Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Server

cloud-vs-dedicatedAs two of the most popular and advanced web hosting types, cloud hosting and dedicated server are chosen by more and more webmasters and business owners especially. The selection of cloud hosting and dedicated server has also become an endless topic of discussion. In order to find out which one is better and the right decision, it is quite important to understand their similarities, differences, and how they can best satisfy the demands of people.

Firstly, we need to clarify the definitions of cloud hosting and dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting

Based on the consumption and utility of cloud technology, cloud hosting (also known as cloud computing) is a relatively new hosting type. By deploying groups of remote software networks and servers, it is allowed to centralize online access and data storage to computer services and other resources. Cloud hosting comes with public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud three types.

Cloud hosting appears just like a dedicated server for users, however, it runs on a large amount of different servers actually. There is always one work best for delivering users stable web hosting performance.

Dedicated Server

While dedicated server is the service that users rent the entire server, and use all of the resources, features and take controls over it, without sharing with anyone else. It has unmanaged and managed two types based on the different level of administrative and engineering support. For the managed dedicated server, the provider will take over most of complicated infrastructure management and support.

Generally, dedicated server is a highly recommendable, powerful and reliable hosting service of hosting those business, high-traffic and enterprise websites. If you want to know the overall customer satisfaction rate, you could refer to HostUCan.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Server

Setup Time

If customers purchase a web hosting service created on the cloud, they enable to set it up and access it within just few minutes. However, for dedicated server, customers normally need to wait few hours for installation. Although we see some improvements on it, the time required for setting up a complete dedicated server is obviously longer than the time needed for setting up cloud hosting.


Reliability is one of the biggest differences between cloud hosting and dedicated server. The former one is famous for high reliability since the data/information is stored and retrieved from various machines on the cloud. If one server crashes down unexpectedly, there is another one available to backup to make sure customers’ websites run all the time, no downtime.

In terms of dedicated server, there is no other backup to support the websites once the server goes down. Although dedicated server is well maintained and monitored by technicians to ensure high reliability, once the situation happens, customers have to wait until the server is repaired, and also gets it up and run again.

Speed Performance

Both cloud hosting and dedicated server can deliver very fast speed performance. Compared to dedicated server, cloud hosting comes with another better feature.

No matter for dedicated server or cloud hosting, it is quite normal and common that performance becomes slow over a period of them, because more and more unwanted files and data run and stored on the server. For dedicated server users, they might need to ask the server provider for help to clean their servers up, and confront with downtime or slow speed during the process.

While for cloud hosting, it gives an ability to switch to a new cloud server and leave those data or files behind. Once the server is cleaned up, they can move all of their things back without interrupting. But all in all, both of the services offer excellent performance.


No doubt, dedicated server is considered as the most expensive web hosting service. Its cost ranges from $100/mo to even $1000/mo, and that based on the resources & features contained as a part of the solution. Simply put, customers have to pay more to get more.

Cloud hosting is more flexible and much cheaper than dedicated server. It applies to a new model “pay as you use”. In addition to monthly payment, customers can also choose to pay hourly. For reliable and affordable hosting service, cloud hosting is definitely the best option.

To figure out which one is the right choice for people’s hosting demands, it is essential to identify what they are searching for, actually. Whether for the rich resources like CPU, RAM or storage capacity, flexible & scalable performance or professional support & backup, just keep it in mind.

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