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Linux VPS is well received by developers to host a powerful, reliable and complicated website. However, the price of VPS is relatively high and it’s hard to find a cheap VPS with rich features. In below, we will introduce the best cheap Linux VPS who offer fast and reliable Linux VPS at an affordable price.

Best Cheap Linux VPS

Cheap Linux VPS-
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Interserver VPS
Interserver.NET VPS comes with rich features, industry cutting-edge technology and world-class datacenters. Their Guru customer support team could response to customer request quickly. Even better, it’s cheap!
* 30-Day Money Back

About InterServer.Net

About 17 years ago, InterServer.Net was co-founded by 2 tech-savvy high-school students named John Quaglieri and Mike Lavrik, who were extremely ambitious and invested in realizing their dream. Up till now, InterServer.Net has become a big web host owning 2 well-designed data centers and offering a wide range of hosting services from shared hosting to colocation.

InterServer.Net Linux VPS is Cheap

InterServer.Net aims at giving customers the best possible services with premium web hosting at affordable pricing! For its Linux VPS, it is cheap of course. Regularly, customers can start with InterServer.Net Linux VPS by paying as low as $6 per month. Now, when customers go to InterServer.Net via our exclusive promotional link, they can get a surprising rate to start. InterServer.Net Linux VPS will renew at $0.01 for the initial month!

InterServer.Net VPS Deal
Only $0.01

This promotion is a limited time special deal, so if customers want to have a try, this is a wonderful chance. Besides, if customers go with yearly plans, they can get extra discount of 10%. It means InterServer.Net Linux VPS charges at $5.4/mo.

InterServer.Net Linux VPS Is Feature-Rich

InterServer.Net now has two entry-level Linux VPS packages, including 1 SLICE LINUX and 2 SLICE LINUX. These to plans are specifically for starters, coming with the same 1 core CPU, 1 GB to 2 GB of memory, 25 GB to 50 GB of storage, and 1 TB to 2 TB of transfer.

Actually, InterServer.Net Linux VPS is totally customizable and scalable! Just as to OS options, there are a dozen Linux distributions, such as Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Slackware, and more. Besides, InterServer.Net also allows customers to add Direct Admin or cPanel to their CentOS VPS; they can also have 2 locations to choose.

Besides OS options, scalability or customization also makes customers build the best size of Linux VPS based on their real needs. Its simple slider of customization is designed for this purpose. It also means that when customers grow bigger at InterServer.Net, they can easily upgrade to higher plans.

As for the top cap, InterServer.Net can provides Linux VPS customers with 400 GB of high performance storage, 16 GB of memory, 4 cores CPU and 16 TB of bandwidth. Apart from basic package features, there are 1 public IPs, IPv6 addresses, lots of templates, and DNS manager.

Additionally, InterServer.Net Linux VPS is powered by Cloud. Due to this, customers can deploy 100’s applications, only deploy the software they need, and get easy to use control panel, which make InterServer.Net Linux VPS easy.

What’s more, InterServer.Net Linux VPS is managed by the company but also offers full control to customers. Each Linux VPS can be deployed within 15 minutes; backups, snapshots, rebootless updates, and server monitoring are included; free migration comes as well.

Moreover, customers can freely use VPS control panel and instant root access to manage their VPS and site. They can also reboot, and reinstall their server.

InterServer.Net Linux VPS Is Reliable and Fast

InterServer.Net Linux VPS comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee in the aspects of hardware, infrastructure, and network. If customers receive short uptime, they can request money back. InterServer.Net is so confident!

Why it is running so fast and reliably? On the one hand, it owes to rock solid hardware. Each Linux VPS now only equips with high-powered SSD hard drives, which has a large 240 GB storage at maximum. So, InterServer.Net Linux VPS has great IO write/read performance.

On the other hand, InterServer.Net 2 data centers fully support customers’ Linux VPS servers with 99.9% network uptime and 100% power uptime. 2,000 AMPS of input power and Powerware UPS units are just part of the power supply systems. 80 tons of HVAC units and overhead A/C ducts are components of the cooling systems of the two stable data centers. In addition to that, InterServer.Net also has redundant network facilities to deliver reliable and fast network.

There is one thing is vital to long uptime as well, which is security! Raised flooring, biometric entry, electronic CCTV, recorders, fiber vault, smoke detection and others has already worked for datacenter safety. Server monitoring, snapshots and backups are for data and server running smoothly and safely.

InterServer.Net Customer Support Is Responsive

InterServer.Net has tried its best to make the Linux VPS simple and easy to get online, coming with many managed services, like migration, snapshots, backups, and monitoring. However, it also has an excellent technical support, which is always available for customers.

When customers need to ask questions or just want to talk with some live person at InterServer.Net, they can call its support team members or send emails to them. The most effective way is the live chat that is included at InterServer.Net as well.

Other more, InterServer.Net posts many tips and featured articles online, including backup, .htaccess, Apache, billing, and so on. Customers can follow the categories to quickly find the tips they need. Besides, there are FAQs in product introduction pages.


In conclusion, InterServer.Net Linux VPS is really a good VPS solution in this field. Based on cloud, it features mange open resources and technologies. InterServer.Net also provides flexible and scalable server features. Supported by 2 private data centers and excellent servers, InterServer.Net Linux VPS is reliable and fast! Taking the special discount on Linux VPS, we certainly recommend InterServer.Net for all Linux VPS customers.

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