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Arvixe vs. LiquidWeb

Although Arvixe and LiquidWeb are both recommended as best VPS providers, they are different. In the following article, we are going to compare Arvixe and LiquidWeb from their pricing, features, performance, and support service. This post will reveal their similarities and differences by comparing them, so that customers can choose the right one for their online business.

Arvixe ( was founded in 2003, and now it has become one of the fastest growing web hosts around the world. Arvixe web hosting products with unmatched reliability, quality and affordability has supported thousands of individuals, small business and corporate websites on a global level.

On the other side, LiquidWeb ( is a private held, managed web host operating 3 wholly-owned data centers in the US. As a leading web host, LiquidWeb is able to provide premium web hosting products from shared hosting to colocation, and the best customer support.

Arvixe vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Pricing

Based on different platform and levels, Arvixe VPS has different pricing plans. Its Linux VPSCLASS normally charges at $40/mo; Linux VPSCLASS PRO normally starts at $70/mo. All VPS plans come with free domain registration/ data transfer and full management. Even better, Arvixe VPS has a coupon code, vps10, which can save an additional 10% from the normal pricing.

Arvixe VPS
10% Off

As for LiquidWeb, its VPS is built on cloud platform, and powered by SSD drives. LiquidWeb allows customers buy its VPS at $50 at least for monthly billing; the company also allows daily billing, which is $1.64/day as least. In addition to that, LiquidWeb gives up to $40 discount on its premium VPS products.

LiquidWeb VPS

Comparing their VPS pricing, we learn that Arvixe VPS is cheaper than LiquidWeb, while LiquidWeb adopts flexible billing terms and $40 discount making its VPS more affordable as well.

Arvixe vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Features

Similarly, Arvixe and LiquidWeb both provide Linux VPS and Windows VPS. The most different between them is that Arvixe VPS comes with rich features and fully managed service, while LiquidWeb VPS is scalable with multiple choices of management.

Arvixe VPS standard features are at least 50 GB SSD disk space, 1.5 GB memory, 4 cores CPU, 2 IP addresses, free domain registration, unlimited transfer, unlimited hosting accounts, and unlimited email boxes with unlimited autoresponders, forwarders, and mailman mailing lists. Unlimited reseller account, custom error pages, unlimited FTP accounts, HTML editor and free SSL certificate for life are all available.

Arvixe Linux VPS is running on CentOS 6 operating system. The company provides many useful tools for management, so that customers can use it effortlessly. CPanel control panel with free WHMC S license both come to customers. They can get root administrative access to manage their server and website through command line.

There are some tools and valuable features to make it simple. Softaculous Script Installer Pro can help customers install over 140 mysql & php applications. Best of all, all applications can be installed for free and used for free. RVSiteBuilder Pro is a great site builder included in bigger package, providing seamless transition from website creation to website management. With it, customers can get more than 500 templates and create their own templates.

Besides, to help customers start their business successfully, Arvixe also provide $100 Google AdWords voucher which is only valid in the US and CA, as well as $100 Yahoo! Bing voucher valid in the US only.

As to LiquidWeb VPS, basically it contains at least 50 GB SSD disk space, 5 TB outbound bandwidth, unlimited incoming bandwidth, Storm firewall, and 1 public IP address. As for OS, CentOS 6/7 OS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and Windows Server 2012 R2 are available.

Due to cloud technologies, LiquidWeb VPS is east to upgrade & downgrade, and clone & resize for real needs. The company also gives API access allowing customer to manage their server and site by programming. CPanel with fully managed service is available as well.

LiquidWeb VPS is scalable that is the most outstanding feature. Bigger disk space and memory, diverse server templates, more bandwidth, backup storage and more IP addresses are all upgraded according to customers’ demands.

According to the comparison above, with lower price and rich features, Arvixe VPS is fit for anyone any business to host their site; while LiquidWeb VPS also comes with rich and scalable features at higher pricing, so it is more suitable for business websites.

Arvixe vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Performance

Arvixe guarantees 99.9% uptime, because of premium hardware, data centers and network infrastructure; LiquidWeb guarantees 100% uptime because of its Heroic Support, 3 high quality data centers, cloud technology. Arvixe and LiquidWeb both use SSD hard drive to power VPS, providing the fastest performance.

Arvixe only applies enterprises grade 15K RPM drives in RAID 10 arrangement for the best reliability and performance. It also understands the importance of performance, so it utilizes UPS power supply and N+1 generator architecture to resolve power outage. Arvixe carefully choose the best locations, uses Tier 1 telecom providers and direct Internet connections to ensure great network. Premium NOC has well-trained staffs maintaining software for high performance.

Security is key factor for online business success. Arvixe provides customers with DDoS attack response, secured entrance & exit, firewall, as well as brute force detection. Nightly security updates are also included.

As for LiquidWeb, the company deploys servers in 3 well-designed data centers. Each of them is equipped with redundant battery cabinets, UPS supply, and premium distribution units, guaranteeing uninterruptable power supply. Also, Tier 1 premium bandwidth providers ensure fast connections to each point of global Internet.

As for security, LiquidWeb equips high quality security facilities including solid external walls and access card system, site remote monitoring and more. Its highly trained technicians are on-site round the clock, giving the fastest incident response time.

From the analysis about Arvixe and LiquidWeb performance, we understand why they are reliable and trustable by their customers.

Arvixe vs. LiquidWeb on VPS Customer Support

Good customers support is one of the criteria for customers to choose right web host for their site.

Arvixe only provided fully managed VPS, which comes with a fully configured control panel and provides an environment ready-to-go and 24 hour support to help customers manage the environment. It means no administration knowledge required from them. Arvixe 24 hour support is in the means of free toll phone call, email and live chat. At Arvixe help center, and ticket channel and Knowledge base both available for customers.

LiquidWeb provides core-managed service and fully managed service. If customers have enough administrative knowledge to run their server and website, they can choose self-managed service without control panel.

Besides, at LiquidWeb, email, phone and live chat are all 24 hour open for every customer who has web hosting troubles. Customers can get tutorials and featured posts to solve issues as well.

Who Offers Better VPS?

Comparing Arvixe VPS and LiquidWeb VPS from all aspects, we know that Arvixe and LiquidWeb can both provide premium VPS solutions with multiple choices. They both have high performance and great customers support, but taking pricing into consideration, we think Arvixe VPS is better for all kinds of customers, while LiquidWeb VPS is better for business websites.

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