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GoDaddy vs. Host4ASP.NET on VPS

GoDaddy ( is a large web hosting service provider, being famous for the largest domain registrar in the area. Besides domain name registration, GoDaddy also can provide various web hosting solutions, such as business hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS, Cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. Managing more than 71 domains in the world, GoDaddy is always going fast.

Host4ASP.NET ( is not as versatile as GoDaddy. It does not offer customers domain registration, but it is proficient in Windows solutions. ASP.NET hosting, Window VPS, Windows reseller hosting and SSL certificates are available here. In a word, it is a Windows web hosting solution expert.

In order to figure out which offers better VPS hosting, we are to compare their VPS hosting from pricing, features, performance, and customer support. In the end, we are to give our recommendation based on this comprehensive comparison.

GoDaddy vs. Host4ASP.NET on VPS Pricing

GoDaddy provides not only Linux VPS hosting, but also Windows VPS hosting. At present, Both Windows and Linux VPS hosting here are promoting. Both Windows and Linux VPS discounts are different along with different term lengths, and 24 months term will come with the largest discounts.

For Linux VPS plans, there is up to 77% discount. For example, regularly GoDaddy offers the entry-level Linux VPS plan, Economy, is at $29.99/mo, but after saving 43% off when selecting 24 months, customers can get it at $16.99/mo only. For Windows VPS, there is up to 72% discount. The Economy one normally starts at $39.99/mo, but now is at $26.99/mo with a 32% discount when signing up for 24 months. Go and check out the following link to get more information.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Deal
77% Off

Host4ASP.NET VPS is cheap when comparing with other Windows VPS providers. The company allows 1 month to 3 years terms. Going with the 3 years term, customers can obtain the biggest discount, namely 33% off. It enables the Windows VPS start at $19.95/mo, instead of regularly $29.95/mo.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Hosting Deal
33% Off

What’s more, Host4ASP.NET comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which allows customers to request a refund during the first 30 days from the date of signup.

As to pricing, we think both providers give customers their best pricing and discount to enable them afford it. So, both VPS providers are cheap.

GoDaddy vs. Host4ASP.NET on VPS Feature

GoDaddy can provide both Linux and Windows VPS plans, but Host4ASP.NET is Windows-friendly only. To compare their VPS features, we are to focus on their Windows VPS firstly. Then, we will give a brief introduction about GoDaddy Linux VPS to show a complete picture of GoDaddy VPS solutions.

In term of Windows operating systems, GoDaddy and Host4ASP.NET both include Windows 2008 R2 and 2012 R2 standard editions in their own Windows VPS hosting plans. As to package resources, GoDaddy has 4 Windows VPS plans, and each one comes with minimum 2GB memory, 40GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth. 3 dedicated IPs and one year free SSL certificate are included in all Windows plans. The company guarantees provision-free upgrades anytime.

Host4ASP.NET VPS has 4 plans, too, but each one is fully customizable, starting with at least 40GB SSD storage, 1GB memory, 400GB bandwidth, 1 IP, and 1 core. Also, if customers fell these resources cannot meets their demands, they can add additional server space by a click.

GoDaddy VPS hosting has management level options. Within self-managed plans, there is root access to help customers manage their site and relevant things. For managed and fully managed plans, there is proactive monitoring, patching service, cPanel or Plesk control panel, app installs and updates, backups, and more.

Different from GoDaddy, Host4ASP.NET VPS is managed by the company’s experts, but also comes with the easy to use tools helping customers in server management. Customers can get full administrative rights to manage their server; WebSitePanel is included to enhance customers’ control power over their servers and sites. Moreover, the company will help in backups, OS customization, server monitoring, systems re-installation, and more.

Although both offer different management solution, GoDaddy provides customers with the flexibility in control, and Host4ASP.NET offers the great power and convenience both to customers as well. Their Windows VPS plans both come with the necessary features and resources to support simple business site to start easily.

Additionally, GoDaddy also has Linux VPS, coming with the same management level options. Within the starting plan, there is 1GB memory, 40GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL certificate first year, and 3 dedicated IPs.

There is one thing that Host4ASP.NET VPS really better than GoDaddy. It is the 100% SSD storage, which makes Host4ASP.NET have higher price value.

GoDaddy vs. Host4ASSP.NET on VPS Performance

GoDaddy has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, while Host4ASP.NET offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

GoDaddy VPS servers are all amped up and ready to go with the premium Intel E5-2620V3 processor, which comes with 15M processor cache and 2x600GB HDD. Each multi-tenant VM offers file & DB backups, 5000 SMTP relays, Windows or Linux with Plesk or cPanel, and 1 SSL certificate.

GoDaddy also provides its VPS solutions with enhanced security and speed. Premium CDN as well as web application firewall is available. Coupling the two great features, GoDaddy is able to deliver secure and fast website experience for customers.

At Host4ASP.NET, the company utilizes state-of-the-art data centers and equips with the best possible server hardware, redundant cooling, power, and security facilities, as well as premium network with great connection like BGP technology.

Specifically, Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS servers are all built with the Dell servers, equipped with Cisco-certificated firewall, high-performance SSD hard disks and fault-tolerant RAID disk arrays, plus 24/7 monitoring & patching, automated system backups, and fully managed software, Host4ASP.NET tries best to keep its Windows VPS running fast and reliably.

Comparing performance, both companies do their best to speed up their servers and enhance the security. However, Host4ASP.NET does more to make better performance in speed.

GoDaddy vs. Host4ASP.NET on Customer Support

GoDaddy offers easy experts support via offline chat, and telephone. Besides, knowledge base and community forms include rich resources to help customers handle simple issues.

Host4ASP.NET offers customers live chat and email support methods. Its knowledge base includes FAQs, tutorials, and featured articles.

Comparing their customer support, they both have rich online resources to help customers solve problems, but they also both have limitations in support – GoDaddy do not have live chat, and Host4ASP.NET has no phone support. However, the two still make their customers feel happy.

Which one Offers Better VPS?

From this comparison, we learn that GoDaddy and Host4ASP.NET both has cost effective Windows VPS plans, but Host4ASP.NET offers better features, like SSDs, and cheaper pricing. Besides, Host4ASP.NET also has better performance in speed and reliability. Although they both need to make more efforts in customer support, we still think if customers need Windows VPS, then Host4ASP.NET is a cheap alternative, but if customers need Linux VPS, GoDaddy is a good option as well.

To learn more about Host4ASP.NET or GoDaddy, please visit or

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