Saturday, October 21, 2017

GreenGeeks VPS Review

GreenGeeks (, a fast growing web hosting company, is well-known for offering fast, reliable and affordable green hosting solutions in the industry. The company offers website builder, Linux based shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated server, all of them including rich features to help customers to create a powerful site easily.

In below GreenGeeks VPS review, we’ll reveal why GreenGeeks is one of best VPS in the industry, in terms of its VPS hosting features, pricing, performance and customer support.

Feature –Rich GreenGeeks VPS Hosting

GreenGeeks designs Linux VPS hosting which is fast, reliable as well as seamlessly scalable. There are 5 plans for GreenGeeks VPS service, each of which comes with Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel so that its customers can manage their VPS accounts, email addresses, MySQL databases, and much more with some simple clicks.

More than that, GreenGeeks makes its VPS fully managed, which means customers’ GreenGeeks VPS server and applications via cPanel are all supported by the company. Each GreenGeeks VPS also comes with management portal, making the private server s piece of cake.

Meanwhile, GreenGeeks is generous to offer customers the full root access, so that they can easily access their virtual servers to make changes allowed. Besides, the easy upgrades or scalability of the virtual server can be performed via full root access.

Additionally, GreenGeeks can get customers’ online presence up instantly. It is because that GreenGeeks VPS can be ready to use in under 60 seconds, after customers verify the order. As for the other detailed features of GreenGeeks VPS plans, we lost some major ones in below:

  • 25GB SSD RAID-10 Storage
  • 1,000GB Bandwidth
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4 CPU cores at 2.0 Ghz +
  • 2 free dedicated IPs
  • Complete system management — SSH Access & Cron jobs
  • Unlimited Sub-domains as well as e-mail addresses

Other more, there is a FREE eNom domain Reseller account (worth $995) included, which allows customers to register, transfer, and manage domain names for their customers, as well as to sell other add-ons like SSL certificates and WHOIS ID Protect to their customers.

High Price Value GreenGeeks VPS

If customers decide to sign up for GreenGeeks SSD VPS, they have 5 different options (1GB Plan, 2GB Plan, 3GB Plan, 4GB Plan, and 8GB Plan), which contain different memory, bandwidth, and storage. And the prices of the 5 plans range from $39.95/mo, $59.95/mo, $79.95/mo, $99.95/mo, to $159.95/mo respectively. Each VPS plan comes with the amount of free perks, like free cPanel/WHM license, free website transfer, and etc.

The entry-level VPS from GreenGeeks includes 1GB memory, 4 CPU cores, free cPanel/WHM, 25GB RAID-10 storage with SSD cached, and 2 free dedicated IPs, the price is only $39.95/mo which is much more lower than its competitors who offer the same VPS configurations.

GreenGeeks VPS Deal

Besides, GreenGeeks VPS allows monthly billing term, and the short billing term will reduce the hosting budget costs for customers. GreenGeeks also offers the risk free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that allows customers to request a full refund of the hosting fees they paid for their plan within the initial 30 days.

GreenGeeks VPS is Fast and Reliable

By utilizing premium data centers and premium technology, GreenGeeks has made its VPS fast and reliable more than ever before. Now, let’s talk about the details in below.

To keep high uptime, on one hand, GreenGeeks makes full use of a SAS 70 Type 1 certified data center that is located in Chicago. This data center has BGP routing and is equipped with multi-gigabit connectivity for ultra-fast network connection. As for customers’ VPS container, it is connected to the Internet at 1Gb/s on that premium Multi-Gigabit network. That’s how it makes the network fast and smooth.

On the other side, GreenGeeks VPSs run on dual Quad-core Nehalam CPU from Intel, with minimum 24 GB RAM and RAID-10 protected hard disk. The company even uses the fastest as well as the most reliable disk storage architecture for customers’ websites.

In addition to that, GreenGeeks also makes improvement in security. Customers’ VPS container comes with CSF Firewall, Mod Security, LFD, many other Apache configurations as well as PHP/MySQL optimizations, which all are built in along with the VPS container. It means customers can enjoy the enhanced security now.

GreenGeeks web hosting all use 300% renewable energy, wind energy, which are the most clean and green energy now. Therefore, all GreenGeeks infrastructures are secure, powerful, and Green to ensure the best user experience.

GreenGeeks VPS Has Good Customer Support

GreenGeeks offers managed VPS, which means all server problems and non-server issues, excluding the issues about these installations of non-cPanel, can be supported by it round the clock. Customers can contact GreenGeeks support team from various ways, like phone call, live chat, and emails.

Or customers can go to GreenGeeks knowledge base and video tutorials to get help and learn more technical skills to promote themselves. GreenGeeks fully trained staffs will update these places once there are new hot topics or frequently discussed questions.

GreenGeeks VPS is Strongly Recommended

Based on this GreenGeeks VPS Review, we can really make sure that it is a good VPS option for customers who are running business websites and for those who are requiring more server power and better security. GreenGeeks VPS solutions come with richer features, faster speed, and better reliability than those traditional VPS servers, plus it comes with green power, short billing term and responsive customer support, we really recommend GreenGeeks managed SSD VPS for business owners and enterprises.

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