A2Hosting Windows VPS Review

A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) is a developer friendly web hosting provider, starting web hosting business in 2003. By far, the company has over 12 years of serving various web hosting solutions in the industry. Taking advantage of innovative SwiftServer and SSD, A2Hosting develops its offerings quickly. Now, it cannot only offer Linux web hosting, but also Windows web hosting is available.

In below, we are to focus on A2Hosting Windows VPS, which is a series of VPS hosting. In order to help customer have a good understanding about it, we will review it inside and out, including features, performance, customer support and pricing.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Features

In general, A2Hosting offers fine-tuned managed Windows VPS hosting solutions. With the purpose of meets different customer types’ demands, the company prepares 3 different levels of packages, which are named as POWER+, PRESTIGE+, and PINNACLE+ respectively.

In each package, A2Hosting is generous to offer redundant server resources. Minimum 75GB storage, 4GB RAM, 2TB transfer, and 4 vCPU come to customers with its entry-level package. Besides redundant resources support, A2Hosting also provides the best versions of Windows hosting development software that developers like most.

In order to speed up site performance and improve site security, A2Hosting includes free SSDs and SSL certificate in all Windows VPS packages. For Windows OS, it offers customers Windows Server 2012.

What’s more, Access databases, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, ASP.NET 2.x, 3.x & 4.x, Classic ASP, MVC 4 or 5, .NET Core 2.0, popular and the latest PHP versions including PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1, Silverlight 4 or 5, MySQL 5.6, and FTP/SFTP are available once customers sign up for any plan of A2Hosting Windows VPS. Windows-friendly software and rich developer-friendly features and help developers work with A2Hosting Windows VPS smoother and easier.

In addition to that, A2Hosting offers managed Windows VPS, so each Windows VPS hosting account here features full HostGuard Management to deliver a truly 100% hassle-free hosting experience to customers.

Even better, in each Windows VPS package, the company provides customers with free Plesk control panel, the most popular and easy-to-use control panel for Windows hosting. So, developers have a good helper in easily accessing their software, email, DBs and files as well.

Being a beginner of Windows VPS provider, we think A2Hosting is really hard-working to attempt to offer customers the best Windows VPS ever. Rich Windows’s useful features and redundant server space both support its Windows VPS to be a feature-rich and developer-friendly hosting option.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Performance

A2Hosting promises to deliver high performance and leave customers a peace of mind when they select A2Hosting and its ultra-fast SwiftServer platform, where A2Hosting deploys optimized servers with customers’ choice of their server location, super-fast free SSDs and other SEO friendly specs. That’s part of the reasons that A2Hosting can offer customers a 99.9% uptime commitment.

In addition, A2Hosting owns all of its web servers, because it has privately owned data centers operated by it as well. Self-owned servers are ultra-reliable, high powered, and expertly tuned as well as monitored by its experienced technicians.

As for its data centers, we take its US-based data center as out instance to show customers its redundant infrastructure. In terms of network, the data center is equipped with dual fiber entrance, and its multi-homed network connectivity is backed by premium bandwidth carriers, including Level (3), Global Crossing, Savvis, and Congent Communications.

About the data center’s environment, it has been equipped with redundant power supply including 300KCVA UPS, 3-phase building power, redundant power plant and Cummins diesel generators, smart DTE Energy power source active path, and UPS circuit. Besides, A2Hosting has invested a lot in environment control. It installed 15 air conditioning units, has raised floor, humidity level control, and static free flooring.

Security is another factor to keep stable running of a data center and the servers in it. A2Hosting US-based data center has physical security measures and is SSAE 16 certified. For those security measures, security key entry, video surveillance, security keys for entering the data centers and server racks are well set up.

In a word, customers at A2Hosting can really enjoy its fast and reliable web hosting solution.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Customer Support

Just as we said, A2Hosting offers fully managed Windows VPS solutions, so besides full HostGuard management, it also provides customers free migration and 24/7/365 Guru Crew support. In detail, customers have no need to spend time in transferring their site from existing host to A2Hosting, and the company will help you do that. Responsive customer support includes toll free phone, live chat, ticket, and email. Customers are welcomed to ask for any help via those methods.

Apart from direct help, the company offers some assistance to let customers help themselves solve problems. A2Hosting blog and knowledge base are both good places the company creates for its users.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Review on Pricing

A2Hosting Windows VPS comes with advanced SSD, free SSL, and free Plesk control panel, plus full management and rich server resources, so it charges a little more. Then entry-level package POWER+ normally starts at $54.99/mo, but for our customers, the company offers exclusive promotion with 34% off discount. It enables POWER+ start at $36.29/mo.

A2Hosting Windows VPS Deal
34% Off

Also, the company provides Anytime money back guarantee, which means customers can feel free to experience A2Hosting Windows VPS. Even better, the company offers Full refund within the first 30 days.


After reviewing A2Hosting Windows VPS, we learn that it comes with rich servers resources and advanced features like free SSDs, free SSL, and free Plesk; private data center, SwiftServer platform, and high quality hardware ensure the best possible reliability and speed; full management makes it extremely easy-to-use. So, we think A2Hosting Windows VPS is quite developer-friendly and business friendly. Being Windows VPS, we think its pricing is acceptable and affordable for business users and the developers have extra budget on web hosting.

To learn more about A2Hosting Windows VPS, please visit www.a2hosting.com.


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