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Windows VPS is the best hosting choice for those who need more control on their ASP.NET website. However Windows VPS is relatively expensive considering the license fee charged by Microsoft. In below, we list out best cheap Windows VPS hosting after reviewing hundreds of VPS service providers in the industry, who could offer you high quality Windows VPS at an affordable price.

Best Cheap Windows VPS

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Arvixe VPS
Our 2016 Best Cheap Windows VPS Award goes to, a budget hosting service providers backed by a team of experts with diverse technical backgrounds. Arvixe is a popular choice among webmasters when it comes to Windows VPS.
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About Arvixe

Arvixe ( is a US-based fast-growing web host, who was founded in 2003. In 2016, Arvixe is regarded as both one of the best web hosting and one of the best VPS providers. Arvixe’s 5 classes of web hosting solutions, which have both Windows type and Linux type, are recognized by the public, because of the ultra-fast speed and cutting-edge reliability.

Arvixe Windows VPS Is Affordable

Usually, Windows VPS is relatively more expensive than Linux VPS, considering the license fee of Windows server. However, at Arvixe, its Windows VPS hosting customers can easily get excellent Windows-based services at an affordable price at $75/mo. It is the month to month pricing. Like other web hosts, Arvixe also has the pricing policy that if customers sing up with longer terms, they can get more discounts.

If customers purchase Arvixe Windows VPS hosting by paying every year, they can receive the highest discount of 20%. It means that customer can get Arvixe Windows VPS at the price of $60/mo, rather than regular $75/mo. Besides, if customers apply our exclusive coupon code “vps10”receiving from Arvixe, they can still save 10% off the subtotal. It means customers can buy Arvixe Windows VPS at only $54/mo, saving up to 28%.

Arvixe Windows VPS
28% OFF

Moreover, there are $100 Bing and Yahoo! Voucher and $100 Google AdWords voucher, so that customers can easily get in front of potential customers with their ads.

Arvixe Windows VPS Review on Features

As a Golden Partner of Microsoft, Arvixe is able to leverage the latest Microsoft technologies and software, enhancing the power of its own Windows VPS solutions. There are 2 Windows VPS packages at Arvixe, which both support the latest Windows operating system: Windows Server 2012 OS. According to the pricing review of Arvixe Windows VPS hosting, customers can buy it at low prices. Even better, it comes with a wide range of features and full management!

Each Windows VPS is based on Hyper-V technology, a hypervisor-based technology, providing customers with the true hardware virtualization and the high-level isolation from others on one single server.

For server features, the two Windows VPS packages include 50 GB of dedicated SSD storage, 2 GB of RAM, 4 cores of CPU, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email boxes with email marketing tools, and 2 IP addresses at minimum. Aside from Windows Server 2012 OS, Arvixe also provides the following features with their Windows VPS to create further access restrictions and accounts and manage their containers:

  • Administrative access
  • WebSitePanel control panel, with Virtual DVD drive
  • Free WHMCS license
  • Unlimited hosting accounts and domain reseller accounts
  • Anonymous and private name servers
  • File manager
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

Although Arvixe provides administrator access and WebSitePanel CP for Windows VPS, the solutions are all fully managed! Arvixe will offer an server environment ready-to-go and round-the-clock support to help customers manage their environment as need. It makes its VPS easy to use!

Additionally, Arvixe also offers some other advanced features within Windows VPS solutions. Lifetime free domain name, lifetime free SSL certificate, unlimited MySQL DBs, unlimited MS SQL 2012 DBs, remote access to MS SQL DBs, the latest ASP.NET MVC, IIS for full trust applications, classic ASP technical support and much more are included.

Arvixe Windows VPS Review on Reliability

In terms of its reliability, Arvixe guarantees its VPS hosting with 99.9% uptime, unparalleled fast speed as well as solid safety.

At Arvixe, during the setup process, customers have a choice of US locations for their websites without any extra cost. Redundancy of server location can meet customers from different places. Arvixe has been in the industry over a decade, so it knows the importance of customers’ data and that is why its data centers implement a range of power system, cooling systems and security measures.

Arvixe builds high-powered network which can eliminate bandwidth roadblocks and traffic jams to ensure instantaneous response and high volume for customers’ applications. Arvixe also uses the direct connection to major excellent tier fiber optic networks and the Tier-1 telecom providers to build the alternate routes for smooth data transfer. Well-designed multi-tiered network architecture and premium NOC with Cisco-certified technical support make sure the best possible network for customers’ Windows VPS.

Security is guarantee by Arvixe technologies. DDoS attack response, networking monitoring, firewalls, nightly security updates and good physical security measure are well set up in each data center, contributing to the best possible security and reliability.

Arvixe Windows VPS Review on Customer Support

Arvixe Windows VPS comes with cutting-edge customer support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Arvixe will server patching & monitoring as well as integrated & automated full system backups every week.

When customers need assistance from experts, they can call them for free, chat with them online, or send email to them. Arvixe promises to response as quick as possible.

For online support resources, Arvixe has an integrated support center, where customers can access knowledge base, news, and ticket support system.

Arvixe Offers Cheap Windows VPS

Based on in-depth analyses of Arvixe Windows VPS hosting, it is clear to see that Arvixe Windows VPS has powerful features, high-performance reliability, as well as affordable price. Therefore, Arvixe Windows VPS is highly recommended for customers to host their websites.

To know more about Arvixe Windows VPS, please visit now.

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