Bluehost VPS Review

Bluehost ( is a leading Linux hosting service provider. Its shared hosting is the most popular one in the industry, which is used by over 3 million webmasters.

Bluehost officially launched its Linux VPS hosting service in June, 2013. The company utilizes advanced cloud technologies like OpenStack and KVM, and includes rich features in its hosting packages. That’s why Bluehost Linux VPS can quickly become the first choice of many webmasters and is rated top in most hosting review sites.

In below, we will review Bluehost VPS features, speed & reliability, customer support, and pricing to see whether or not it is one of the best VPS in the year.

Bluehost VPS Review on Features

As always, Bluehost provides rich features service at an affordable price. Built from the ground up on cloud technologies, Bluehost Linux VPS is regarded as a new-gen VPS hosting solutions. Integrating with the Cloud, Bluehost can provide customers more power, better flexibility, as well as enhanced website control.

Bluehost has clearly claimed that once customers order one VPS node, it will get it up and help customers to run their VPS server in seconds. This is very important to business websites to save much time.

Generally, there are 4 VPS solutions offered by Bluehost. Its entry level VPS (Standard) includes 2 single CPU cores, 2 GB available memory, 30 GB SAN storage, 1 TB monthly transfer, 1 free domain, 1 dedicated IP and WHM/cPanel. Bluehost includes dynamic resources in their packages, which means that if customers need more storage, CPU and RAM, they can obtain soon without requiring admin assistance.


To make it, Bluehost offers enhanced cPanel control panel interface, which comes with special tools for VPS management as well as WHM control. The instant upgrade we talked above is also realized via cPanel control panel. Moreover, Bluehost offers cPanel with full access to CentOS, so that customers can fully control their server. Access control to create passwords also comes.

More than those, all their VPS service are full-managed which means Bluehost is responsible for security, uptime, applying server patch, and answering all your questions related to VPS for free. Specifically, Bluehost VPS servers are all designed from the ground up to support all things that customers could need, such as SSH access, SSI, log file access, databases, email, and more.

Bluehost VPS Review on Speed & Reliability

Bluehost VPS are placed in state-of-art data centers, which multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections to locations all over the world. Bluehost uses high quality, high performance web servers which are designed and built from the ground up to ensure a high speed.

Besides, by only using high-performance components, Bluehost ensures that customers’ websits can always perform at the best level. And KVM hypervisor virtualization technology is used on Bluehost VPS servers, so that customers can always receive guaranteed resources they purchased. OpenStack is also applied to Bluehost VPS servers. Plus other open-resource technologies, Bluehost tries best to make its servers with unlocked speed.

Our performance testing on Bluehost VPS shows a very good result. We have deployed a WordPress site in its standard VPS, and tested its page loading speed from different locations. In most cities, we could see the page loaded below 1.5s.


Bluehost VPS are protected by Anti-DDoS system and spam protection system. Besides, your VPS is granted with guaranteed resources, so that your websites won’t be slow down because of the low performance of the other VPS account. If you need more resources, CPU, RAM and storage could be upgraded without any down time.

Bluehost VPS Review on Customer Support

Bluehost is a company which takes customer support really seriously. All its customer engineers are 100% US-based, in-house and well-trained with good knowledge on Linux and server management, who could answer all the possible questions related to website hosting. Customers can get access to their VPS with root access, and install and configure the server in the way they want, however, if they fall into any issue, Bluehost engineers will be there to help them out.

Additionally, Bluehost also assigns dedicated resource to serve for VPS customers. Support staffs could be reached via Online Live Chat, Toll-free phone call, and email 24*7. Additionally, Extensive knowledge base at Bluehost is also a good center for customers to learn more techniques and find useful answers.

Bluehost VPS Review on Pricing

Bluehost Linux VPS is affordable! The Standard plan normally starts at $29.99 per month, along with free domain, free IP address, 2 GB memory, and 30 GB SAN storage. However, now, when customers visit Bluehost to purchase its VPS hosting, they can receive a 50% off discount, which is valid to all Bluehost VPS packages for new customers.

To be specifically, Bluehost Standard plan will start from $14.99 per month instead of normal $29.99 per month. Moreover, Bluehost VPS also comes with free setup. If customers to claim this special deal, please go from our exclusive promo link below and choose 36 month billing term.

Bluehost VPS Deal
50% Off

Besides, Bluehost guarantees Anytime Money Back policy. So, customers can cancel accounts within the first 30 day, they can get Bluehost full money back guarantee; after that, they can also get a prorated refund.

Is Bluehost VPS Recommended?

Absolutely Yes! According to this comprehensive review on Bluehost VPS, we learn that it is a user-friendly VPS solutions provider. It cloud-based Linux VPS comes with a wide range of features, affordable pricing, fast speed, and secure performance. Considering that exclusive 50% off discount and easy upgrade, we think customers will not to miss this reliable Linux VPS hosting.

To know more about Bluehost Linux VPS, please Check out Bluehost VPS.


  1. I have been using Bluehost VPS hosting for about 3 months. We have had issues with the server configuration and other technical problems. When contacting the technical staff, they are not very technical at all. Many times they cannot answer basic questions with the correct information. My current site is experiencing server configuration issues. After several iterations with them and showing them the system error messages, they finally told me the server set up was not going to changed. We are looking for a new hosting service. I would not recommend them.

  2. This is great review post on Blue host VPS.Information in the page are huge and well established.Thanks for such amazing guideline for VPS.

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