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Host4ASP.NET VPS Review

Founded and managed by a strong team of Windows hosting experts, Host4ASP.NET ( is the company specializing in ASP.NET based hosting services and supports. Now, it is known as a Microsoft certified and one of the best ASP.NET hosting providers throughout the industry.

Since the foundation of Host4ASP.NET, it has been maintaining its services and solutions with the newest Microsoft technologies and components, such as latest Windows operating system, .NET framework, SQL server, MVC and etc. Currently, there are thousands of happy customers trust Host4ASP.NET Windows hosting, SSD hosting, Windows VPS and reseller hosting products.

In order to figure out the quality of Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting, we not only collect feedback from its existing customers, but also test and review its VPS hosting from feature, uptime & performance, support and price factors personally. In below Host4ASP.NET VPS Review, we are going to display people comprehensive knowledge.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Review on VPS Features

Host4ASP.NET does not offer any Linux-based solutions. Its VPS hosting service is based on Windows platform, and customers are allowed to choose an operating system between Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition and Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition.

In fact, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS hosting is very flexible. Based on the contained server resources & features and customers’ common demands, Host4ASP.NET sets Barebone VPS, Developer VPS, Business VPS and Managed VPS 4 default packages. It is quite simple for customers to make their choice.

It is more than that, Host4ASP.NET VPS allows customers to configure the server space, RAM, CPU core, bandwidth and IP resources to address some of their specific requirements. Once customers’ needs change, they can choose to upgrade or downgrade their OS, and have no need to pay for this process.

Very basically, customers will receive 40GB disk space, 400GB monthly data transfer, 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM and 1 IP address. Moreover, Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting provides them with MSSQL 2008, MSSQL 2012, MySQL 5, mail server, web mail, FTP, web ready & web deploy.

hyper_vHost4ASP.NET VPS hosting service relies on Hyper-V powered virtual servers. With full operating system customization technology, monitor resource and import & export virtual machine support, its customers enable to take control from the kernel up.

In terms of server and website management, Host4ASP.NET VPS offers customers improved WebSitePanel control panel to deliver them a smooth and convenient management process. By making full use of functions like ISO image mount, snapshot taking & restoration, system re-installation and etc., customers could start, reset, shutdown and restore their servers easily.

Generally, Host4ASP.NET Hyper-V Windows VPS hosting includes great rich features, and it is completely upgradable. With it, customers will receive full administrator rights and tools to control everything. Or they can choose managed VPS package to let Host4ASP.NET take care of all technical aspects.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Review on Uptime and Server Performance

For any use, hosting performance is always one of the most important factor and consideration. Host4ASP.NET keeps this in mind, and this is also the main reason why the company utilizes world-class datacenter, facilities and technologies to ensure customers the fastest and most secure Windows VPS hosting experience.

Here, we will introduce Host4ASP.NET equipment and technologies in details.

Host4ASP.NET top-leading datacenter is located in Chicago, US. This well-designed datacenter feature with comprehensive Room Air Conditioning Systems cooling system and power supplies, including Automatic Transfer Switches, Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), dual routers, various hard drives, backup generators, gel battery power banks and more.

All servers that Host4ASP.NET used are 100% Dell server. They will not only be stored in the top datacenter, but also contains:

  • high performance SSD hard drive and fault tolerant RAID disk arrays
  • BGP technology and Cisco hardware firewall

In addition, Host4ASP.NET implements sophisticated network monitoring, automated backup and Safety Locks. Along with the maintenance of its experienced and skillful engineers, the servers and websites would run properly and rapidly within a high-secured and stable environment.

HostASP.NET VPS hosting service offers industry-leading 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Review on Support and Backup

Generally speaking, Windows hosting is more complicated than Linux hosting. So, customers might confront with any kind of problems and issues when they deal with Windows hosting service. Especially for VPS hosting customers, they are more likely to have questions about it. In this instance, reliable support service & backup is the only way to help them achieve success.

Like we mentioned, Host4ASP.NET is Windows hosting expert, and all of the support technicians know Windows and VPS hosting knowledge deeply. Whenever customers experience any concern about sale, billing, Windows, virtual private server or other technical issues, Host4ASP.NET support employees are 24×7 available for resolving.

There are multiple effective ways that customers can use them to contact Host4ASP.NET assistance directly and conveniently. The support methods include Live Chat as well as Email. No matter which way customers choose, Host4ASP.NET support will make response as fast as they can.

Sometimes, customers can utilize Host4ASP.NET knowledgebase to get the most frequently asked questions answered quickly. By checking the knowledgebase, customers can find a pile of helpful and valuable tutorials, guidance and articles.

In terms of backup solutions, Host4ASP.NET offers completely managed software, automated full system backups and 24×7 servers patching & monitoring.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Review on VPS Hosting Prices

Host4ASP.NET ensures customers the most flexible billing terms. Compared to many other Windows hosting providers that offer monthly and yearly payment terms, Host4ASP.NET allows customers to choose from 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, 2-year and 3-year.

At the same time, Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting service charges at one of the most affordable prices in the market, and that can help customers save a big budget. Normally, Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting price starts from $29.95/mo.

Now, Host4ASP.NET promotes its high quality VPS hosting service. No matter which billing term customers go with, Host4ASP.NET will provide them with relevant discount, up to 33% off, to make the Windows VPS hosting cheaper. After discounting, Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting price starts from $19.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Promotion
Up to 33% Off

Even better, Host4ASP.NET is one of the few web companies who offer money back guarantee to the Windows VPS hosting customers. If they are not satisfied with the VPS hosting service and cancel their accounts within the first 30 days, Host4ASP.NET will give them a refund.

Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting supports both PayPal and Visa, MasterCard & Discover Credit Card payments methods.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting is Recommended

Let’s make a summary about Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting service. Firstly, Host4ASP.NET is the company who provides 100% .NET focused products only. Its VPS hosting solution contains great rich resources, features and tools, and can help customers build and manage very powerful websites. Secondly, Host4ASP.NET uses the latest Microsoft technologies and robust hardware to deliver customers one of the most reliable and fastest server performances.

The support service of Host4ASP.NET is responsive and effective. Customers can contact the support technicians and get answers at any time. Through the special promotion, Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting price is cut down to $19.95 per month, with friendly 30 Days Money Back Guarantee covered.

Taking all Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting advantages and benefits into consideration, Host4ASP.NET VPS can be regarded as one of the best Windows VPS hosting solutions that strongly recommend to individuals, developers and businesses.

Please visit: to know more information about Host4ASP.NET VPS hosting service.


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