DigitalOcean Review

DigitalOcean Review below is based on our own real experience with DigitalOcean ( and abundant customers’ feedbacks, in which we will analyze DigitalOcean hosting from features, pricing, speed & uptime, as usability, as well as customer support. We sincerely hope our readers can get a better understanding on DigitalOcean and its hosting service via this comprehensive review.

DigitalOcean Overall Rating

Before we dive into the main body of this analysis, we are to give a short introduction about DigitalOcean. Generally, DigitalOcean is a fast growing web hosting provider, who mainly focuses on providing excellent cheap cloud hosting plans. At DigitalOcean, there is a great deal of hosting solutions available for customers freely choosing. At the same time, the company always strives to meet the needs of customers at the extreme.

DigitalOcean Review on Features

Ranging from basic hosting solution to more advanced plans, DigitalOcean packages an army of features to guarantee that customers can experience a pleasant cloud hosting environment. In below, the entry plan will be mainly introduced to customers.

The basic package is one of DigitalOcean Standard Droplet plans, coming with 512 MB memory, l core processor, 20 GB Solid State Disk space, 1 TB data transfer, Tier 1 bandwidth and many other optimized features. These features are enough for customers to operate their websites smoothly and successfully.

DigitalOcean aims at designing the seamless experience for developers, so its cloud hosting coms with more advanced features. Each cloud server is attached with highly available and persistent block storage to customers’ Droplet. Therefore, customers have no need to worry about their space run out.

In addition, DigitalOcean cloud servers comes with many different database types, including MySQL and PostgreSQL. Multiple PHP versions as well as Python and Ruby on Rails, Perl can be supported. DigitalOcean also makes its cloud servers much easier to use, which we will talk later in DigitalOcean Ease-of-use Review section.

DigitalOcean Review on Pricing

DigitalOcean wants to make more developers afford reliable hosting solutions, so its pricing is always reasonable. For normal customers, like personals and small to middle businesses, customers can choose DigitalOcean Standard Droplets. The entry-level we talked above includes 512 MB Memory and 20 GB SSD storage, which starts at $5/mo only.

If customers’ business grows fast or they intend to operate more complicated websites, they can easily upgrade their current plans to more advanced ones. By the way, the most popular hosting solution is set at $10 per month.

Fortunately, DigitalOcean is very friendly to offer customers hourly billing terms. For instance, the entry-level Standard Droplet is only $0.007/hr. It can help more customers to use DigitalOcean premium cloud services with the best pricing.

DigitalOcean Exclusive Deal

About payments, customers can pay the service via a wide range of pay methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

DigitalOcean Review on Speed and Uptime

By taking advantage of top-ranking facilities and popular data centers as well as multi-location servers, DigitalOcean customers will be very happy to get 99.99% uptime and extremely fast speed. DigitalOcean also provides customers with a SLA. With this SLA, the lost time can be refunded back to their accounts at the hourly rate incurred.

The company has created the fastest and most convenient cloud technology to help customers easily experience very rapid speed. On the performance end, DigitalOcean delivers its all cloud hosting on modern servers that use SSD drives, delivering tens time faster speed than other transitional disks.

Other more, DigitalOcean utilizes private networking which enables customers’ Droplets to connect with other Droplets in the same datacenter, so that there is no extra bandwidth counted. It is not only better for privacy but also performance. Floating IPs is special at DigitalOcean, which help customers to create highly available cloud server structure with zero downtime.

Full control over their Droplets via full featured DNS management allows customers to easily manage all aspects of their domain DNS setting, which is also good to speed and security. Well, DigitalOcean also provides teams that focus on ensuring the server security with 2-factor authentication. That’s how DigitalOcean keep high availability.

DigitalOcean Review on Customer Support

DigitalOcean technical support is superb. The supporting staffs are friendly, specialized and they are eager to offer all round the clock assistances through a series of channels, such as live chat, Q&A, as well as Blog and Tickets.

In addition, the company has an in-house team of professional writers who constantly generate articles and tutorials for customers and its community. DigitalOcean customers can easily handle general queries and problems by the guidance of Article & Tutorial.

DigitalOcean Review on Ease-of-Use

Firstly, DigitalOcean cloud servers come with many pre-built images, which can help customers get straight to deploying their apps. DigitalOcean also provides 1-click installed applications. Therefore, customers can install their favorite applications on their cloud server within few seconds, such as Drupal, WordPress, LAMP Stack, Node.js, MongoDB, Docker and Ghost and more.

DigitalOcean understands that having a simple solution is vital for developers to get their app online as quickly and efficiently as possible. Easy-to-use control panel and DigitalOcean flexible ASP come to customers. These tools allow customers to deploy their SSD cloud server in seconds. With the free control panel, customers can not only manage their own files, emails and user accounts etc., but also have a variety of options for working with or modifying their servers.

What’s more, cloud servers at DigitalOcean are allowed to be quickly scaled from one to thousands of Droplets so that customers’ can easily run their production workloads.

Is DigitalOcean Recommended

In summary, DigitalOcean hosting has bountiful optimized cloud features, high-performance reliability, dedicated customer supports as well as affordable price. There is no doubt that it can be highly recommended to customers, especially developers.

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