GreenGeeks vs. InMotion Hosting on VPS

GreenGeeks (, founded in 2008, is a fast-growing company and has rich experience of offering the high quality and affordable web hosting to customers. By utilizing the best server hardware, latest software programs and dependable network providers, GreenGeeks has served 35,000 customers and hosted 300,000 website. Customers can find shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS here.

InMotion Hosting (, regarded as one of the best Linux VPS hosting providers, has involved in the web hosting for more than 16 years. Specializing in Linux-based web hosting solutions, InMotion Hosting now can offer customers shared business hosting, SSD VPS with cloud power, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. Domain names, web design services and web hosting tools are available here as well.

Being two prominent Linux web hosting providers, we are to take their VPS to make a comprehensive comparison for Linux web hosting customers. This comparison will include VPS pricing, features, performance and customer support.

GreenGeeks vs. InMotion Hosting on VPS Pricing

At GreenGeeks, the company offers 5 Linux VPS plans and gives customers monthly billing term only to reduce the financial burden. Its entry-level package charges $39.95/mo, along with SSDs, 2 free dedicated IP addresses, and more.

GreenGeeks VPS Deal

What’s more, GreenGeeks is user-friendly to offer 30 Days of Money Back Guarantee that many rivals don’t offer. Customers can request a full refund within the first 30 days if they decide to cancel their account.

InMotion Hosting VPS has 3 plans, all coming with massive discounts. For the entry-level one, regularly, it is from $54.99/mo, but if customers check it through our exclusive promo link in below, they can get up to 63% discount, making it start at $19.95/mo only. Customers can also receive free SSD, 3 dedicated IPs, and rich server space.

InmotionHosting VPS Deal
63% Off

Even better, to make customers happier at InMotion Hosting, it offers them a full 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, ensuring customers to get a full refund here within the first 90 days.

Comparing VPS pricing, it is evident that InMotion Hosting offers cheaper Linux VPS plans with longer money back guarantee.

GreenGeeks vs. InMotion Hosting on VPS Features

GreenGeeks VPS and InMotion Hosting VPS are both built on Linux platform, but come with different package designs.

For packages resources, GreenGeeks offers at least 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD RAID-10 storage, 4 CPU cores, 1,000GB premium bandwidth, and blacklisted free IPs, while InMotion Hosting offers minimal resources including 4GB RAM, 4TB monthly premium bandwidth, 75GB SSD fault tolerant space, unlocked CPU cores, and 3 dedicated IPs. Obviously, InMotion Hosting VPS comes with much more resources to get customers started.

As for usability, GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting VPS both come with free cPanel/WMH license ($200/yr value), so that customers can manage their email, databases, hosting accounts, and more easily. Both companies offer free backups as well.

Besides, GreenGeeks offers free quick provision, making it ready to use within minutes. Free eNom domain reseller account is included in GreenGeeks VPS. GreenGeeks migration team also offers free secure and accurate data migration.

InMotion Hosting VPS includes root access, which empowers customers to make alterations to their server stack, LAMP Stack, which includes CentOS 7.3, MySQL 5, Apache, PHP 5.x, and PHP 7 available by request. Via root access, they can make edits to the configuration by default. If they want to make it easier, there are 2 free hours Launch Assist to help them. Additionally, customers can use Resource Monitoring Dashboard to monitor and track their resource usage.

InMotion Hosting also includes Live-State snapshots giving you a full copy of container, secure IMAP email with high performance, and e-commerce optimization to offer faster speed as well as reliability when deploying those e-commerce platforms, like Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop for WordPress. All these platforms can be installed with 1 click only.

Comparing the server space, usability and other advanced features, we believe people can all make sense that InMotion Hosting is the better one

GreenGeeks vs. InMotion Hosting on VPS Performance

At GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting, customers can receive a 99.9% uptime guarantee. GreenGeeks utilizes one premium data center with SAS 70 Type I certification in Chicago. Within the data center, redundant power supply, air conditioning system, and more are available to keep a stable environment. Especially, customers’ VPS containers are all connected to the Internet at 1Gb/s on a premium multi-gigabit network.

At present, GreenGeeks uses local RAID-10 SSD storage arrays, which can make the fastest as well as most reliable storage architecture for customers’ websites. Besides, their VPS containers all include CSF Firewall, Mode Security, LFD, PHP, as well as MySQL optimizations enhance the container’s security.

At InMotion Hosting, the company now not only makes full use of SSD storage, but also takes advantage of cloud technology, so that customers can get 20 times faster speed and much better server reliability with unlocked cores. The company always keeps redundant hardware clusters, which offers high availability with zero virtual downtime.

InMotion Hosting has more than one data centers, plus advanced routing technologies and first-class bandwidth providers, to make sure that customers’ network is always faster than its rivals. The combination of these advantages makes the Max Speed Zone, where customers can get 6x faster speed. Flexible cloud features, new AutoSSL, free backups, and experienced management team all ensure the best security to customers.

Comparing the efforts the two companies make, we think InMotion Hosting makes better jobs in server speed and reliability.

GreenGeeks vs. InMotion Hosting on Customer Support

Email, phone, and live chat can be found at both companies, while InMotion Hosting also has Skype and ticket support. Free backups and migration support are available at both as well.

Moreover, GreenGeeks offers Knowledge base and Website Tutorials to customers, and InMotion Hosting has a comprehensive support center where customers can find FAQs, product guides, domain names, website tutorials, email tutorials, and educational channels.

We can figure out GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting are both working hard to deliver the best possible support services.

Which offers Better VPS?

As we compared above, we know that GreenGeeks and InMotion Hosting are both reliable Linux VPS providers. Their VPS solutions comes with affordable pricing, redundant features, and standard support. However, InMotion Hosting is evidently better, which offers cheaper pricing, much more server space, and useful tools. Considering their VPS price value, we sincerely recommend InMotion Hosting VPS to customers.

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