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Best Managed VPS Hosting

Unlike unmanaged VPS hosting, a managed VPS hosting service provider is responsible for maintaining VPS servers to ensure the security and high uptime. Besides, it also provides technical support to resolve all the hosting issues, which could really free the customers out of worrying about their web servers. And the Best Managed VPS Hosting below will bring you best experience when using VPS.

Top 3 Best Managed VPS

Best VPS

  inmotion vps Review

#1 Best cPanel VPS with free SSD, 90 days money back guarantee, and high 100% customer satisfaction.


Cheap VPS


Best cheap cPanel VPS hosting in the industry. Price from $1.4.99/mo only include 2 free dedicated IP, free domain.


Popular VPS

  hostgator VPS

VPS hosting with free cPanel. First-class VPS hosting in the industry which friendly customers support.


Best Managed SSD VPS for Business – InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is the industry best business web hosting service provider, who has been offering managed VPS hosting service with free SSD drives to all sizes of businesses for more than 10 years. With its managed VPS hosting, customers can enjoy the enhanced security, optimized platform, and maximum uptime.

There are 3 VPS hosting packages available for managed VPS hosting customers. The company offers free server management, free backups, live-state snapshots, free cPanel account transfer, expert technical support, and free launch assistance with its SysAdmins.


Although InMotion Hosting is a premium managed web hosting provider, its managed SSD VPS also comes with many popular and wonderful tools and services to help customers manage their virtual servers and websites. Free cPanel license, secure email, resource monitoring dashboard, optional root access, and reseller access with WHM control panel.

InMotion Hosting optimizes its managed VPS hosting for eCommerce as well. For example, there are Magento, PrestaShop and WooCommerce for WordPress for best possible speed and reliability. Customers can install the prefer eCommerce platforms via 1 click and then start their business easily.

InMotion Hosting has improved its VPS by utilizing cloud power. Each server is built on the cloud-powered infrastructure for real-time redundancy. Additionally, its world-class datacenters, 100% Dell premium servers as well as first-class facilities ensure customers rapid speed, secure online environment and possible 100% uptime.

The price of InMotion Hosting VPS hosting is affordable, the list price of its entry level plan start at $29.99/mo. However, the company now is offering 50% off discounts, with which people can get InMotion Hosting VPS from $14.99/first mo only. Each plan includes minimal 4GB RAM, 2TB bandwidth, 60GB RAID 10 SSD space, 2 dedicated IPs, unlocked CPU cores, and etc. All plans come with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

InmotionHosting VPS Deal
50% Off

If customers intend to get to know more formation about InmotionHosting managed VPS hosting, please visit

Best Budget Managed VPS – Bluehost

Bluehost is well-known for offering high quality budget hosting solutions from shared hosting, VPS hosting to dedicated server. All its solutions are fully-managed without any hidden cost.

Its Standard VPS plan includes 2GB RAM, 30GB SAN storage, 2 CPU cores, CentOS, 1TB bandwidth, 1 dedicated IPs, 1 free domain, and other essential features. The regular price of this plan is $29.99/mo, but now Bluehost is offering 50% off first month, which makes the first month price lower to $14.99/mo only.

Bluehost VPS Promotion
50% Off

Bluehost guarantees full money back in the first 30 days and prorate refund after that period. This is really the best budget managed VPS in the industry.

As for management, Bluehost offers full cloud experts support team to resolve any issues for all customers. The technical support is always available via phone. In addition to that, Bluehost VPS hosting is equipped with industry-standard cPanel control panel and includes root access, giving customers full control and access to their servers.

Besides, Bluehost utilizes top-ranking technologies, such as OpenStack, KVM as well as 3 state-of-arts datacenters with multiple 10 GB fiber connections to all over the world, so Bluehost VPS customers are happy to experience 99.9% uptime and unprecedented speed.

For more details of Bluehost managed VPS hosting, please visit

Cutting-Edge Managed VPS – HostGator

HostGator is a fast growing web hosting company, which now maintains more than 12,000 servers and offers more than 8 million of domains. Its fully managed VPS hosting comes with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability.

HostGator offers Linux VPS hosting which is managed for customers. Weekly off-site backups, free website transfer, MySQL transfer, domain transfer, and script transfer are all included. Besides, customers can get free website builder tools, free site templates, 52 free scripts, fully managed cPanel/WHM control panel. 24/7/365 telephone, email and live chat support is included.

This managed VPS hosting is built with cutting-edge server hardware. Supermicro servers with AMD Opteron 6,000 series CPUs DDR3 ECC RAM as well as fault tolerant RAID disk arrays are here for this HostGator VPS hosting solution. HostGator builds optimal network for it as well. Guaranteed 20Mbit connection, multi-layer network security, premium bandwidth providers and well-equipped data centers ensure fully redundant network.

