A2Hosting VPS Hosting Review

In the following A2Hosting VPS Review, we are going to analyze A2Hosting VPS hosting from features, prices, performance, and customer support to figure out if it is a reliable and cost-effect web hosting solutions for customers.

A2Hosting (www.a2hosting.com) has been offering high-performance web hosting service for over 10 years. During the history of A2Hosting development, it is always famous for bold innovation and creative integration with advanced technologies into its web hosting solutions. Besides, A2Hosting is also one of few hosts offering SSD hosting in both shared hosting and VPS solutions.

A2Hosting VPS Review on Features

A2Hosting integrates tons of features into its VPS to help customers create and manage more powerful, multi-functional and complex websites. For different groups, there are different VPS hosting available. Overall, A2Hosting designs VPS hosting on Linux distributions.

Unmanaged VPS of A2Hosting comes with full root access, so that customers who are experienced developers can manage their servers by themselves. Although it is self-managed, A2Hosting also makes sure that it is fine-tuned by experts before selling.

Based on different needs of resources, regularly, customers can get 3 packages to choose from, namely Entry, Mid, and Top. 20 GB full SSD storage, 1 CPU core, 512 MB RAM and 2 TB transfer are included as started resources. Optional cPanel is included as customers may need.

Managed VPS and Core VPS hosting include the same amount of server resources that are more than unmanaged packages for starting. Namely, 4 vCPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 2 TB transfer, 75 GB storage, and free SSD hard drives are included in the entry-level Managed VPS and Core VPS packages.

What’s more, within Managed VPS and Core VPS plans, A2Hosting offers free cPanel control panel, so that customers can easily get their servers fully controlled. As to Core VPS, it also comes with root access, which can enhance the control and management of servers.

Each of A2hosting includes 1 dedicated IP and SSH access. No matter customers choose managed or unmanaged VPS hosting, they can both easily upgrade their plans to meet higher demands when they are grown bigger.

A2Hosting VPS Review on Price

A2hosting offers one of the best cheap VPS hosting in the web hosting industry, which is specifically defined to A2Hosting Unmanaged VPS hosting. As for that, the entry-level normally starts at $5/mo, along with 20 GB SSD storage, 2 TB transfer, 512MB RAM, and root access. To get this plan is a good starter for developers.

For Managed VPS and Core VPS, A2Hosting also offers reasonable and affordable pricing and the two types both start at the same pricing. For their entry-level plans, they both start at $32.99/month, instead of regularly $49.99/month. That is to say, customers save up to 34% off.

Other more, A2Hosting is so kind to guarantee an Anytime Money Back Guarantee. It allows customers get a full refund within the 30 days if they cancel accounts. After that, they can also get a prorated refund without any question.

A2Hosting VPS Deal
34% Off

Moreover, A2Hosting provides flexible billing. Customers can pay only for the resources they need.

A2Hosting VPS Review on Reliability and Speed

All A2Hosting VPS hosting are backed up with 99.9% uptime guarantee and a high performance infrastructure.

Each A2Hosting virtual server is equipped with Solid State Drive free of charge, which can increase servers’ speed. Besides, A2Hosting offers exclusively optional Turbo server to ensure the fastest possible hosting experience. A2Hosting utilizes ultra-reliable servers to deliver VPS great performance.

Additionally, SwiftServer Hosting Platform is another exclusive innovation at A2Hosting, which can make sure great reliability with many advanced technologies used on that platform. Customers can also get full customization to make the best server environment for their needs via root access.

Fast speed is also owed to 10 Gbps redundant network, server overloading as well as multiple premium bandwidth providers offer adequate network facilities to help customers get the quickest speed as far as possible.

Besides, the company provides with customers both US-based and European-based data centers. They can freely choose one which is close to them; hence safeguard the possibly maximum speed. Perpetual security is newly included free of charge, which can mostly help keep customers’ hosting accounts safe at A2Hosting VPS.

A2Hosting VPS Review on Customer Supports

A2hosting has a Guru Crew customer support team which is available 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter when customers get stuck, they can freely contact Guru Crew members to get helps. Then, A2Hosting will try best to response as quickly as possible in a good manner. The most convenient methods in the industry are phone call, email, support ticket, and live chat, all available at A2Hosting now.

Other more, A2Hosting also makes its knowledge base a good place to learn how to host, develop and maintain websites. A2Hosting Client Community is really highly active, with which its customers can even find problems solutions by themselves. A2Hosting blog is another place for customer to get the latest news as well.

Do We Recommend A2Hosting VPS Hosting?

Based on this comprehensive analysis, we can figure out that A2Hosting really offers one of the fastest VPS solutions on current market. Multiple types of VPS design can meet more customers’ practical needs better. Flexible configuration and management tools also make customers feel host to their servers. Besides, considering the reliable performance and affordable pricing, especially the unmanaged VPS, we think customers like blogger, web developers, and businesses, will not to miss this good option.

To know more about A2Hosting VPS, please visit www.a2hosting.com. And do not forget to take advantage of its latest 34% promotion.


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