Host4ASP.NET vs. IXWebHosting on Windows VPS

Host4ASP.NET ( is very famous and popular in the Windows hosting realm, offering shared hosting, VPS and reseller hosting. Based on the support of Microsoft’s latest technology, robust hardware and responsive support, its ASP.NET hosting and Windows VPS are the featured products that Windows fans like very much. Cheap pricing table makes Host4ASP.NET cheap Windows hosting provider.

Differently, IXWebHosting ( does not only offer Windows hosting solutions, but also cheap Linux hosting. By far, the company has launched shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting on both Linux and Windows OS. Besides, domains and some add-ons like SSL certificates, SiteLock security, site builder, and so on are available as well.

In order to see which offers better Windows VPS between the two cheap web hosting providers, we will compare their Windows VPS from prices, features, performance, and customer support. Finally, we also will offer a recommendation about which is better and right for customers.

Host4ASP.NET vs. IXWebHosting on Windows VPS Prices

Host4ASP.NET allows customers flexibility billing terms including 1 months, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. Normally, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS starts from $29.95/mo. However, to make its Windows VPS more affordable, Host4SAP.NET offers different discounts according to billing terms, ranging from 3% to 33% off. To get the highest discount, customers should sign up with its 3 years of Windows VPS, and pay $19.95/mo only.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Promotion
33% Off

To lower down risks for customers, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS also comes with a 30 days of money back guarantee. With that, they can experience Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS free of charge within the first 30 days. If they are not completely satisfied with its services, they can cancel accounts and ask for a refund. Within first 3 days, they can even receive a full refund.

In terms of payment, PayPal and credit cards are accepted here.

IXWebHosting Windows VPS comes with two packages, and the two come with up to 20% off discount. For example, IXWebHosting entry-level Windows VPS X4 Windows regularly starts at $89.95/mo, but if they choose annual term, they can receive 20% off discount and spend $69.95/mo. The price is relative expensive.

IXWebHosting Windows VPS Deal
20% Off

About money back policy, IXWebHosting offers the same 30 days of money back guarantee. The company promises to refund them all hosting fees within the first 30 days, if they decide to cancel accounts.

Comparing the two companies’ Windows VPS prices, we can easily find out that Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS is much cheaper than IXWebHosting’s.

Host4ASP.NET vs. IXWebHosting on Windows VPS Features

HostASP.NET and IXWebHosting Windows VPS both support the most popular Windows operating systems. At Host4ASP.NET, its Windows VPS comes with Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 standard edition, while IXWebHosting Windows VPS offers Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems available. We can see that Host4ASP.NET has more advanced Microsoft Windows Server OS support.

As for Windows VPS packages, Host4ASP.NET prepares 4 types of VPS, named Barebone VPS, Developer VPS, Business VPS and Managed VPS. Even better, Host4ASP.NET offers better flexibility along with each type. By default, the 4 types of Windows VPS come with different amount of server space. If customers need more, they can instantly scale up.

Specifically, Host4ASP.NET offers 1GB RAM, 400GB bandwidth, 40GB SSD disk space, 1 CPU core and 1 IPs to get started. For Developer one, it provides 60GB SSD disk space, 600GB bandwidth, 1 GB RAM, 2 CPU cores and 1 IPs. Business VPS comes with more bandwidth and RAM, which are 2,400GB bandwidth and 2GB RAM, so as to handle high traffic website better. Managed VPS includes higher-level support and managed services.

Compared with flexible Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS, IXWebHosting Windows VPS only has two packages. IX 4 Windows and X8 Windows are the two packages and each one includes at least 50GB storage, 1,500GB data transfer, 4x CPU cores, unlimited hosted domains, burstable RAM, and 2 dedicated IPs.

Comparing their package designs, we think Host4ASP.NET has more reasonable packages to suite different customers’ needs. Besides, flexible resource upgrade makes Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS support customers’ website better as they are growing.

About Windows VPS management, Host4ASP.NET provides not only the configured system environment, but also full Administrator rights and WebSitePanel control panel. With these easy-to-use features, customers can easily manage their servers and create confortable hosting environment for their websites. In the near future, the company also supports Plesk to manage VPS servers.

At IXWebHosting, the company gives Plesk 10 pre-installed in VPS and complete root & admin access. So, customers using IXWebHosting can also enjoy full control over their servers.

In general, we think Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS comes with better package design, upgradable resources and easy-to-use control panel; IXWebHosting Windows VPS comes with popular control panel as well, but its packages are not as good as Host4ASP.NET’s.

Host4ASP.NET vs. IXWebHosting on Windows VPS Performance

Host4ASP.NET has world-class data centers, high-performance hardware, and advanced Microsoft technology to support its Windows VPS, so it delivers 99.99% uptime guarantee, while at IXWebHosting, its VPS does not offer uptime guarantee.

Host4ASP.NET Hong Kong and Chicago data centers are both world-class, which are both equipped with redundant UPS to ensure ventilation, air conditioning, heating and servers working well all the time. Beside, once there is power loss, the backup generators will automatically operate within seconds. So, Host4ASP.NET guarantees zero power downtime.

As for network environment, Host4ASP.NET utilizes a multi-layer network to accelerate hosting speed and website response time. Redundant network facilities make sure far fast network. Plus Cisco certified network maintenance team always solves any network problems as quickly as possible. That’s how Host4ASP.NET ensures redundant and faster network.

Host4ASP.NET data centers has SAS 70 Type II authentication to make sure data security, integrity, reliability, as well as regulatory. Host4ASP.NET also provides site backups, snapshots, and restoration to ensure site data security.

As for IXWebHosting, the company has its owns data center which is equipped with redundant facilities of network, power supply, lightning, heating and cooling, and maintained around the clock. Besides, by utilizing high quality hardware, the company manages to deliver the best possible server performance.

Comparing their investments and efforts made for better performance, we think does better jobs.

Host4ASP.NET vs. IXWebHosting on Customer Support

In terms of customer support, Host4ASP.NET and IXWebHosting both have ticket, email, and live chat contact channels offered to customers, and all these channels are open 24 hours day, 7 days a week. Compared with Host4ASP.NET, IXWebHosting also has phone support.

As for other online resources offered to help customers solve issues, Host4ASP.NET provides knowledge base which includes a range of useful how-to’s, articles and FAQs, and blog that contains many tutorials and posts related to blogging, control panel, SEO, and more. Likewise, IXWebHosting builds a help center covering hosting support, status blog, tutorials, FAQs, helpdesk history, and more.

We can see that both companies offers rich help channels to customer customers and IXWebHosting offers one more contact method which Host4ASP.NET should improve in the future.

Which Offers Better Windows VPS?

After comparing their Windows VPS prices, features, performance and customer support, we have learned them very well. Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS comes with cheaper prices and flexibility packages, increasing its price value; its performance has a 99.99% uptime guarantee is better than IXWebHosting’s as well; in the support aspect, IXWebHosting does a little better, but its prices is more expensive and Windows VPS only comes with standard performance. Therefore, we recommend Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS to most customers.

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