Each VPS package at HostGator is customizable with full root access. Basically, 0.5 CPU cores, 512 MB RAM, 25 GB disk space, 500 GB of bandwidth, 2 IPs are included. By applying our exclusive HostGator coupon code hostucan, customers can only pay $11.97/mo to get the entry-level package which has been discounted 40% off from the normal price of $19.95/mo.

HostGator VPS Exclusive Promotion
40% Off

HostGator also offers as long as 45 days of full money back guarantee, which allows customers to cancel account within the initial 45 days with any reasons, and then HostGator will refund them with full hosting fees.

For more information about HosGator managed VPS hosting, please visit

Why Managed VPS Hosting?

It is a time-consuming work to maintain a VPS server. Though browser-based control panels can help ease this effort, it’s still requires many professional technical knowledge. Taking time and expertise into consideration, it is not wise for customers to manage VPS hosting fully by themselves. Now, managed VPS hosting comes to people, offering a great way to save time and energy, cut down cost and guarantee the uptime of VPS.

In below, we will explain what managed VPS hosting is, and why you should consider it if you are not a tech geeks.

What’s Managed VPS Hosting

managed-vps-hostingFeatures and functionality of VPS hosting are similar to dedicated server solutions. Even though the server is a virtual machine, or VM, it should totally behave in the same way as a dedicated server. Allocated system resources, full system access and dependable performance have laid a solid foundation for peoples to work with VPS hosting. The reason why many individuals and businesses select VPS hosting is that they desire full control of their hosting.

However, control refers to responsibility. VPS hosting usually requires people take control of their own server, just like a dedicated server hosting plan. Some reputable VPS companies offer server network guarantee, but people still need to install required software, upgrade operating system with the newest security patches, and monitor their own servers for potential issues by themselves.

Managed VPS hosting seeks a balance between full responsibility and no responsibility, allowing people to take full control of their VPS hosting with full root access. Besides, IT professionals are available for them around the clock, offering assistances to maintain their virtual server running correctly. It can be said that managed VPS hosting providers shoulder a portion of people’ responsibility, helping them handle complex server easily.

Five Common Managed VPS Hosting Features

Managed web hosting providers will offer professional, sincere and dedicated assistance if people suffer from any problems. But what kind of services should be selected from a managed VPS hosting provider? And what are the key areas of VPS hosting plan that people should take care of?

1. VPS Hosting Operating System Installation and Reinstallation

It is not easy for people to install an operating system when they first launch their virtual private server. If they choose VPS hosting operation system, reinstalling a new OS can be extremely difficult to achieve remotely. While managed VPS hosting often contains free installations from specialized experts, who know the first-rank installation settings for their servers.

2. VPS Hosting Software Updates for Improved Features and Performance

It is well-known that all software regularly used on VPS hosting plan should be upgraded routinely. If new version of software is released, there is no doubt that people are eager to start to experience them. With managed VPS hosting, hosting providers will install new server software or upgrade software in the request of their needs.

3. VPS Hosting with Upgraded Security Regularly

Security is a big concern to determine online success. When encountering malware, viruses or other threats, people’s VPS hosting plan will need to get access to the latest security patches, update operating system and all core server software to stop them. Here, standard, managed VPS hosting plans fall to people, including vital security upgrades and automobile implementation.

4. Managed VPS Hosting Includes Proactive Server Monitoring

An ocean of security threats can put peoples’ web presence at risk even equipped with many latest updates and security patches for their servers. Many disruptive and destructive methods, like DDoS attack often give rise to the breakdown of their entire servers. Many managed VPS hosting solutions consist of proactive server monitoring, identifying the earliest warning signs of malicious attacks, software configuration mistakes or hardware failure.

5. Managed VPS Hosting with Free Administration, Whatever People Need

Offering managed services that cater for the most common needs is the ultimate goal of best managed VPS hosting providers. In general, every major aspect of server maintenance is covered in managed hosting plans. However, there are still some occasions needing specific requirements. At this time, some managed hosting webs are proud of giving a multitude of administrative hours, with 24/7 remote support to conduct any tasks on their servers.

All of these individual managed VPS features are able to help people to remove some of responsibility if they manage and monitor their own VPS. It can be taken as a lever, giving the chance for people succeed in their online business.

The Benefits of a Managed VPS Hosting Service

Managed VPS hosting reduces the amount of workload from the three key areas, upgraded and installation, security and monitoring. People can calculate that if they spend number of hours every week in checking the latest Internet security news, finding suitable software patches, and upgrading to defeat new threats, as well as installing these upgrades into their VPS hosting plans, what a big task for them. As well, they need to consider how long they would take if they are going to learn new skills or techniques before beginning their installation.

Managed VPS hosting can save hundreds of man hours for people in the first operating year. With the extra time, it provides a platform for them to explore more interesting fields of VPS hosting, such as initiatives to grow their online presence, attracting new visitors, and generating more revenues. Managed VPS hosting makes it possible to building a successful web presence.

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