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Compared to traditional web hosting, cloud-based hosting service comes with higher stability and scalability. For these advantages, it has been becoming more and more popular with webmasters as well as businesses. However, who offer the best cheap Cloud hosting in the industry? In this article, we will introduce DigitalOcean,, and I/O Zoom cloud hosting, which not only give cheap price, but also offer reliable solution and performance.

Top 3 Cheap Cloud Hosting

Best Cheap Cloud

  Digital Ocean Review

World fast growing Cloud hosting service provider, best cheap Cloud hosting, extremely developer friendly.


Cheapest Cloud

  Interserver VPS

Cheapest Cloud Hosting on both Linux and Windows OS, price from $5/mo only. First month at $0.01.


Fast Cheap Cloud


Cheap Cloud Hosting built on RAID 10 fast SSD Storage, friendly customer support.


Best Cheap Cloud Hosting – DigitalOcean

Based in the US, DigitalOcean is a robust cloud computing platform, specially designed for developers. With fast development, DigitalOcean has grown into the second largest web hosting provider worldwide in terms of web-facing computers. Currently, DigitalOcean can offer different sizes of cloud plans to a wide range of customers, ranging from standard droplet, high memory droplet, and special cloud solutions for business.

DigitalOcean knows customers very well and its pricing is reasonable and affordable! No matter the standard droplet or high memory droplet, DigitalOcean allows customers pay hourly. For the standard droplet, it starts at $5/mo, while if customers pay hourly, then it is from $0.007/hr only. That package will come with 512MB memory, 1 core processor, 1TB transfer, and 20GB SSD disk storage.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Deal

Besides, the solutions for business comes with account management, 24/7 dedicated email and phone support, as well as solutions engineering support, making businesses save a lot of energy, time, and resources to focus on their business. What’s better, they can also have a free trial and volume discounts.

Other more, DigitalOcean comes with many features. Customers can sign up a droplet and receive the root access in 55 seconds only. DigitalOcean runs everything on SSD, so faster performance comes. Simple API as well as command line is included; therefore, they can run large-scale production workloads.

DigitalOcean also makes its reliable. Apart from SSD and intuitive API, there is highly available storage, ensuring that customers will never run out of their space. Lightning fast speed also relies on the ultra-fast network. According to the design, DigitalOcean equips each hypervisor with a fault tolerant 40Gbps network, which can keep the uptime and throughput well. That’s how the 99.99% uptime comes.

For businesses and other newbies, they can totally set back, because DigitalOcean has premium teams working together for the reliability and security. Customers can get help through live chat, ticket, or they can directly search for useful information within help center.

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Cheapest Cloud Hosting – has multiple packages of cloud hosting based on different platforms. It is very flexible, so that customers can choose their OS, software, and service sizes. A variety of operating systems are waiting for being chosen, such as CentOS, Windows 20008, and Windows 2012 R2.

Once customers sign up an cloud hosting account, they can get the full root access. Then, they can configure their server environment. Cloud makes hundreds of applications available for choosing, and they can easily customize their server with any software they need.

In addition to that, InterServer offers intuitive control panel which helps them managed and add their cloud servers easily. If customers need scale their server up or down, they can use this control panel as well!

Besides, the starting solution includes 1 CPU core, 1TB bandwidth, 1024MB memory, and 25 GB SSD storage. Once customers sign up, will get it up in seconds. This size of cloud hosting based on Linux OS normally starts at $6/mo. However, via our promotion link, will offer them an exclusive coupon code “TRYINTERSERVER”, making it start at $0.01 first month. Cloud Hosting Deal
$0.01 First Mo

This cloud hosting is guaranteed with a 99.9% uptime. It owes to SSD hard drives, resilient data center infrastructure, and excellent server maintenance. Once there is anything, customers can contact experts asking for help. Live chat, ticket, and toll-free phone are convenient for customers.

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High-Performance Cloud Hosting – I/O Zoom

Since its inception in 2015, I/O Zoom has been dedicated to creating the best possible SSD cloud hosting. Up till now, I/O Zoom can offer lightning-fast servers, so it is really a fast-growing company.

Fast speed is realized based on the latest technologies. I/O Zoom now utilizes fully pure SSD storage to speed up the website load times, which is 20 time faster speed than other hard drives. To increase the performance as well as the redundancy, I/O Zoom also makes full use of RAID 10 to protect the disk.

Additionally, the company also uses Intel CPU, which is the fastest and the best performing processors on the market. Plus free 20Gbps of DDoS protection, free backups, and multiple datacenter locations, I/O Zoom is confident to offer 100% uptime guarantee.

Besides, this cloud hosting also comes with free IPv6 and IPv4, multiple Linux distributions, easy-to-use control panel SolusVM control panel, and full root access. The SolusVM allows customers to reinstall OS, manage multiple VPS servers, monitor resource usage, and get VNC access. Full root access will enhance the control power as well.

The entry-level cloud hosting includes 2GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 2,000GB bandwidth, and 20GB SSD storage with RAID 10. The company also offers other add-ons for customers to upgrade. This package is from $8/mo, coming with a 30 Day money back guarantee.

I/O Zoom Cloud Hosting Deal

Customers can put forward questions via live chat and helpdesk. Or they can watch the video tutorials and view the Knowledge base.

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