GoDaddy VPS Review

GoDaddy ( is the world largest domain name registrar and SSL certification provider. It offers a wide range of services to help people make a name on the web, which include shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, web design services, SSL certificates, domain name registration, email services, and more. In below, GoDaddy VPS Review will review its VPS from pricing, features, customers support and performance.

GoDaddy VPS Review on Pricing

Godaddy now is offering 30% off to all its new customers who sign up its VPS solutions. The list price of Godaddy VPS is from 29.99/mo, and now by following below promotion link, people could get it low to $21/mo. Considering its free cPanel, free SSL certification, Godaddy VPS is one of the best budget VPS you can find in the industry.

GoDaddy VPS Deal
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GoDaddy VPS Review on Features

GoDaddy VPS hosting have both Linux operating systems and Windows operating systems. Each type of OS platform has 5 levels of VPS packages; each package includes 3 levels of management. We have listed out the key features of self-managed Linux VPS in below, so you can check out them for better understanding:

  • Choices of operating systems: Ubuntu, CentOS 6, CentOS 7, and Fedora
  • 1 GB to 8 GB of RAM
  • 40 GB to 240 GB of storage space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 dedicated IP address
  • 5,000 SMTP email relays

Each GoDaddy VPS sever order is provisioned quickly in minutes. When customers need more, GoDaddy allows provision-free upgrades. There are root access and cPanel control panel available. Customers can be in charge with full root access to install server level proxy, PHP, module, and other more. They can also feel at home with the latest cPanel in managed and full managed plans. GoDaddy also offer Windows based VPS, considering its low price, it’s a popular Cheap Forex VPS hosting choice by many Forex investors.

Besides, GoDaddy also offers other advanced feature for security and management, like SSL certificate. GoDaddy also comes with different management with each VPS package. Different management includes different support terms for each customer. It makes people feel that GoDaddy VPS includes quite reliable VPS server. The detailed management terms will be discussed in customer support review in below.

GoDaddy VPS Review on Performance

We know that in the past time, GoDaddy did not ensure the stability of uptime for each customer. However, with time going, GoDaddy has invested more to improve hosting performance in terms of speed and reliability, keeping the standard 99.9% uptime guarantee.

First of all, GoDaddy insists using industry-leading processors (each including 6 cores, 128 GB ECC DDR3 memory, 15MB processor cache, and 300 GB hard disk space) from Intel. Each processor core runs at the speed of 2.8Ghz at most. Powerful hardware is the foundation of reliable performance.

Besides, to enhance the speed and security, GoDaddy offers premium CDN and web application firewall. Coupling web application firewall with premium CDN, GoDaddy guarantees to offer the fast and secure possible website experience for all customers, so that they can deliver the best performance for their visitors as well. Additional site backup and restore are available for better data security and online experience, too.

GoDaddy VPS Review on Customer Support

Just like we talked before, GoDaddy now offers different management with each VPS plan. There are self-managed servers, managed servers, and fully-managed servers. Each type includes different support.

For self-managed servers, customers will receive command-line access only, which is better for developers or those customers who have enough time and want to learn how to manage their own servers. For managed-servers, GoDaddy offers cPanel or Plesk control panel, backups, monitoring, patching and security. Both types’ servers are affordable and even cheap for customers.

If customers are running busy business on their sites, then they can choose fully-managed servers which include the dedicated expert team support, and all the services included in managed server plans.

In addition to that, when customers need to contact experts for tough questions, they can use support phone call and offline chat. GoDaddy Help center includes extensive featured articles ranging from domains to website issues. GoDaddy community forunms are also good to them for learning and finding help from others.

Is GoDaddy VPS Recommended?

Considering pretty price value, improved reliability and affordable support options, we think GoDaddy VPS now is recommendable for personal websites. However, for small businesses or mission-critical websites, they need the VPS plans with better stability and security.  Actually, Bluehost is the better choice.

Bluehost offers one of the best VPS in the industry, its hosting solution includes 2 CPU cores, 2 GB memory, 30 GB disk space, 1 TB monthly transfer, cPanel, and 1 dedicated IP. The price is only $29.99/mo. If you consider its first month 50% off, Bluehost VPS hosting could be low to $14.99/mo to start, which is even lower than GoDaddy. By the way, InMotion Hosting VPS and LiquidWeb VPS are both Top VPS to be the alternatives for advanced users.

To know about Bluehost VPS, please visit now or check out Bluehost VPS Review.

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