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Bluehost vs Inmotionhosting – Who Offer Better VPS

Nowadays, VPS hosting and Cloud hosting has become increasingly popular in the industry. It is undoubted that many web hosting providers that can provide customers with reliable VPS hosting solution. And Bluehost and InmotionHosting are two leader within them.

In below, we will compared VPS solutoins from Bluehost ( and InmotionHosting ( to explain who offer better VPS.

Bluehost vs InmotionHosting on VPS Features

Both of the two companies can provide VPS hosting customers with rich features to operate and manage their websites.

Bluehost VPS hosting is a great option for individuals and small businesses. Built on cloud technology, the company has the strength to help its VPS hosting customers enjoy increased power, flexibility and control for their websites.

Four different VPS hosting solutions are available for customers choose at Bluehost, and the entry level VPS hosting solution contains 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB SAN storage, 1TB bandwidth, 1 free domain, and 1 IP and more.

At Bluehost, every VPS configuration includes the improved cPanel interface. With this enhanced cPanel, customers can easily manage their domains, email accounts, and files easily.

For Inmotion Hosting, it builds VPS for businesses who need to run highly interactive, dynamic websites. There are three VPS hosting packages at InmotionHosting, VPS-1000, VPS-2000 and VPS-3000. Customers can freely choose the most suitable plan according to their own needs.

And the basic plan, VPS-1000 that includes 1 GB memory, 750 GB monthly transfer, 40 GB RAID 10 disk space, 2 IPs, CentOS 6, free cPanel and other optimized features.

Conclusion: Except Bluehost offer more memory than InmotionHosting, the features of these two companies are very close.

Bluehost vs InmotionHosting on VPS Price

Bluehost is famous for providing customers with excellent service at an affordable price. The regular price of its VPS hosting starts from $29.99/mo, now, the exclusive promotion comes to customers so that they can get the service only at $14.99 for the first month.

As for InmotionHosting VPS hosting price, it is a little bit higher than that of Bluehost. The regular price is set at $39.99/mo. In order to promote its service, the company gives customers limited time sales promotion, and the starter price is $29.99/mo. Besides, people could follow this exclusive promotion link to get its VPS with additional 50% off at $14.99/mo only.

Inmotionhosting VPS Promotion
50% Off

Conclusion: Bluehost VPS is relatively cheaper than InmotionHosting.

Bluehost vs InmotionHosting on VPS Reliability

Both Bluehost and InmotionHosting are proud that their VPS hosting customers can get maximum uptime, fast speed and secure online environment.

Bluehost takes advantage of the state of the art data centers in Provo, Utah and each data center is equipped with UPS power, diesel generator, multiple 10 gigabit fibre connections to locations and qualified Dell servers, all of these are powerful enough to guarantee customers nearly 100% uptime.

In addition, Bluehost also utilizes some advanced open source technologies, like OpenStack and KVM to make sure all the servers can be continuously upgraded to maintain the possible best performance.

InmotionHosting has two data centers, which feature 20 gigabit of connectivity over 10 gigabits Ethernet connection, BGP4 Smart Routing to ensure fast web hosting speed. At InmotionHosting, customers can freely choose the one close to their location. Even better, if customers are within InmotionHosting’s exclusive Max Speed Zones, their emails and websites can run up to 6x faster.

In addition to its data centers, InmotionHosting has teamed up with some of the world’s ISPs and peering exchanges to create direct data connections.

In general, the facility of their data centers are very close. But compared with Bluehost, InmotionHosting only use top brand hardware, which including Cisco routers, Premium Dell server and more, which could meet the highest level of reliability to meet the needs from Business customers. And our data shows Inmotionhosting has better uptime and server speed than Bluehost.

Bluehost vs InmotionHosting on VPS Customer Support

The two companies all put a premium on customer satisfaction.

The experts of two companies have great VPS hosting experience, and customers can contact them via phone, email and live chat if they have any queries or problems. The support center can always help them resolve the problem quickly.

If customers are not satisfied with their current account, they can cancel within 30days for a full refund and prorated money back after that tome at both of the companies. Therefore, customers do not need to worry about their money.

Who Offer Better VPS?

To be honestly, both companies offer good quality VPS. Bluehost VPS has better price value than InmotionHosting, however InmotionHosting is more reliable and faster. So, our recommendation here is that if you are small business, individuals or web developers, Bluehost is perfect for you. If your site is critical to your business, than choose Inmotionhosting.

Looking for more information about Bluehost VPS hosting, please visit, and InmotionHosting,

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