting easily to respond to large traffic spikes without any interruption at HostGator.

Up till now, we have introduced the two major differences between cloud hosting and web hosting. We believe customers can understand that they can receive more resources and enjoy faster speed, but how to manage those resources and view their usage? HostGator knows it!

HostGator creates an intuitive dashboard that is the tool for customers to monitor their site’s performance. It is also the tool for customers to view the page loading speed, usage trends, global reach, uptime and others, so that they can easily know the state of their server and site. With this instant resource management, customers can maintain cloud site without the system admin or advanced coding knowledge.

Besides the intuitive dashboard, customers can also get cPanel control panel that can help them manage sub-domains, build new email accounts, and other more.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review on Prices

The 3 cloud hosting packages all include different coupons making the prices more affordable. There is one thing that customers need to pay attention to that although HostGator provides cheap products, their prices are changed frequently. Now, we are going to introduce the latest pricing of cloud hosting as following:

  • Hatchling Cloud – the entry-level package charges at $5.95/mo after discounting 33.52% from the renewal rate of $8.95/mo;
  • Baby Cloud – the most popular package, charges at $9.95/mo after saving about 16.74% from the renewal rate of $11.95/mo;
  • Business Cloud – the highest package, charges at $12.95/mo after cutting around 27.86% from the renewal rate of $17.95/mo.
HostGator Cloud Hosting Deal
33.52% OFF

Each cloud hosting comes with at least 2 cores of CPU, 1 domain, 2 GB of available memory, local caching, shared SSL certificate, unlimited subdomains, unmetered bandwidth, unmetered disk space, and etc.

In addition to that, HostGator also offers 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee, making customers enjoy its risk-free cloud hosting services.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review on Performance

HostGator offers 99.9% uptime guarantee for its cloud hosting. As we mentioned in feature review, HostGator promotes the efficiency of website content management and uses turbo to boost cloud site. However, faster cloud hosting need more. HostGator also uses top tier data centers with rock solid serve hardware and build premium network platform.

To be specifically, HostGator takes good advantage of Houston ace data centers that are equipped with art server hardware, electrical systems, HVAC, and network systems, to ensure its services remain uninterrupted.

For data center facilities, Houston data centers feature highly redundant systems, including UPS battery back-up units, Detroit generators, diesel fuel tanks, and power distribution units. Its 42’’ raised floor is cooled by redundant air units, chillers, and on-site water.

HostGator data centers are protected by on-site staffs. Besides, HostGator also adds some security facilities to protect them from emergency. There are physical security, smoke detection, hurricane shutters, CCTV monitoring, and other more.

Moreover, as cloud hosting solution, customers’ data is also protected by the mirrored copies. As for hardware failures, HostGator also offers automated failover.

As to network features, HostGator uses the latest technologies to operate a high-powered network, which equips with premium gear from Brocade, Juniper, Arista Network, Cisco, and Arbor Network. In order to ensure the high throughput and low latency, HostGator provides massive bandwidth capacity to equip its diverse facilities. Level3 nLayer, Cogent Communications, Comcast, as well as Hurricane Electric providers give HostGator redundant network carriers.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Review on Support Service

24/7/365 customer support is available at HostGator. Customers can get assistance from its experts via diverse ways, including phone call, live chat, fax, and ticket. Each support staff is professional and experienced in supporting.

Besides, customers can get useful information from HostGator support portal, where include many video tutorials. Blog and forum both include informative content as well.


In a nutshell, we can certainly say that HostGator is a reliable provider. Its cloud hosting can meet many customers’ needs, because it comes with 4 times more resources with easy to use dashboard and cPanel to manage the rich features; HostGator makes great efforts to make cloud hosting faster and more reliable via technologies and data centers. Plus its affordable pricing and standard customer support, we recommend HostGator cloud hosting to businesses.

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