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Bluehost VPS vs 1and1 VPS

Here in the post below, we will compare Bluehost VPS with 1and1 VPS from four aspects, including price, feature, performance, and support, hoping it can help customers make a right choice.

Nearly 20 years in the industry, Bluehost ( has been recognized as one of the best cheap web hosting providers in the world. Its premium hosting services are extremely popular to bloggers, small and medium businesses. By far, Bluehost has hosted over 2,000,000 domains. In 2016, Bluehost is listed in the Best VPS Hosting.

1and1 ( is a large web hosting provider in the UK. Like Bluehost, the company offers cheap hosting solutions, including domains, websites, shared hosting, servers, and others.

Bluehost VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Price

Bluehost and 1and1 are both famous for low-pricing VPS solutions, so let’s go first with their pricing.

Bluehost VPS regularly charges from $29.99/mo, after 50% off discounts. Customers can purchase it by spending $14.99 for the first month, including 1 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, I IP and 1 free domain. To lower customers’ risks, Bluehost provides 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Bluehost VPS Exclusive Deal
50% Off

As for 1and1, the company provides two billing terms: 1 month and 6 months. For the 1-month account, its basic package is regularly from $12.99/mo. For the first 6-month account, the price of the entry level package is cut to $4.99/mo, totally saving $48 and offering 1vCore, 1 GB RAM, 50 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth.

1and1 Current VPS Deal
$48 Off

It is clear that 1and1 VPS is cheaper than Bluehost VPS, but 1and1 always changes prices. At present, 1and1 VPS is very cheap, but tomorrow it may be very expensive. Moreover, lower price does not mean higher price value. In below, we will focus on their features to see which one is really better.

Bluehost VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Feature

Bluehost is extremely popular, not only because of its low prices, but also for high-powered features. Bluehost Linux virtual private serves are built on cloud platform which is an open source technology, designed to offer people safer, faster, simpler, and always-on services.

To be detailed, Bluehost reinvented complex cloud and integrated many advanced open source technologies to build a better cloud platform. For instance, OpenStack is a set of software tools which works with KVM to deliver breakthrough speed for customers. KVM is a full virtualization solution for Linux. By using it, customers can run multiple virtual servers, and their resources are guaranteed all the time.

Furthermore, at Bluehost, VPS users can fully control their virtual servers. Bluehost will offer them access control to create passwords which grant access to specific aspects of customers’ accounts. Each VPS package contains improved cPanel that features everything in its shared hosting, and special VPS management tools as well as WHM control. As for some advanced users, Bluehost cPanel control panel includes full access to operating system.

Besides, Bluehost VPS is scalable. According to customers’ development, they can configure additional storage, CPU and RAM easily through cPanel. Even they can add more VPS, shared hosting or dedicated hosting to their account and easily manage these services in one place.

1and1 VPS is based on Linux or Windows operating systems, applying Parallels Virtuozzo technology that allows the guaranteed memory to be available for customers. In addition, like Bluehost, 1and1 offers full control of virtual servers, providing its VPS users with Plesk 12 (a leading tool for server admin) and full root access.

Now we can see it clearly that Bluehost VPS is more flexible and feature-rich than 1and1 VPS. It proves that lower price does not mean higher price value.

Bluehost VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Performance

Bluehost provides the perfect match of affordability and reliability. The company has an excellent uptime record: more than 99.9% average uptime. Let’s find out how Bluehost makes it.

Unlike many other web hosting companies renting a part of data centers from the 3rd party, Bluehost has already built up its own data center in Utah. The data center is equipped with UPS power backup and diesel generators to cover any single power outage.

The varnish caching layer and CDN from cloud platform combining with 16 cores AMD Opteron servers and premium hardware make Bluehost guarantee customers’ server resources. Bluehost chooses superior bandwidth provider and recently applied a new bandwidth pipe which can increase bandwidth amount and the speed of users’ websites.

In addition, Bluehost data center is monitored 24/7 ensuring excellent reliability and security. Once any problems about the network happened, Bluehost can deal with them immediately. Because of cloud technology, Bluehost can protect customers’ data by mirrored storage backup. Besides, other traditional secure infrastructures are set up to guarantee high security, such as fire prevention and suppression system, video surveillance system, and so on.

1and1 also claims to provide high performance, nearly 100% uptime, for its customers. The company utilizes over 70,000 servers in 7 data centers in Europe and USA. Emergency generators and redundant batteries backup ensure interruption power supply. Thanks to redundant junctions with multiple redundant 65 GBit/s connectivity and 300 Gbit/s external connections between data centers, customers will be happy to experience fast page loading. Steel-reinforced buildings and 24 hour surveillance by technicians protect seven data centers.

From two companies’ high performance only, it’s hardly to say which one is better. So in below, we will continue to see their technical support.

Bluehost VPS vs 1and1 VPS on Support

Bluehost provides 24-hour customer support. Its experts know the cloud technology very well. Its support team members are always ready to solve customers’ issues and give the best guideline or advice. Customers can reach them through telephone, ticket, and live chat. Or customers can help themselves by going through Bluehost Knowledge base and blog.

1and1 also gives free 24/7 support. If customers have questions about their servers, 1and1 experts are available at anytime via phone or email. 1an1 builds Help center for customers as well, in which customers can find too much information they may need.

In respect of support, we have to say both companies are very excellent in this aspect. But Bluehost cloud technology experts may be more powerful for its cloud VPS packages.


In nutshell, according to the comparison of four aspects from two companies, we find that 1and1 provides cheap VPS with standard features. The two companies are both able to provide premium performance and support, but the prices of 1and1 are very changeable; Bluehost Linux VPS is affordable and contains better and more features with powerful cloud technical support. Therefore, Bluehost is still a better choice for VPS customers.

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