DreamHost VPS vs. LiquidWeb VPS

Here is a comparison between DreamHost VPS vs LiquidWeb VPS in terms of pricing, features, server performance, and customer support. The purpose of this article is to help our readers make an informed judgment in the selection of the most suitable VPS service.

DreamHost (www.dreamhost.com) is famous for a range of reliable hosting solutions, including shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. It now has hosted over 1.5 million websites for more than 400,000 customers around the world.

LiquidWeb (www.liquidweb.com), based in Lansing, is one of the most powerful hosting providers. It is specialized in providing various high-quality hosting solutions for different sizes of businesses and enterprises. Since its foundation in 1997, the web host has been awarded as one of INC.5000 Fastest Growing Companies for many times.

DreamHost VPS vs. LiquidWeb VPS on Prices

The regular price of DreamHost managed VPS with SSDs has 4 packages, which charge from $15/mo to $120/mo. Clicking this special coupon link in below, the basic plan of DreamHost VPS only costs $7.5/mo for the first 3 months, after a discount of 50% off!

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While at LiquidWeb, both its Linux VPS and Windows VPS are fully managed with SSDs. The regular prices of this product are billed from $60/mo. If considered its rich resources, Heroic customers support, record-proven high uptime, and superior performance, the price is still reasonable.

LiquidWeb VPS Promo
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DreamHost VPS vs. LiquidWeb VPS on Server Features

Since both DreamHost VPS and LiquidWeb VPS are fully managed with SSDs and contain numerous features, they make it possible for their customers to build complex and multi-functional websites.

All the VPS packages at DreamHost are based on Linux and come with 1 to 8GB RAM, 30 to 240 GB SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, 1 dedicated IP address, unlimited FTP users, unlimited MySQL databases, SSH, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Besides, DreamHost provides its VPS clients with web-based control panel, 1-click application installer, Crontab access, Node.js support and etc.

Different from DreamHost, LiquidWeb offers both Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting with multiple VPS packages to meet different needs. With LiquidWeb VPS hosting, people can get minimum 1GB memory, and at least 50GB SSD disk space. In addition, the web host provides cPanel for Linux VPS and Plesk for Windows VPS.

What makes LiquidWeb VPS more powerful is the Storm platform it offers. With this platform, people can enjoy the full array of cloud features, including 5TB outgoing bandwidth, free incoming bandwidth, API access, instant provisioning, easily upgrade or downgrade, easy cloning and resizing, creating and deploying server images, real-time monitoring, and free storm firewall.

DreamHost VPS vs. LiquidWeb VPS on Sever Performance

Speaking of the server performance, data centers, network, hardware and technicians should be critical roles in the influence of a service’s reliability and speed.

To focus on its internal resources on developing products as well as improve the reliability and speed of its VPS hosting, DreamHost has launched a series of measures. Firstly, DreamHost announced to deploy Necira’s network virtualization platform to extend and enhance its service. And it has built a team of technicians to monitor its network.

Then early in this year, the host decided to change its data center strategy: to replace operating on the data centers on its own with collocation services. Due to this strategy, DreamHost has managed to work with some world-class data center providers and extend its capacity as well as geography.

LiquidWeb owns and runs three state-of-the-art private data centers located in Lansing. These data centers are designed with redundant network, highly secure facilities and geographic redundancy, and are manned by highly skilled Heroic Support engineers around the clock. It also utilizes a fourth presence in Arizona. In addition to that, LiquidWeb also works with premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers to offer superior performance and the highest connectivity.

Due to these efforts, both these companies have managed to get high uptime. In detail, DreamHost offers 100% network uptime guarantee to its VPS customers. Likewise, LiquidWeb also offers a SLA’s 100% uptime guarantee to all of its VSP clients. But it not just guarantees 100% network uptime but also 100% power uptime.

Far more than that, within LiquidWeb SLA’s uptime guarantee, there is a 1000% compensation promise. That means, once the connectivity fails, LiquidWeb needs to credit its customers at 10x the amount of downtime they’ve experienced. And the host also gives a 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee.

DreamHost VPS vs. LiquidWeb VPS on Customer Support

As to customer support, LiquidWeb has established an industry-leading Heroic Support team consisting of 400+ knowledgeable staffs. With this outstanding team, LiquidWeb promises to offer its VPS customers best fast support. Once there is any problem, people can get contact with its 24/7 support team via live chat and telephone within 59 seconds in average. Or people can use ticket support that the initial ticket is responded within 30 minutes too.

For DreamHost VPS customers, they are offered email and live chat supports to get assistance via their control panel. There is also call back service at DreamHost, but it is not for free.


Considering that DreamHost VPS hosting comes with many good features and relevant high performance, we would like to recommend it to developers, designers and businesses who are demanding for a more wallet-friendly VPS hosting solution.

On the other side, LiquidWeb provides both Linux and Windows based VPS services with rich features, has a Heroic Support team to offer outstanding customer service, and owns and operates three state-of-the-art data centers to maintain a very high reliability and speed. Combined these with its little higher prices, we think LiquidWeb would be a great choice for customers and businesses in demanding for a VPS service to build mission-critical websites.

To know more about DreamHost VPS and LiquidWeb VPS, please respectively visit www.dreamhost.com and www.liquidweb.com.

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