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1and1 vs. Host4ASP.NET on VPS

Involved in the web hosting industry for more than a decade, 1and1 ( has been developing into a world-class web hosting provider. It now can offer a wide range of web hosting solutions, including domains, shared hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, website builders, SSL, and more. By far, more than 15 million customers around the world are served by 1and1.

Comparing with 1and1, Host4ASP.NET ( is a quite fresh brand in the web hosting industry. Starting business in 2014, Host4ASP.NET now can provide shared hosting, reseller hosting, and VPS hosting. Unlike 1and1 as an all-round player, Host4ASP.NET is proficient in Windows web hosting solutions only.

In the 1and1 vs. Host4ASP.NET comparison, we plans to reveal which one can offer better VPS to customers, by analyzing their VPS hosting pricing, features, reliability & speed, and customer support.

1and1 vs. Host4ASP.NET on VPS Pricing

1and1 offers very flexible pricing with its VPS hosting. By default, there is 1 month and 12 month billing term options and 1and1 offers special discount on 12 month plans. For example, its entry-level Linux VPS normally starts at $4.99/mo, and there is $9.99 fee of setup. However, if customers choose 12 month term, then they will receive free setup and start at $4.99/mo only.

For Windows VPS, 1and1 requires $10/mo for Windows OS license. Besides, the entry-level plan normally starts at $9.99/mo, but if customers go with 12 month term, it will be 50% discount, making it start at $4.99/mo only, plus free setup (normally $9.99). So, if customers go with 12 month VPS plans, it is affordable.

1and1 VPS Promotion
50% Off

Host4ASP.NET VPS pricing is quite simple and affordable. With 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years billing term options, customers choose longer one, and receive bigger discount. Regularly, customers can but Host4ASP.NET premium Windows VPS at $29.95/mo, without any setup fee, but if customers go with its 36 months term, it will change into $19.95/mo, which is about 33% discount.

Host4ASP.NET VPS Promotion
33% Off

Both companies offer their customers 30 days of money back guarantee. If they feel the web host is not right to their needs, they can decide to stop it within the first 30 days, and get their web hosting fees back. It is very friendly.

Comparing VPS pricing, we know that 1and1 offers cheaper pricing, but there are some hidden fees like setup fee and Windows OS license fee. Host4ASP.NET VPS pricing is a litter expensive, but considering it is Windows VPS, the pricing is still reasonable and affordable.

1and1 vs. Host4ASP.NET on VPS Features

1and1 VPS is available with both Windows and Linux options, but we find that Linux distributions are free to get, while Windows operating systems are all optional, meaning customers need to pay for it, if they need. Specifically, Linux VPS includes Ubuntu CentOS and Debian options, and Windows OS includes Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2 and 2016 available. Host4ASP.NET offers Windows 2012 R2 and 2008 standard editions.

As for packages resources, 1and1 Linux VPS start with minimum 1 vCore Intel Xeon processor, 512MB RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and unlimited traffic. Its Windows VPS comes with at least 1 vCore Intel Xeon processor, 1GB RAM, 50GB SSD storage, and unlimited traffic.

At Host4ASP.NET, customers have 4 levels to elect, and the lowest one starts from 1 CPU core, 40GB SSD storage, 1GB RAM, 400GB bandwidth, and 1 IP. What’s more, each level allows customer to instantly scale up by adding additional server resources. At most, customers can get 4 CPU cores, 200GB SSD disk space, 8GB RAM, 3600GB bandwidth, and 6 IPs.

For server management, both 1and1 and Host4ASP.NET offer their customers the full root access, giving them administrator rights. Besides, 1and1 also provides 1&1 cloud panel for monitoring, setting up external firewall and more; Windows VPS has optional Plesk.

Host4ASP.NET also provides WebSitePanel to help to manage their site in all aspects. What’s more, Host4ASP.NET is making effort to transfer VPS to Plesk control panel, which means customers will enjoy Plesk in the near future. Other more, Host4ASP.NET VPS is powered by Hyper-V servers, which offers customers more control power in OS customization, virtual machine management, monitoring, and etc.

Comparing package resources and management features, we learn that 1and1 and Host4ASP.NET are both user-friendly to offer redundant server space and easy-to-use tools. But Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS comes with better flexibility due to OS and environment customization, while 1and1 Linux VPS is cost-effective as well.

1and1 vs. Host4ASP.NET on VPS Performance

1and1 VPS has already been improved but cloud technologies, VMware and KVM, which ensure that customers always receive guaranteed resources they bought. It deploys VPS with ultra-fast SSD and premium Intel Exon processors, which boost its VPS performance in speed.

Moreover, 1and1 gives multiple data center options, so that customers are able to get the best locations for faster response time of their websites. In each data center, 1and1 has equipped it with UPS, redundant cooling, and multiple network connections. Plus 1&1 SSL certificate and custom external firewall, IDS, and IPS, 1and1 ensures the best possible security.

Host4ASP.NET also deploys Windows VPS with 100% SSD storage and brand-new Dell servers. Premium hardware is the base of high performance. Other more, Host4ASP.NET makes full uses of SAS 70 Type II certified data centers, which are fully armed with UPS, emergency power, N+1 diesel generators, redundant lighting, heating, conditioning, and ventilation.

Apart from that, multi-level network architecture with top-level routing and switching facilities are available in these data centers, ensuring the best networking condition for customers’ websites. Its SAS 70 Type II authentication in its data centers ensures customers’ data security. That’s no wonder that Host4ASP.NET gives 99.99% uptime guarantee.

1and1 vs. Host4ASP.NET on Customer Support

1and1 and Host4ASP.NET provide customers responsive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At 1and1, customers can contact its experts by phone call and email. At Host4ASP.NET, customers can stay in touch with technicians via live chat and email. 1and1 does not offer convenient Live Chat, and Host4ASP.NET does not include quick Phone support.

Besides, 1and1 and Host4ASP.NET provide FAQs and help center or knowledgebase to customers. They can search for guides, tips, product information, and more there.

Both have shortage, and their service is regarded as standard support. However, Host4ASP.NET still offer managed software, server monitoring, patching, and free full system backup service. So, we think Host4ASP.NET is a little better in customer support.

Which Offers Better VPS?

Comparing the two companies’ VPS hosting, we know that 1and1 offers Linux and Windows VPS both, and Host4ASP.NET has Windows VPS only. Nevertheless, 1and1 Windows VPS comes with some hidden fees. Although they are both affordable and come with rich features and standard performance, considering better support in Host4ASP.NET, we still recommend Host4ASP.NET Windows VPS to SMBs.

If customers need Linux VPS, here 1and1 Linux VPS is feature-rich and very cheap, so we think customers can have a try as well.

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