HostGator Cloud Hosting vs. Bluehost Cloud Hosting

Established in 2002, HostGator ( has been involving in the industry, offering rich web hosting solutions. Up till now, HostGator has web hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting available. Besides, customers can get Windows hosting options, website builder, application hosting and WordPress hosting plans here.

Bluehost ( is an industry leading Linux hosting provider, who can now offer customers a wide range of web hosting plans, too. Generally speaking, shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting and dedicated hosting are all founded here.

We know that the two companies are both famous web hosting providers, and cloud hosting is one of their featured products. In order to reveal more excellent cloud hosting options for customers, we plan to compare their cloud hosting plans, from prices, features, performance, and customer support.

HostGator Cloud Hosting vs. Bluehost Cloud Hosting on Prices

HostGator cloud hosting normally starts at $8.95/mo, coming with flexible billing cycels. There are two different coupons, making the pricing structure different. If customers use out exclusive coupon code “hostucan”, then it will come with 25% off discount when choosing 1 month, 3 months and 6 months, as well as 35% off discount when choosing 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. With the highest discount, customers can buy it at $5.82/mo.

HostGator Cloud Hosting Deal

The second one comes by default, which offers customers up to 44.15% off discount, making it as low as $4.95/mo only. However, the promotion is available for 36 months only. Therefore, if customers do not sign up for the longest term, “hostucan” coupon is the best choice to make the deal.

In addition, HostGator has 45 day money back guarantee, which can ensure customers to experience HostGator cloud hosting with minimum cost.

At Bluehost, the company offers special promotion, up to 39% off discount, to customers as well. Normally, Bluehost cloud hosting is from $9.99/mo. When customers choose 36 months, it will be as low as $6.95/mo, discounting 30% around.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting Deal
39% Off

What’s more, Bluehost offers user-friendly money back policy. It says that if customers cancel accounts within the first 30 days, it will offer a full refund on their hosting service.

Comparing their pricing structure and money back policy, we can only say that HostGator is a little cheaper than Bluehost and offers longer money back guarantee.

HostGator Cloud Hosting vs. Bluehost Cloud Hosting on Features

HostGator and Bluehost are similar to prepare three packages for customers. At first, we are to compare their packages and resources.

HostGator entry-level package Hatchling Cloud includes single domain name, unlimited sub domains, 2GB memory, and 2 core CPU, unmetered bandwidth and unmetered storage. In Bluehost Starter plan, there is 1 website, 100GB storage space guaranteed, unmetered bandwidth, 1 free domain, 2GB available memory, 2 available core CPU, 500MB email storage, 100 email accounts, and $50 marketing offers.

Looking at their package features, we think both companies offer the similar amount of server space, and Bluehost offers certain 100GB storage which does not guaranteed at HostGator. Therefore, we think maybe Bluehost cloud hosting resources are more guaranteed. However, both company promise customers that they can amp up their cloud usage simply with one click.

As for other advanced features and management tool, they have many same features. Customers can find integrated caching, resource monitoring, automatic failover, intuitive dashboard and data mirroring in both companies’ cloud hosting plans.

Even better, they both provide cPanel in each package. So, customers can easily create and manage their email accounts, databases, and website files in one integrated place. Plus above features, these included are to make their cloud hosting simpler, faster and safer.

In conclusion, we think their cloud hosting solutions are very similar in package server resources and management tools, but if we have to say which one is better, we may choose Bluehost because it started with open source technology and have rich experience in the kind of web hosting solutions, and also it can be sure to offer certain amount of web space within starter plan, which means it can promise to offer redundant resources and would never oversell.

HostGator Cloud Hosting vs. Bluehost Cloud Hosting on Performance

About cloud hosting performance, we actually can see the general situation from its features, which make their cloud hosting more reliable, safer and faster. 99.9% uptime guarantee is available at both companies.

HostGator are now taking advantage of multiple top-tier data centers. To ensure the uninterrupted services, these data centers are all equipped with state-of-the-art HVAC, electrical systems, server hardware and network systems. Besides, its NOCC is maintained by real experts available 24/7, to perform constant monitoring. Excellent physical security set up for each facility and multiple security measures used in datacenters both ensure stable and secure environment.

Bluehost also utilizes multiple top-class data centers that are all fully equipped with redundant power, network, cooling, and optimal server hardware. Other more, cloud features will optimize customers’ servers to run smoother and faster. Also, global CDN is added to each plan, so that customers can get accelerated server response time.

For performance, they still make the same good job to make sure their customers can run their website in their cloud hosting plans stably and securely, and Bluehost makes more effort in response time and server running speed.

HostGator Cloud Hosting vs. Bluehost Cloud Hosting on Customer Support

Both being reputable brands in the web hosting industry, their customer support is cutting and responsive. If customers need contact experts, live chat, phone, and ticket can be founded at both companies.

Or customers can search for tips or answers in company blog and knowledge base or support center that HostGator and Bluehost both prepared and updated carefully.

Differently, Bluehost cloud is fully managed, so customers can have experts dealing with security patches, maintaining languages, port access, and more, as well as automated seamless transition in minutes.

In customer support, we think Bluehost offers better services, especially full management, which saves a lot of time for customers to handle other things.

Which Offers Better Cloud Hosting?

In the end, after comparing their cloud hosting plans from features, pricing, performance, and customer support, we have final answer. We have understood that HostGator and Bluehost offer similar cloud features and server resources in packages; HostGator is cheaper than Bluehost, although Bluehost is still affordable; in performance, Bluehost cloud hosting is faster with global CDN; in support, Bluehost offers better management service to help new customers.

In a nutshell, we think if we have to get one better, we think Bluehost is the best. To get more about Bluehost cloud hosting, please go to

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